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Question Reduce idle battery drain

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Sep 11, 2021
  1. Uninstall the apps that you use rarely.
  2. Never manually close the apps.
  3. Remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen.
  4. Turn on Airplane Mode in low-signal areas.
  5. Go Airplane Mode at bedtime.
  6. Turn off notifications.
  7. Don't let apps wake your screen
Hope it helps

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    Use the Hidden Settings for MIUI app on the Google Play store to disable all the apps that cannot be disabled through the normal app menu (no root required):

    Thanks, honestly I reinstalled Xiaomi services framework, Xiaomi services framework keeper and Xiaomi SIM activation services. As I thought uninstalling the framework breaks Mi music by showing on the rear screen to get controlled and I assume other hidden functionalities, I don't recommend then to debloat that since in terms of battery life it doesn't give much of juice. I do suggest getting to this point to start activating the battery saving options to save up more than this. For example yesterday over 12 hours overnight drain with the framework still active I had 97% battery and this morning without the framework I had over 8hours 99% so I don't think having the framework makes too much of a difference despite what it breaks and/or may break. I think also that it may affect MIUI optimizations and so the reactivity of the system, so I suggest you guys leaving those 3
    Overnight drain after removing xiaomi Services framework

    I think I got almost a perfect status and balance between idle drain, debloating and phone functionality

    First of all you must have your phone rooted and use the magisk module "debloat". I so far debloated these apps

    Thanks to this my ROM became really light already, security app boost only register few apps in background and most of the time doesn't even register a 'your phone is now X% faster" .

    This is the drainage so far. Phone disconnected from charging at 2pm or something


    I had a whatsapp video call for almost 20minutes (one of the most expensive battery draining anctivity) and few hours of idling

    After debloating remember to go into app
    And force stop the following
    Google play services
    Carrier Services
    Xiaomi Services framework
    Xiaomi Services framework keeper
    Google play services keeper
    Google play store
    Xiaomi Sim activation service

    Now clear their cache and data and reboot your phone

    Now run terminal emulator and type


    Then type

    cmd package bg-dexopt-job

    Now wait for "success" to show this will optimize your apps

    Now you can also go into battery and reatrict background activity for all the apps you want
    Then you can disable into apps for the background data usage for all the apps you want

    Then you can go further and go into privacy->special permission->battery optimization and optimize the apps and process you want
    Then deactivate all the functionalities you don't use, like backups, find device etc.

    Go into usage access and disable so for Google play services and other stuff like xiaomi services and miui

    Go into privacy and security->authorization and revocation-> and stop the apps you want

    And this is pretty much so, obviously for my type of usage

    You can go further by reducing refresh rate to 90hz (check guides here) but I don't do so, or prefer lower data speeds such as lte/4g or even less (5g is pretty expensive but I don't do it)
    Technical wise I don't disable or reduce these functionalities because it is the reason why I bought this phone so it wouldn't make sense but feel free to use these tricks as well if you want
    I was worried about battery in idle, but this is behavior on EU Rom 12.5.11. On chinese ROM, it was the same. In 16 hours just 1% of battery is drained.
    I am aware of the apps I put on my phone and Facebook, Whatsapp atc. have close doors :)