[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][YU Yureka Black][V3.2.1-026] Red Wolf Recovery Project

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* Your warranty is now void.
* We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.


Red Wolf Recovery is custom recovery based on TWRP source code however some things are working here slightly different then you might expected. The main objective of this project is to provide stable recovery with features which you have never seen before in a recovery and which have not been accepted for adding to the official source code of TWRP. This recovery is also first recovery on the world with password protection.

  • Based on TWRP version: 3.2.1
  • For devices: YU Yureka Black
  • Authors build: yshalsager
  • Developers: @ATG Droid & @dadi11
  • Thanks: z31s1g (for the base of his theme), Ray Li (For his useful advice in the beginnings), osm0sis (for his image scripts), etc.

[B]Translated to EN & CZ [/B]
- Password protection
- Flashlight
- MIUI Incremental OTA Support
- Built-in latest Magisk, SuperSU & AromaFM
- Support two screenshot GUI actions - Power+VolDown to save screenshot in to the internal storage &
  Power+VolUp to save screenshot in to the external storage (Will be automatically saved in to the internal in case
  that external storage doesn't exist).
- Support automatic reboot after the restore process
- Recovery can automatically modify some props in the ROM directly during the installation
- Some built-in scripts from community
- Tap to wake support
- Advanced deactivation of the stock recovery
- Automatic deactivation of the dm-verity & forced encryption directly during the installation of the ROM
- Recovery can notify you about the completed backup/restore/installation using the notification diode & vibration.
- Support "set on boot" settings.

[B]* Changes for security reasons *[/B]
- ADB isn't starting automatically at the start of the recovery. You have to activate it in recovery
- MTP isn't starting until user enter correct password
- Deactivated TWRP theme engine

Some differences to the official version:
[COLOR="red"]- get out of here if you are pirating apps. this recovery is not for you[/COLOR]
- always up-to-date with the latest TWRP changes
- compiled on omnirom-7.1 source
- kernel compiled inline with the recovery
- There isn't bug with reboot from recovery to recovery
- more languages
- other improvements from Features and Changelog lists


- This is just a quick bug fix release for MIUI users. So is highly recommend to update to this build if you are using MIUI.


- Fixed crash of the recovery while running OTA_RES.. (So MIUI OTA is now working again)
- General bug fixes and improvements
- Fixed bug with MIUI Updater app showing error that installation failed after installation of full ROM
- Deactivation process is now called only when it's really needed
- Updated kernel


- Fixed GUI color glitch while starting Aroma Installer update-binary
- Optimized pigz runtime process
- Updated recovery base to the AOSP 8.1.0 & TWRP 3.2.1 
- Highly improved signature verification for Incremental packages so now we can be really sure if the package is compatible with the ROM.
- Introduced a file based backup/restore engine. Expect it to be improved with the next builds...
- Improved security related to the password protection
- Fixed loading of the AromaFM config file
- System survival process for Incremental packages is now set by default
- Code optimizations
- Removed the dumwolf process
- Added signature check for incremental OTA survival so we won't be unnecessarily creating a new one if it's signed under the same access key
- Magisk updated to the version 15.1
- Added Indonesian language
- Fixed issues with Chinese characters...
- Governor which is changed by the action in the recovery GUI is now automatically set for all cores instead of only four.


- Updated recovery base to the TWRP version 3.2.0
- Fixed issue with recovery sometimes showing "NO-OS" page even when OS is installed
- Merged: Fstab V2, minui updates, Keymaster 3.0 support, ADB updates, fixes related to the compiling errors...
- Added patch against the pirating applications


- Small improvements in the installation process
- Recovery will now automatically warn the user in case that user selected to install the zip which contain a bootloader 
- You can now wipe installed substratum overlays directly from the "advanced wipe" section


