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Question Redmi Note 9T 5G Issues

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These devices are sometimes a complete mystery to me. I recently bought two Redmi Note 9T devices for my household to take advantage of 5G, which they do beautifully. But here at home 5G is spotty, at best, so 4G LTE is what gets used most.

However, my device frequently goes to LTE+ while my partner's never does, and since I'm the "master configurator" for the house I know that I have never done anything with settings that should have this end result.

I have the same issue as others have reported in that the signal strength falls so substantially when the switch to LTE+ occurs that the hotspot is useless. It always resolves when I reboot the device, and it will stick with LTE for many hours but, eventually, it will always revert to LTE+.

Is there any way to prevent this without using the previously noted app? My phones are not rooted and I really have no desire to root them, as there's no need otherwise.

Both devices are running MIUI Global 12.5.2 over Android 11 with the 2021-05-01 Android security update.

P.S. Sorry for necroposting, but this is one instance where the topic is already perfect, and things do change over time.