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Dec 6, 2010
The Complete Wildfire Index (Root/S-OFF Guides/ROMs/Kernels/Radios/RUU/Recoveries/Themes)

This thread has 2 Posts, and is categorized as following. You can scroll down to the Point you are looking for.

Post 1:

  1. Getting Root / S-OFF to your Wildfire. A Short overview and Guide
  2. Custom ROM List
Post 2:

  1. Custom Kernels List
  2. Radio (Baseband) List
  3. RUU List (ROM Update Utility - Getting back to stock)
  4. Custom Recoveries (ClockWorkMod)
  5. Themes List
  6. Misc tweaks / hacks

1: Rooting / S-OFF'ing your Wildfire

-- Rooting your phone is essential if you wish to install Custom ROM's, Custom Apps2SD Scripts, Overclock, install Root only apps etc. Note: Rooting will void your warranty, but, you can use an RUU (Refer Pt 5) to restore back to your stock ROM. Rooting essentially consists of 2 parts - Pushing a custom Recovery like Clockworkmod (Essential), and, installing the SuperUser app.

AlphaRev X Public Beta is now available. You can now get S-OFF and root, on all the newer HBoots as well. Means, now, irrespective on which Wildfire you are on, you can get S-OFF and root!Link HERE

UPDATE (03/08/2011) - AlphaRev X is now called Revolutionary. The Process stated below remains the same, only the website and the name has changed. The new Website can be accessed HERE
A Short FAQ and Guide for AlphaRev X (Revolutionary):
Q: First and foremost, what is S-OFF?
A: It's the disabling of the SecuFlag, a security implementation by HTC. When your phone is S-OFF, you essentially have "complete control" over it. Advatages stated below.

Q: I am rooted already. Do I need S-OFF?
A: Depends. Advantages of S-OFF are writable /system partition, so you can perform many modifications directly on your Wildfire, without using ADB. Also, you can change your Splash screen. (It is the White screen with Green HTC Text which comes immediately after power on). Another major advantage is enabling of Fastboot (On AlphaRev X only). However, it is not "essential" that you got to have S-OFF.

Q: Is the warranty void?
A: Yes, as is the case with rooting and installing Custom ROMs, Warranty IS void. But, there are ways to get back to a stock configuration. Refer the next question.

Q: How do I revert back to S-ON?
A: It's now possible! You will require Fastboot, and the Stock HBoot (a nb0 file) from an RUU. The guide for the same can be found HERE

Q: Ok, I am interested! How to I go about it?
A: Visit the website HERE. Download for your respective platform. Short How - To below:

Q: Which HBoot version do I have? Which versions does AlphaRev X support?
A: To get your version, Power off your phone. Then hold Vol Down + Power Key, this will open HBoot menu, and your version will be written on the first line. AlphaRev X only supports HBoot 1.01.x at this point of time, and not 0.80x. So, if you are on 0.80, you will have to flash an official Froyo RUU (Point 5 of this thread), and continue from there.
Pre - Requisites:
- A phone on one of the newer HBoots 1.01.0001 or 1.01.0002. HBoot 1.01.0002 is no longer supported, and you will have to downgrade to 1.01.0001. Guide here
- ADB Drivers. Download HTC Sync, Install it and Uninstall it after that. We just need the drivers.
- Hacked HBoot Drivers. Guide Here
- Your Wildfire's Serial Number. (Printed on the Box and below the battery. It is a 12 digit Alphanumeric number, which normally (not necessarily) begins with HT0 (That's a Zero))
- USB Debugging ON. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)
- When you connect your Wildfire to your PC, make sure it is in "Charge only" mode.
The Actual Process:
- The actual process is pretty much self explanatory. After you download the program, simply run it. It will detect your Wildfire, along with its HBoot version, (If drivers are installed properly. This process doesn't take time at all), and perform the patching of the HBoot. The entire process takes about 1 minute at most. If it gets stuck there is some problem somewhere. If it states Success at the end, that's it. Your phone is patched and is now S-OFF.