- Automatically return install error if there is any issue with Incremental OTA Survival
- Added option to also backup system partition for Incremental OTA Survival (It's not always needed, but just in case it's better to backup it.)
- Added support for the compatibility verification of the Incremental Package
- Rebuilded & improved installation process
- Fixed starting process not being disabled correctly in case that we are running ORS
- Translation update
- Added support for devices with 2GB RAM or less... (Check installation process of this build for more info)
- Added checkbox for activation/deactivation of the boot check (Disable only if you really need to).
- Fixed booting problems on some custom ROMs which don't have gzip compressed ramdisk
- Removed bookmark feature
- Added ability to unzip files using the stock filemanager.
- Added search selection for the stock filemanager.
- Fixed 'No OS' on system image restore after wipe
- Merged some latest commits from TWRP gerrit


- Fixed flashing of the images in the previous 018 build
- Added back support for unpacking of the LZ4 compressed ramdisk
- Fixed bookmark feature


- Disable TWRP installation directly during the first boot
- Default time zone was set to CEST
- Use military time as default time. 
- Support of the custom themes was completely removed from the installation process
- Few fixes & improvements in the strings.
- Default value of the RedWolf specific vibrations was slightly increased
- Improved saving/loading of the AromaFM config file.
- User can now select if recovery should disable stock recovery when system is mounted as read-only.
- Default color of the recovery was set to red.
- Fixed automatic reboot if the installation process was unsuccessful
- Center time in the statusbar as default
- Show CPU temp in statusbar as default
- Added "Red Wolf No-OS search engine". Enable this if you are sometimes getting No-OS installed error even when OS is installed.
- Added back support for extra languages
- Added support for Talian language
- Updated Chinese (simplified) translation of the AromaFM by LiuNian and Pzqqt
- Fixed displaying of the extra languages
- Improved mounting of the partitions during the applying of set on boot values
- Fixes with "stuck at unmounting"
- Highly improved speed of the recovery while setting up a new password, changing accent color or setting a new splash screen
- Magisk updated to the V14.3
- Recovery now won't allow the user to enter special characters while entering the password (Causing issues...)
- Few improvements with the Android Oreo installation
- Updated kernel
- Added ability to select if recovery should automatically disable forced encryption in the ROM
- Recovery will now automatically rename scripts in the system if the "Aggresive stock recovery deactivation" is enabled
- Added ability to select if recovery should automatically enable/disable USB Debugging in the ROM
- Removed some useless files to save the space
- Added support for saving the set on boot values also during the automatic reboot
- Redesigned flashlight icon
- Recovery now won't allow the user to enter the space in to the backup name 
- Improved support of the last status checking of the MIUI ROM
- Recovery now won't show any button after the cancelled reboot action untill the sleep action won't be running anymore
- You can now select if recovery should also automaticaly reboot after the successfuly finished restore process
- Recovery will now hide the automatic backup feature if the system partition is mounted as read-only
- Updated recovery base to the AOSP 8.0.0
- Updated image drivers
- Added ability to select if recovery should automatically enable/disable "ro.adb.secure" property in the ROM
- Recovery will now automatically disable starting of the flash_recovery service if the "Aggresive stock recovery deactivation" is enabled (this process is also compatible with the backup of the init.rc by Magisk or SuperSU).
- Added new section called "Special Actions" in to the advanced menu
- Updated & optimized flashlight drivers
- Added ability to select if recovery should automatically enable/disable "ro.secure" property in the ROM
- Added ability to select if recovery should automatically enable/disable "ro.allow.mock.location" property in the ROM
- Highly improved support of the Incremental Package installation, detection etc.
- Updated Chinese (simplified) translation of the recovery by LiuNian and Pzqqt
- Added support for the complete deactivation of the secure boot in the MIUI based ROMs
- ADB is now automatically starting as root
- Added support for the RedWolf update package
- Default theme of the AromaFM was changed to holo black with the sense icons and automount turned on
- SuperSU Updated to the 2.82 SR5
- Updated ramdisk cleaner & added support for more kernels (thanks to @MOVZX's kernel installation scripts...)
- Small fixes with the /WOLF folder in the PartitionManager
- Highly improved speed of the reboot
- 'Deactivation process' is now automatically called during the installation instead of the reboot
- Imroved deactivation of the leds after the installation / backup / restore process.
- Fixed bug with recovery showing on the governor page that the active governor is "Interactive" even when user selected performance/powersave mode.
- Removed some GUI messages while we are installing built-in zips.
- And many other things which i don't remember anymore...


