Redmi K20 Pro Air Temperature is Low

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May 21, 2018
Hello Friends. I got a warning that the "Air Temperature is Low bla bla" with an indication that my battery is not normal, for example my battery is in the 80% position and it drops for a very long time, but suddenly from 80% to 70% or even below. and when I'm charging in the 50% position, but it doesn't go up as if charging doesn't come in, but instantly from 50% to 60% and keeps going up. This abnormality when I checked using Franco Kernel Manager the temperature position reached minus for example -37. And suddenly the temperature returns to normal and the battery is normal.

I think the problem is with the battery, I've replaced it 2 times with different brands but the problem doesn't go away, anyone knows the solution? I'm so dizzy, thank you.