redmi note 9 pro HARDBRICK!!!

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Aug 1, 2020
Attempted password blue and force. But I can't unlock it. The password is probably 10 to 20 characters long.
damn, thats unlucky
it's weird the note 9s ENG firmware does not have no auth firehose.
I was thinking using some auth service to update to rec5.0
and then use rec5.0's bug in order to temp unlock the bootloader
but i haven't try yet.
still wish theres actual no auth firehose so i can backup my data first


Dec 31, 2018
Redmi Note 9 Pro
I have bootloop, my power button isnt working though, I can access the fastboot mode and the boot screen, by detaching and reattaching the battery cable, only problme is my device isnt showing up on my pc, not in fastboot and niether in bootloop screen, Its not even making a ding ding sound on my pc telling me something has been connected or disconnected, I cant install drivers or adb interface for somehting my pc doesnt detect, any solutions?

Also I had installed pixel experiency 13.0 before on the device, using same cable and adb but now it doesnt show up in device manager or terminal

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    You know guys, with all these reports of soft brick/hard bricking/account authorization etc, it's really put me off flashing any new custom ROM at the moment until there's a solid step by step tutorial that we can all follow that points out what to do and outline what not to do.
    I really feel the pain for those of you having these issues and hope you get your phones recovered ASAP.
    It just seems too high risk for me to trash a brand new (albeit bug ridden) phone.
    I was trying to flash the rom using twrp..flashing was successful but end up of terrible bootloop..never face it just blinking from redmi logo & fastboot logo if i try to power it up..
    Cannot boot into recovery mode neither fastboot mode ..
    Only edl mode..but failed flashing using miflash since it asking for f@cking authorized mi account.
    Also failed flashing using QPST.."fhloader process failed" came out..
    Someone please help me out
    men, mi flash is not restricted, first chage phone 100%
    2- download rom stock on MI Roms download for you phone
    3- download miflash official for mi website
    4- signin with you account of mi sincronized with you device
    5- open folder rom (.zip extracted)
    6- press Vol- + Power (no desconect you finger for te button of vol - )
    7- wait to miflash flashing you rom

    sorry my bad english
    I think you don't understand the situation here..sorry
    And I think you never face the hardbrick on new product phone from xiaomi..the situation was not the same as 3-4 years ago..they have come with a new policy on their product that you will never get to flash your xiaomi phone using miflash without an authorized mi account that they never give to us..
    I see, yes the people with the knowhow are profiteering for now which is a big shame. Many of us here are taking risks and bricking phones. Hopefully very soon they won't be taking profit when someone in XDA helps us with a clear, precise tutorial. Unfortunately my knowledge on flashing ROMS is limited and outdated, I wish I could help.
    It is okay..we're here to share our knowledge for everyone without taking any advantages especially about money
    Not yet fix because of the mi authentication thing..that is only the problem now..i know that there are people can solve it that i heard from russian forum and have to pay for them but i don't want to pay anything for this dumb problem
    Does note 9 pro support mmcblk0 file method? Can someone check if it available in device.

    Here is the procedure to check:-

    1) Open a terminal in your linux.
    2) adb devices (This step assumes that adb and fastboot are in linux system path)
    3) adb shell
    4) su -
    5) You are in root shell now.
    6) cat /proc/partitions.
    7) check if mmcblk0 partition available

    If the partitions is available, let me know. I know a method to unbrick the device.