- Here's a video tutorial on how to get S-OFF and install a Custom recovery using Revolutionary. (Courtesy theunlockr)
- WARNING - Some reports by members suggest that after S-OFF'ing with AlphaRev, they encounter various issues, on the Stock / HTC Sense based ROMs. You will lose the ability to use HTC Setup, HTC Wallpapers and HTC Scenes. Everything else works as intended though.
- UPDATE - There is a Fix for it. Head over here: Fix for Sense 2.2.1 after S-OFF
Potential Problems:
- Stuck at Detecting Device - Drivers are not installed properly. Refer the Pre-Requisites section.
- Stuck at Booting at Fastboot or Process 2 - You are possibly on HBoot 1.01.0002. There are some versions of the latest HBoot which is not supported by AlphaRev X, and you will have to downgrade it. IEF of the AlphaRev X team has written a great guide for the same, which can be accessed here
- Unknown command - Similar to above. You are probably on HBoot 1.01.0002 and will need to downgrade.
- Wrong Beta Key - Just what it says, you are reading it wrong. Majorly, there is confusion between I (Capital I) and l (small L). Re-read your beta key. Also, make sure the values you have entered into the website are correct, especially your Serial number. Another way to rectify this is redownloading the executable from the website, which fixed it for many users. (Your key should still be correct though)
- Stuck after Beta Key successful - Uninstall HTC Sync. This seemed to fix the issue for me personally.
- Anything else - First, Downgrade to HBoot 1.01.0001, if not already done so. Guide here. If it still doesn't work, I am at the end of my limited knowledge. Contact the AlphaRev X team, they will put you on the right track. Link Here (IRC Link)

What after S-OFF?

Great, your phone is now S-OFF, meaning with a completely unlocked bootloader. However, before you get to flashing a Custom ROM or modding, you will have to install a Custom Recovery (like Clockworkmod). Get your needed version of Clockworkmod from the second post, and follow one of the methods to install it.
1) Via Revolutionary Itself - Revolutionary now asks you after S-OFF'ing your device whether you would want to install a Custom Recovery or not. If you select Yes, it will automatically download the latest Clockworkmod Recovery and install it on your Wildfire. It's definitely the easiest way with absolutely no hassles. But, if it fails for you, the 2 alternatives are stated below.

2) Via Terminal Emulator - Guide Here. If you get an error "flash_image: Not Found", follow Steps 1-5 from Here, then, back to the original (first) link. Pushing of flash_image is a 1 time process. You need not repeat it everytime.

3) Via Fastboot (Needs AlphaRev / Revolutionary S-OFF) - Guide Here. Refer the part called "To install Clockworkmod after Revolutionary". Can't understand Step 6? Screenshot here: (My fastboot .exe is in D:\Android\android-sdk-windows). Link to Image

4) Via Unrevoked (No Pre-Requisites. Works on S-ON / S-OFF devices) - Guide Here

I want to install <Insert ROM Name here> What next?
- After you have performed all of the above steps, Refer this thread by 42turkey's for a very detailed explanation on what to do to install Custom ROMs. Link Here
(NOTE -Follow that Guide from Part 3 onwards. Part 1 and 2 are already performed in the above steps. Thus, you do not need to use Unrevoked)

Root Guides:
Only applicable if you are on HBoot 0.80x (i.e. Android 2.1 Eclair)


2: ROM List: (Sorted by Last Update Date)

Short Primer on Wildfire ROMs:

  • AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. AOSP ROM's are essentially pure (or bare) Android ROM's - The way Android was originally developed, and "intended" to be experienced.
  • Sense ROM's are the ones which are based on the HTC Sense UI. The Sense UI adds various functionalities like a smart dialer and contacts app, better social network integration, HTC Widgets etc.
  • There is no ROM which is "best". ROM choice is extremely subjective, and, what is the current favourite, may not appeal to you. Hence, use your discretion, read the threads, and test a few before settling on your personal favourite.
  • ProTip - If you are modding your "significant other's" (colleagues, girls, wifes, mother-in-laws etc) Wildfire, (Or anyone, who isn't much inclined to tech / smartphones in general) , it is recommended to stick with Stock / Sense based ROMs
1: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs

WARNING - Please read the thread carefully before flashing it, so you know what works and what doesn't. These are Test ROMs, and, may not be suitable for daily usage yet.

A) AOSP Based "Original Development" / Source Built ROMs:B) AOSP Based Derivative / "Based-On" ROMs:
2: Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROMs
A) AOSP Based "Original Development" / Source Built ROMs:B) AOSP Based Derivative / "Based-On" ROMs:

C) Sense Based:

NOTE - All ROM's below are experimental. Please read the thread carefully before flashing it, so you know what works and what doesn't.

