[Redmi Note3] [Mediatek] Xiaomi.eu [MIUI 8] DEV 6.7.14, Multilang, Root

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Oct 3, 2007
Eggy, I'll give it a go tonight and thanks for your reply. Thanks++

Hi again Eggy, the framework was installed, no boot loop and reported xposed installed correctly and active.

Using the Solar Warez's xposed installer APK though, I wasn't able to download anything so I just downloaded the latest stable from XDA xposed thread and downloads work. Just need to test out a few modules now. Thanks again.


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Sep 30, 2013
Hi again Eggy, the framework was installed, no boot loop and reported xposed installed correctly and active.

Using the Solar Warez's xposed installer APK though, I wasn't able to download anything so I just downloaded the latest stable from XDA xposed thread and downloads work. Just need to test out a few modules now. Thanks again.



Dec 6, 2008
please help!!
abou 3 weeks ago i installed epic rom 8 on my redmy note 3.
once i finished to install it - my phone sent automatically international SMS to England - to this number : 00447786209730
the massage has been deleted automatically from my phone!! and ive been charged for international SMS
can anyone explain it please?


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Apr 15, 2013
Links broken

Anyone can provide with a mirror link to "[ROM] [MTK] Épic Rom Pro 6.7.14 by Jamflux&MrRaines SuperMod's [MULTILANGUAGE] MIUI 8"
File has been removed (404)...


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Feb 21, 2018
sorry for my bad EN
my Redmi Note 3 (hennessy) updated to MIUI9 atumaticaly
But Google apps are not available in this version
can i install this version???
[ROM] [MIUI 8] RaineStorm PRO 6.6.17 by MrRaines [MULTILANGUAGE]

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    For Redmi Note 3 2/16Gb or 3/32 Gb (Helio x10 version) - NOT FOR Redmi Note 3 Pro (Snapdragon. version)

    [ROM] [MTK] Épic Rom Pro 6.7.14 by Jamflux&MrRaines SuperMod's [MULTILANGUAGE] MIUI 8.
    Google Keyboard from Android 7 (N)
    Dolby Atmos (only on FT edition)
    Advanced Reboot (Menu)
    Some lines to improve battery and performance/stability

    Link to original discussion: http://en.miui.com/thread-310479-1-1.html
    Download link for both twrp and flashtool (how to install with flashtool is explained in original thread): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24588232905721279

    Previous version, the last of MIUI 7, Seems the best of all MIUI7 I have used so far. No evident bugs, no xposed either. Worth to give it a try.
    Link to original discussion: [MTK] Épic Rom Pro 6.5.26
    DOWNLOAD ROM for TWRP (Unlock Bootloader): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24566454284190620
    DOWNLOAD ROM for Flash Tool (Lock Bootloader) V4: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24566454284191156

    [ROM] [MIUI 8] RaineStorm PRO 6.6.17 by MrRaines [MULTILANGUAGE]
    Original discussion link: RaineStorm PRO 6.6.17

    Download TWRP EDITION: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24591000424940544
    Download FlashTool EDITION: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24591000424940547

    [STABLE] XIAOMI.EU MIUI7 v7.2.5 / [DEV] 6.4.7 (rooted, and MultiLanguag)
    modded by quakze

    Modified by quakze from the original xiaomi.eu:
    Supports All Languages: Use MoreLangs App (Updated)
    Xposed Framework + Installer
    Module preinstalled: MIUITweaks (further customize MIUI: MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] Gravity Box For MIUI)
    Module preinstalled: Notification Modules
    TWRP3 Recovery
    Viper4Android + Atmos + Sony Beats (Updated)
    Camera MOD = HDR Pro, Auto Image Stabilization, Fish Eye
    MiuiPro Icons ~ 1900
    Notification bar 5x3
    ES File Explorer (Updated)
    Android 6.0 Marshmallow Boot Animation
    Optional Xperia Keyboard
    Added International Fonts and tweaks (Arabic and Hebrew Langs)
    Android System Webview (Updated)
    Google Keyboard (Updated)

    Link to the original discussion: XIAOMI.EU MIUI7 v7.2.5 [STABLE]
    Download link of 7.2.5 modded by quakze

    Link to the original discussion: XIAOMI.EU MIUI7 v6.4.7 [DEV]
    Download link of xiaomi.eu 6.4.7 by quakze with XPOSED

    Link to the original discussion: MIUIPro v6.4.7 [DEV]
    Download link of MIUIPro 6.4.7 by quakze with XPOSED

    STABLE e DEV 6.1.21 Xiaomi.eu Rom with Root and Mods for SP Flash Tool
    Unofficial Redmi Note 3 Multilanguage Rom MIUI 7 based on Android 5.0.2 port by LoXaR for SP Flash Tool
    If you stick with these roms by LoXar, you may, after the first clean flash, keep flashing just the SYSTEM part of it, which is similar to OTA, you keep your data and settings.

    Root with SuperSU 2.67
    GoogleKeyboard and Xperia Keyboard (you can choose)
    iOS 9.1 Smilies
    No Chinese Apps and Bloatware
    European languages like in every xiaomi.eu rom release.

    XIAOMI.EU STABLE modded by LoXaR
    Link to original forum: (allways check there for updated versions before flashing)
    [ROM] [STABLE] Xiaomi.eu
    Update from 7.1.6 without loosing userdata: uncheck preloader and userdata during the flash, flash SYSTEM only.

