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Apr 27, 2014
Manila City
Lock screen, tap on icon..

Послато са Redmi 4 уз помоћ Тапатока

wow big thanks, i dont know this icon till now.

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Don't wipe system partition.

thanks. but this rom is still marshmallow right? i have read in your signature that your 4 prime is nougat version. how did you updated to nougat sir? can you give me links and procedure how to do it? i have updated my rom and its version 9 now.


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Apr 12, 2017
thanks. but this rom is still marshmallow right? i have read in your signature that your 4 prime is nougat version. how did you updated to nougat sir? can you give me links and procedure how to do it? i have updated my rom and its version 9 now.
There are several stock alike nougat roms in Rom section. Installation is simple. flash via twrp with cache, dalvik system and data wipe. You also need to flash open gapps for google services.


Aug 8, 2015
wow big thanks, i dont know this icon till now.

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thanks. but this rom is still marshmallow right? i have read in your signature that your 4 prime is nougat version. how did you updated to nougat sir? can you give me links and procedure how to do it? i have updated my rom and its version 9 now.
Or, if you prefer a miui9 port based an nougat you can use this

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Aug 28, 2009
on version 9 the battery keeps worse - barely 2 days of use and sot about 5 hours - previously calmly 3 days and sot around 8h -:(


Dec 12, 2008
I changed from MIUIPolska/Xiaomi.eu because since Autumn weekly updates my phone lasts 0.75 (bleutooth bug) to 1.5 days... I was pissed off because earlier I had charged the phone once for a 4-5 days... Now I'm on a first run, but after a night battery drop was 6% ( MIUIPolska/Xiaomi.eu was 25-40%). Now after about a day it's 89% (some net over wifi (~ 30 min), one call, a few SMS). I use both (dual) SIMs. I don't understand why we can not achieve SOT like Redmi Note 4. It's the same hardware and battery...

I've got another question - could you integrate aptX support into ROM ?

Update: I'm now 1 day 19h, SOT so far 5:34h, Bluetooth 3h, about 2h of talking, a few sms - battery is 48%...

Maybe 9 isn't worse than 8, but there is problem with DATA. Maybe not all updates were well prepared and the only way to correct this is to wipe DATA?! So far Epic ROM gives very good battery life ( I believe in 3-4 days and SOT ~ 11h).

Update: 2 days 19h, SOT 7:22h, BLE 5:24h, twice GPS about 25km + Spotify, 3h of talking, a few SMS - 18%

Update: 3 days 10h, SOT 8:29h, BLE 6:15h, 2.5x GPS about 25km + Spotify, 3h of talking, a few SMS - death.
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Dec 18, 2009
I'm on EpicROM_R4Pro_V8.5.1.0, because i feel it gives me better battery life (may be wrong about that), and also there's too much google crap on 9.
I have a few somewhat related questions about that.
1. - What do i need to install to be able to use voice input with gboard?
2. - Is it possible to install opengapps thus removing the unwanted google components and installing the ones i want to use? I tried that on EpicROM 9 but got Setup crash at start and nothing else loads. Had to preinstall which leads me to:
3. - If the above is possible, what are the mandatory google components to make it work. Because all gapps I really need are the store, gboard and voice input.
4. - Not directly related to the above - there are Magisk modules to doze Google Play Services to save battery. Do i need them, or MIUI has inbuilt solution for that?
5. - Considering that you're using RR, and not EpicROM, begs the question - which one is better battery life, cuz that's what i'm really after. I want to get the most out of battery. I use very few things most of the time, and i get really annoyed when battery just drops when i'm not doing much of anything.
6. - Yesterday the battery held at 56% almost for 12h with 30min calls and a bit of chatting and reading a book. Then it started dropping a lot faster, and i can't make it stop :). Any idea why there are periods when battery holds like a son of a bich, and then there are periods when it drops like 1% each 5mins for just sitting there?


Aug 28, 2009
I use this rom from the previous version on MIUI8. I currently have MIUI9 at the end of 2017 and I can say that this is one of the best roms I had on my XIAOMI phones. For a long time trying to determine what is the cause of excessive battery consumption and it turns out that the problem (in my opinion) lies on the WIFI side, specifically that it does not turn off. I always try to disable the options - scanning always available in the advanced options of wifi. But I know for sure that the WIFI feature does not work in sleep mode (only when charging and never - does not work). On the graph - battery history with any function, the WIFI bar is always blue - as if the wifi was never turned off. For this reason, I had SOT at the level of 5-6h max and about 1.5-2 days with 100% to 20%, below 20% I try not to go down.