3: Android 2.2 FroYo ROMs

- Any 2.2 (or below) ROMs will need Clockworkmod 2.x to flash it. Attempting to flash it in Clockworkmod 3.x will give you an error that Amend Scripting is deprecated by Google in Cupcake and is no longer supported.
- To rectify this, you may "permanently" go back to Clockworkmod 2.x by using Unrevoked / Fastboot
- Or, as a "temporary" solution, Download ROM Manager > Open it > Select Install Clockworkmod Recovery > Then Select Reboot into Recovery within ROM Manager. This will open, allowing you to flash 2.2 ROMs. This version is over and above your existing 3.x/4.x version
- Or, another temporary fix is to download the attachment, flash it, and proceed. Repeat everytime you need Clockworkmod 2.x
A) AOSP Based:B) Sense Based:C) Hybrids:
-- Hybrid ROM's are, at their core, Sense ROM's, with various Sense Features / Apps removed and replaced with AOSP ROM's.



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Dec 6, 2010
2: ROM List (Contd..)

4: Android 2.1 Eclair ROMs
A) AOSP Based:

  • -- None
B) Sense Based:C) Hybrid:

4: Experimental ROMs

-- Warning - These are experimental ports, with many non working functions. It is recommended to read the entire post carefully and perform a complete system backup before you attempt to flash these ROM's.


3: Kernel List: (Sorted by Last Update Date)

-- In it's very basic terms, allows the software to communicate with hardware
-- A custom kernel is a must if you intend to overclock. The stock kernel's don't allow it.==================================================

4: Radio List:

-- Radio is the lowest software layer of any phone which controls its GSM Functionality, BT, WiFi, GPS etc.
-- These only work with Clockworkmod 2.5.x. To get Clockworkmod 2.x when you have a newer version, refer the note under Android 2.2 (FroYo) ROMs.
-- Make sure you have sufficient battery charge and do not interrupt the flashing process.
-- Warning: - Do NOT Flash any of these Radio's if your Wildfire is not a standard GSM HTC Wildfire A3333, or, it uses any special frequency bands. (eg: 850 MHz). You will lose that particular frequency then, ==================================================

5: RUUs:

-- RUU Stands for ROM Update Utility. You use a RUU whenever you wish to get back to a completely Stock ROM, as it was out of the box.
-- Normally EXE Files, some RUUs which update the bootloader and prevent rooting have been now distributed as a Flashable ZIP. So, you do not lose the ability to root, and, still can get back to Stock ROM's.

A) Safe Flash ZIP Files:
B) EXE's
-- All RUU's are well over 100MB. Make sure you get the complete file.
-- Get a Customer Error ID 131? You need a Goldcard. Guides can be Googled.


6: Custom Recoveries:

-- The stock custom recovery obtained after rooting with Unrevoked is, and, the one obtained after using Revolutionary (Provided you selected Yes to installing Custom Recovery) is v4.0.1.4
-- To get rid of the offmode charging bug (Which prevents the phone from being switched on normally when charged in a switched off condition), you will need Clockworkmod or newer.
-- Warning - Installing CWM 3.x/4.x will prevent the installation of Radio's and Sense based ROM's (Amend Scripting not supported). Use CWM from within ROM Manager to rectify this. Or, reinstall v2.5.0.7 from the link given below, Or, flash the attached file (update1.zip from the previous post). Also, Amon RA's Recovery is not officially supported. It's experimental.

How to Install a new Clockworkmod Recovery Image?

There are 4 basic ways:

1) Via Terminal Emulator (Needs S-OFF) - Guide Here. If you get an error "flash_image: Not Found", follow Steps 1-5 from Here, then, back to the original (first) link. Pushing of flash_image is a 1 time process. You need not repeat it everytime.
2) Via Fastboot (Needs AlphaRev / Revolutionary S-OFF or HTC DEV Unlocked Bootloader) - Guide Here. Refer the part called "To install Clockworkmod after Revolutionary"
3) Via PC49IMG.zip Process (Needs S-OFF) - Download anyone of the PC49IMG ZIP file of the recovery you wish to install, place on your SDcard, and reboot into HBoot Mode (Power Off, then Vol Down + Power Simultaneously). It will detect the file, and ask to install. Simply select Yes. If you wish to install another version which isn't present below, simply get the IMG file of the recovery version you wish to install,and replace in an existing ZIP. (Without Unzipping)
4) Via Unrevoked (No Pre-Requisites. Works on S-ON / S-OFF devices) - Guide Here