    Direct download link modded
    Direct download link modded

    There will be no other DEV releases of LoXar mod, because LoXaR changed his phone to Mi5. For now he promisses to keep pace with the stable versions for RN3. Lets hope.
    Link to original forum: (allways check there for updated versions before flashing)
    [ROM] [DEV] Xiaomi.eu 6.1.21

    Direct download link 6.1.21
    Direct download link 6.1.21 with CenterClockMod

    Follow the guide on the bottom of this post. You dont need unlocked bootloader, you just need a PC with drivers and sp flashtool. The flashtool is present in every ROM release.
    The drivers were present in earlier releases, like SphinX down below.
    If you are flashing xiaomi.eu for the first time (or after some other buged rom), make a clean flash of latest original chinese/english version and then flash xiaomi.eu. (at least thats what LoXar is suggesting on the original forums in case of some problems). I personally have flashed the first developer by loxar directly over latest SphinX... and every update afterwards just SYSTEM, leaving userdata and settings intact. Works flawless. Anyway, if you should have some problems with the rom, a clean flash is recomended.

    SphinX (seems to be outdated now)
    Here is a custom rom made by ManhIT (v2a and v2b) and nguyentankiet (v1c and v1d) from official beta testing team china.
    You can flash without problems using a flashtool included in the package. You need to install the drivers first - you will find them in the package too. You dont need to unlock bootloader, so you dont invalidate warranty.
    As allways, the flash is on your own risk, nobody else may be held responsible if something goes wrong and the phone gets bricked.

    It can be installed from any version, with or without Root!



    STABLE v2b - MIUI v7.1.3.0 (posted by ManhIT, very smooth.)
    [ROM] [Stable] SphinX v2b - MIUI 7.1 V7.1.3 Global, Multilang, Display quality fixed !
    Link to en.miui.com with the presentation of the rom. Check if there is a newer version before flash.
    Direct DOWNLOAD of v2b STABLE
    STABLE v2a - MIUI 7.1 v7.1.3.0 (posted by ManhIT. )
    [ROM] [Stable] SphinX v2a - MIUI 7.1 V7.1.3 Global, Multilang, Display quality fixed !

    Link on en.miui.com with the description
    Direct Download of ROM 7.1 stable

    FIX display quality/color & Camera for v2a (by ManhIT)
    Run Fix.exe on PC, on your phone allow USB Debugging & Root access !!
    Download: http://choimobile.vn/Upload_public/Fix_V7.1.3_RMN3_ManhIT.zip

    [ROM] [Stable] SphinX V1d - MIUI7 V7.0.22.0 Global, Multi Language, SuperSU (posted by nguyentankiet, working smoothly)
    [ROM] [Stable] SphinX V1d - MIUI7 V7.0.22.0 Global, Multi Language, SuperSU - description and instal guide
    Direct download link of the ROM
    Multilanguage, without chinese apps garbage, with complete google apps.

    Installation instructions
    - Unzip the downloaded file
    - On PC install the 2 driver files for windows drivers MTK (for windows 10 take windows 10 drivers).

    - On computer, run as administrator Flash_Tool.exe file from the flashtool folder contained in the zip. To run as admin, right-click and run as administrator.
    - On Flash Tool:
    Click "Download Agent" and select file DA_SWSEC.bin
    Click "Scatter-loarding", chose Images folder, select file MT6795_Android_scatter.txt
    - Then remove the tick "preloader" there will remain tick on boot, recovery, system, cache, userdata as on the picture below.
    (this is very important, and do not tick it!) View fix method if you forgotten http://en.miui.com/thread-198856-1-1.html
    (If you are flashing the rom by quakze with TWRP recovery, uncheck RECOVERY if you dont have unlocked bootloader. And if you dont want the marshmallow bootanimation, uncheck boot as well, leaving just SYSTEM checked, to maintain userdata. If you are comming from a ROM other than xiaomi.eu or original, make a clean flash with userdata checked - a "factory reset" will occur.)

    - Turn off the phone completely. Unplug it from PC if usb was connected before.
    - Click the "Download" button on Flash Tool.
    - On phone: press and hold the Volume down button and plug in the USB cable

    > on the bottom of the flashtool you will see the progress, first fast one in red color (now you can release the VOLUME DOWN button), then slow yellow advancement.

    When finished, you will see:

    Now you can exit the flashtool and unplug and start the phone. First boot may take several minutes (not more than 10 min though, if you stick there for a looong time, retry the flash once more and pay attention to all the steps - untick preloader and tick boot, recovery, system, cache, userdata.

    On SphinX: During the first SETUP choose ENGLISH language, otherwise you will have problems with cloud. After the initial setup, you may take any language you like.

    If you want the developers to know, tell them on the miui forum (link above the direct download shortcut)
    All works perfectly on this ROM ;) Totally recommend it!
    Added the [ROM] [MTK] Epic Rom Pro 6.5.26 by Jamflux,HombreIlusorio, and MrRaines (MrTomatico) to the first post. It is announced to be the last version of MIUI 7 by MrRaines. No evident bugs, very good performance and battery life. Keyboard from ANDROID N.

    EDIT: Added the [MIUI 8] by MrRainers/MrTommatico, very similar to the previous Epic Rom.
    Haha, i sold my IPhone 6 plus and i bought this phone...
    but how to make clean flash using Flash tool? I don't know what to check.
    In SP Flash tool load the scatter file and just untick preloader. Leave the Rest as it is.
    This writes the whole Rom. If that not solve your Problem, try another sphinx. V1d also worked well. Last way is to unlock the Bootloader, as i wrote and Flash whatever you wan't. Xiaomi.EU Firmware or miuipro.ru


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    Flash Dolby Atmos without recovery with Flash Fire apk


    Good news i tested Flashfire apk for flash Dolby Atmos ;) on RN3
    Installation is a bit long do not panic be patient black screen before loading again black and Tadaaa:good: