Red tint on the screen

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May 20, 2008
Tampa, FL
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Sorry to hear about this on your new phone.

There is a thread about this here -

Samsung have advised that using the RGB sliders within the settings may help resolve the colour imbalance. Try this perhaps? And let us know if it works for you?

i tried the RGB sliders under settings and it helps a little but i have to move RED sliders all the way down. Something is definitely not right here.


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Mar 24, 2010
My 8+ does and it's nasty. Very annoying. I'm calling tmo tomorrow. It's not noticable when you look at it straight on. When you tilt it to the left and tilt the top meaning looking from the bottom.


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Feb 14, 2011
My screen is red, very noticeable. The slider helps, but it's only available in Adaptive mode, which isn't my preference. Pretty sure I'll be exchanging mine


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Jan 16, 2009
Spokane, Washington
It's not noticable when you look at it straight on.

It is on phones reported to have the issue.



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Mar 24, 2010
It is on phones reported to have the issue.


You can be the judge. I've attached what my S8+ look like next to my s7 edge. I am not sure why the iphone camera makes the s7 so green but the s7 edge is perfectly normal and has the best whites.


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Aug 24, 2009
Seattle, WA
Mine is fine. I did turn the red down a bit to make the white point (color temp) more white. Damn my S6 was warm. Always thought it was white, lol


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Oct 23, 2013
There is a fix for it. It's not hardware related.. Search Google..

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    Hey all, i think im the only one who has had the update so far. I had the red tint on the screen, and it was way worse around the edges - the software update cured it after i adjusted the settings for both the display and the edges. So for those saying it can't be fixed, that's just not true. I can't guarantee it will be the same for everyone, but for my phone (which was badly affected, especially on right edge), it worked great. So don't panic yet, wait for the update and see for yourselves before deciding.
    Check this code to adjust balance *#15987#
    Hola hoy e comprado un s8plus y me a venido con los bordes rojizos y dos roales rojizos a mediana altura qu se notaban bastante lo e llevado a la tienda y lo emos comparado con el de exposicion y se notava muchisimo . La semana que viene me traen otro haver como viene si me sigue llegando mal lo intentare cambiar por otro terminal .me parece vergonzoso que 1 tlf de 900e venga asi. Estoy muy decepcionado x ahora . 1 saludo amigos desde almeria
    And now in ENGLISH!!!

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    In Russia, an update became available, it fixed the pink edges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday I exchanged an S8+ with a red-tinted screen for one without the problem, and the difference is striking. Having now had the chance to compare a number of S8 and S8+ screens (the store staff were really helpful and let me play with display settings on a number of phones), I am fairly convinced that there are two types of screens out there. I'm reasonably tech-literate, have owned pretty much every Samsung and Apple phone released in the last five years, and it was clear from day one that my S8+ had a colouration problem. Got the phone on Monday morning and spent three days reading forums, adjusting every setting (including the red-balance via the dialer code), and even consulted with a friend who is an engineer who specializes in screen technologies. After every attempted fix, I still had a phone with a clear red distortion around the edges of the screen (which would become much more pronounced if you changed the viewing angle in certain directions). The new phone has a perfect screen with no sign of a red tint at all. I don't blame Samsung, as this is a new product and problems happen - especially when you are mass producing screens like these. However, unless people have had an opportunity to look at one with the tint and one without side-by-side, probably best to hold off suggesting that any problem is a result of users screwing with their settings, accidentally turning on the blue-light filter, being overly-obsessive about their screens etc. The staff in the store could also see the difference, and admitted the problem immediately. If you're happy keeping the phone on Adaptive Display with the red-levels turned down, that's fine. I wasn't, and I'm very glad I swapped out the phone.