I installed the Hibernation Manager - free version, puts the processor to sleep, and turns off (physically) WIFI, Bluetooth and Sync - :)

Currently, I have 50% of battery and SOT 4h 30min (24 hours of use from recharging).

Is it possible to verify and release some fix for this wifi?

Regards !


Dec 12, 2008
Is there any possibility to get MIUI with Oreo 8.1? (From my point of view AptX is crucial) There are more and more Snap625 Xiaomis comming to the market with Oreo... I've tried MIUI on 7.1.2 but it's pretty far from EpicRom. On AICP 13 even AptXHD works OK, but without MIUI Android is coarse and SOT is far from this achieved on EpicROM (I don't play any games).
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Mar 18, 2012
Wifi doesn't work oO any idea or solution for that ?

update: after deep wype no problem found.
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    Greetings MIUI-ers!!!

    Jamflux, Pocarropa, and MrRaines (MrTomatico on en.miui), creators of Épic ROM, we are glad to present Épic ROM for Xiaomi Mi MIX, who was born thanks to the hard work of these guys. Epic ROM is a Custom ROM based on MIUI, but with some mods and improvements that you can see below on features chapter.
    The focus of this ROM is improve MIUI official stock on many devices making many mods and improve Xiaomi sellers to get a bigger MIUI-ers family!

    Epic ROM also will available on:

    Mi MIX [Lithium] -> MrRaines (MrTomatico) NOW AVAILABLE
    Mi 6 [Sagit] -> MrRaines (MrTomatico) NOW AVAILABLE
    Redmi Note 3 [Hennessy] -> ByAdversary NOW AVAILABLE
    Redmi Note 3 Pro [Kenzo] -> Jamflux and Pocarropa NOW AVAILABLE
    Redmi 3 [Ido] -> xXxlol456789xXx NOW AVAILABLE
    Redmi Note 4 [Nikel] -> Coolmihir NOW AVAILABLE
    Redmi 4 Pro [Markw] -> MrRaines (MrTomatico) NOW AVAILABLE

    **IMPORTANT ADVISE : Install at your own risk on your device (Mi MIX in this case). We are not responsible of any damage on your device. Read carefully instructions before install.


    -Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime (Markw)
    -Unlocked Bootloader (official unlock to prevent issues)
    -Custom Recovery (TWRP Recovery is highly recommended)
    -Make previously a full Backup by TWRP Recovery (System, Data, Cache, and EFS).
    *If you need help with TWRP and touchscreen please visit this thread made by me (http://en.miui.com/thread-500625-1-1.html)
    -Read all thread before proceed
    -Love for technology and most important: Love for Xiaomi! :D

    Features 30/07/2017
    Based on Latest build with all new features of MIUI
    Base updated to with all features
    Based on xiaomi.eu base
    All features of Epic ROM Pro was added
    Deleted SuperSU, now is in settings/ota and mods/apps by mrraines if you want it
    Grid 5x4
    AntiSpam native by MrRaines, no more AdAway
    Epic ROM now has been lited
    MIUI launcher improved (new design 6x5, 5x5...)

    The rest of features are in quote below:

    Xiaomi.eu base (thanks to this, I don't have to deodex all rom, that takes me about 1 hour in my old computer... Blur-lockscreen effect is added also in epic rom (services.jar) and all languages from eu base; THANKS to Ingbrzy for his amazing work!)
    DOZE enabled
    New screen recorder and redesigned UI animations/clock
    New icons on status bar and improved MODs
    LockScreen icon now is White
    DocumentsUI never auto-disable from settings again :P
    DPI Changer in Ota and MODs (settings app)
    Fingerprint gestures (you can now lock your phone using your fingerprint, if you long press fp, it will show you power menu!, to revert this feature, please visit EPIC OTA app on Settings)
    New Nice Icons in settings and launcher 
    Gapps Pico pre-installed (Google Play Store and Google Services... you can choose what Google app's are you going to install later :P)
    Épic OTA Service Added on Settings
    Epic Mods on OTA app
    Music App Improved
    Icons on Settings re-orderer (now you'll have Dolby and SuperSU, and dolby icon from launcher has been removed, you can hide supersu icon from supersu app and only have supersu icon in settings) (New!)
    Root SuperSU updated and adapted to Xiaomi Mi MIX (2.79)
    Init.d support
    Busybox pre-installed
    Kernel tweaks (very little changes on boot.img)
    Build.prop improved 
    miuisystem.apk improved to get better RAM management (usually 3GB of free RAM once you power ON your MIX 128/4 model :P)
    Services and frameworks improvements (more battery and system performance) 
    MIUI Launcher improvements
    Camera MODs (better image quality)
    Adway integrated on system (you can see also on Settings)
    All Chinese app's and Google app's (bloatware) removed
    Advanced Reboot Menú (PowerMenu improved)
    DolbyAtmos Updated to latest version
    Support Xposed but Xposed is not pre-installed (I am not going to pre-install Xposed on this ROM never to prevent System Issues, but I bring you the posibility of install it thanks to init.d, root, and busybox... use Xposed at your own risk).
    Better support for some Xposed Modules 
    Some Nice Wallpapers added
    More Languajes and Spanish Updated (thanks to [user=5863451]@JamFlux[/user])
    Assistant Touch Updated Like Epic Team Style :P
    Animations on SystemUI (lockscreen), thanks to xiaomi.eu but we now add some optimizations to this 
    Epic Bootanimation
    Better Battery and Performance/RAM management thanks also to many patches that we built for JBart 
    Added Xiaomi Package installer with antivirus

    Languages Supported:

    All European Languages from Xiaomi.eu (Thanks Guys)

    How to install first time

    Download ZIP below (download center)
    Reboot - recovery (power + volume up)
    Make a full backup of your current ROM and copy it to your computer to prevent issues (even make a EFS backup!!)
    Wipe: Dalvik, Cache, Data, System (DO NOT WIPE USERDATA)
    Install ZIP Rom (you don't need to be root to install it).
    **IMPORTANT ADVISE: Sometines TWRP have issues installing .zip and get Error 7. If this happend, please reinstall ROM twice. In the second try, TWRP will can install without problems. If you still having this issue, check if in ''mount'' option, you have disabled ''system-read only''. Install again, and If you still having this issue, please, re-download the ROM (sometimes servers download to you a corrupt .zip file...).
    **IMPORTANT ADVISE 2: On first boot, you will get one bootloop, THAT'S NORMAL, this is caused by ROOT, please, do not interrupt process and look how your device turns ON in 10-15 minutes. Next time you turn ON your device, it will turn ON like always :p.

    Reboot system and wait 10-15 minutes until Smartphone load all system (only first time)
    Configure your Google Account and MiCloud like always :D

    How to install UPDATE from Epic ROM 6.X.XX / 7.X.XX

    Download Epic OTA with OTA app from Settings (No MIUI Updater, use EPIC OTA!)
    You can also download update manually from en.miui forum or htcmania spanish forum
    Install update from Epic OTA or from TWRP Recovery manually
    You don't need to wipe anything if we don't say it on update! If you have to do some special, we will let you know ;)

    Download Center for Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime (Markw) MarshMallow 6.0.1 based in xiaomi.eu

    Download: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291697320

    Current Status: Tested 100%; ROM Stable and TWRP by MrRaines works in all MIUI roms!!

    Note: If you want to use Google Assistant please set as default assistant Google Aplication in settings/installed aplications/default/assistant and enable Google in home button in settings/aditional settings/buttons.

    Obviously, you need to install Google App :p.

    Follow me on Twitter: @PaulDhoul


    You can see it below

    Mini Video Review (in spanish hehe):

    Thanks to:
    Xiaomi (and Xiaomi official developers for bring to us this amazing SO)
    Xiaomi Eu Team
    MultiROM Team
    Epic Team Members
    All Admins/Mods/SMods from En.MIUI for all support
    HTCManía (Spanish Forum)

    Official Website: www.epicrom.pro

    Enjoy and Remember: Keep loving Xiaomi!
    UPDATE available, even in OTA and MODs / donations :D.

    I use globerom just to get rid of MI syncs and MI cloud. Can you add this option?

    Yes I can add this MOD in the next build. But in my case, I use all syncs from Xiaomi and Mi Cloud. Like me, there are many people that use also this feature from MIUI... so... I'll can bring you the posibility to disable it, but I won't delete all from the ROM :D.

    Thanks for use Epic ROM :D
    Global stable 8.2.4 is released. Epic team come on

    Sent from my Redmi 4 using Tapatalk

    - EpicROM can't release v8.2.4.0 since it is half based on xiaomi.eu.
    - xiaomi.eu can't release their v8.2.4.0 because it is based on MIUI China Stable.
    - MIUI China Stable it is still on v8.2.1.0.