- Fixed bugs with MIUI OTA Support to make sure that it will work even with newest beta builds of the MIUI
- Updated Polish translation by Daviteusz
- Fixed bugs in the Polish strings & edited the scale of the Russian strings
- Recovery will be now more aggressive if the process of the stock recovery doesn't want to be disconnected (Sometimes happen on some MIUI ROMs).
- Added detection of the installed ROM


- Magisk updated to the V13.6
- SuperSU updated to the 2.82 SR3
- Added ability to automatically flash SuperSU config before the SuperSU - https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/supersu/2017-08-13-supersu-config-t3655754
- Deactivated hw keys
- Added some missing back buttons
- Attempted to fix encryption
- Attempted to fix MIUI OTA installation - needs testing
- Removed extra languages (were not displayed properly)
- Small update which fixed deactivation of the dm-verity & forced encryption. Now you really don't have to flash the lazyflasher everytime when you are installing the MIUI ROM.


- Fixed feature "Backup wifi, bluetooth & hosts" not to work if the user wiped the data partition using the "factory reset".
- TWRP source code was updated to the Aug 15, 2017
- Fixed recovery remembering the wipe list after setting a new gui page.
- Improvements with the mounting of the partitions during the boot
- Fixed led drivers on mido
- Fixed ability to set custom backup folder name & ADB ID


- Updated with the latest TWRP changes
- Added flashlight switch on mido


- Fixed recovery not deactivating the dm-verity, forced encryption, & stock recovery if the OS was detected as not installed. This issue was often happening on some MIUI ROMs.
- Improvements with the OTA update system of the MIUI.
- Fixed wrong reboot for some users.
- Added support for automatic deactivation of the dm-verity, forced encryption & stock recovery after finishing the OpenRecoveryScript process.
- Fixed recovery not deactivating the dm-verity & forced encryption during the automatic reboot after the finished installation.
- Better explain the current situation if the OS was detected as not installed.
- osm0sis's scripts "unpackbootimg" & "mkbootimg" can now be easily called from the script or terminal
- Improved the speed of the reboot
- Updated the community script "Fingerprint scanner fix" by Magua. It's now working again!
- Added NTFS & exFAT support
- Added more languages and updated Polish RedWolf translation by @Daviteusz
- Added FGO patch - https://goo.gl/GBkhMN


- Slightly improved deactivation of the stock recovery during reboot after the zip installation
- Added ability to flash boot logo in the recovery
- Fixed firmware restoring issues


- added F2FS support for mido
- added Night Mode (kcal) support for mido


- Updated Polish translation by @Daviteusz
- Added few missing strings from the latest TWRP source

Installation instructions:
- Download image and flash it as you want!

Known Bugs:
- flashlight is not working.

Latest build for YU Yureka Black (garlic)


Please remember that recovery with password protection isn't still a full protection for your phone. Red Wolf can only prevent unauthorized access to your device from recovery. But your device can be still reinstalled using fastboot or Miflash.

XDA:DevDB Information
[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][YU Yureka Black][V3.2.1-026] Red Wolf Recovery Project, Tool/Utility for the YU Yureka Black

yshalsager, ATG Droid, Dadi11
Source Code: https://github.com/RedWolfRecovery

Version Information
Status: Testing
Created 2018-02-15
Last Updated 2018-02-15

cristiano ashok

Senior Member
Sep 16, 2015
bro the recovery is awsm and thanks for the recovery, and you have mentioned tht flash light doesnt work what does it mean bro. flashlight is working good in my phone, doesnt face any issue.
and in that recovery there is a option called splash image, when i flashed a image it just changed a boot animation and it's not a splash screen.
finally thanks for this owsm recovery.