A) Clockworkmod 6.xB) Clockworkmod 5.xC) Clockworkmod 4.xD) Clockworkmod 3.xE) Clockworkmod 2.xF) Others==================================================

7: Themes:

-- There is already a thread created by BodenM for this purpose. Includes Sense based, CM6 (Admittedly few) and a few CM7 ROMs. Refer the link below:-- Here is another Theme List for the Theme Chooser App included in many Gingerbread AOSP ROMs like Cyanogenmod 7, Ginger Yoshi, Ruymanca etc. MDPI and MDPI/HDPI Themes will work pretty good on the Wildfire, and, HDPI Themes may work, so its a hit or miss. Check this awesome post by maxpower47 here:

8: Misc:

-- True Apps2SD that makes use of an EXT Partition on your SD Card to move apps completely to it.

-- Miss the HTC keyboard on AOSP ROMs? The one posted here works perfectly, including the different versions that HTC offers - Compact QWERTY, QWERTY and Phone Keypad

-- Allows non compatible devices on the Android Market to be seen and downloaded. (No, Paid apps will remain paid). The latest update can be found here

-- Allows you to use your computers / laptops internet on your mobile via USB. Does not work on Android Market out of the box though.

-- Reallocate memory from your internal ROM in such a way to as to increase your internal memory size for installing apps to upto 320MB. This removes the needs for Apps2SD Scripts and gives you a potentially more stable device. Needs S-OFF using Revolutionary

-- This is a patch developed by XDA user crypted for various devices. The benefits claimed are a much improved lock on time, and a connection to a greater number of satellites than before.

-- Just what it says. This guide teaches you how to have multiple ROMs on your Wildfire and dual boot between them using an app called Boot Manager

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Sep 16, 2010
You should list both arco68 and HCDRJacob as the devs for CM7. Both are official maintainers. Looks odd with Arne on the nightlies and Jacob on the RC thread.

Edit: Oh and you might want to change all the "ROM's" to "ROMs", looks odd :D Same for ZIP's and maybe RUU's :p
Otherwise nice thread. Might want to make the HBOOT warning bigger and red.
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can we expect here, the froyo RUU for UK H3G .

can we use any other above mentioned froyo RUUs for wildfire with UK H3G network.


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Dec 6, 2010
can we expect here, the froyo RUU for UK H3G .

can we use any other above mentioned froyo RUUs for wildfire with UK H3G network.

Why would you want to use a Froyo RUU? Anyway, this thread is supposed to serve as an index. If anything is available, it will be listed.

That said, Shipped ROMs does have the Froyo Update ZIP and Eclair RUU for H3G UK. Have a look.
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Dec 30, 2010
I have a question, I'm selling my wifes Wildfire. And the buyer wants a stock, rooted rom. No i found RUU_Buzz_Froyo_Orange_ES_2.34.75.1_Radio_13.55.55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_163758_signed_rooted-dannejo
Can I use this for my Wildfire?
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Dec 6, 2010
I have a question, I'm selling my wifes Wildfire. And the buyer wants a stock, rooted rom. No i found RUU_Buzz_Froyo_Orange_ES_2.34.75.1_Radio_13.55.55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_163758_signed_rooted-dannejo
Can I use this for my Wildfire?

Of Course. BTW, there are other rooted Stock ROM's also, like the 2.22.405 WWE one, which I have linked above. So you can use that as well. The Orange ROM has some Generic Orange Stuff I think, so you would be better off using a WWE ROM.


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Jan 5, 2011
Doesn't it break some functionalities in Sense ROMs? Atleast that's what I read when someone asked it.

Anyway, I'll recheck, and if it works fine across all ROMs, I'll add it. Need to find it's download link though. :p

Yeah, it isn't compatible with anything outside of the later CM7 nightlies / RC4 / stable. It breaks USB functionality in anything else.

Similarly, only that kernel and its derivatives work with CM7 builds. Using the HDCR.Jacob kernel family likewise break USB functions.
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Dec 6, 2010
CM 7.0.3 Stable is out, is it good to upgrade from 7.0.2 ? whats r the changes in 7.0.3 ? 3xeno , you haven't upgraded yet right?

Nope, still on 7.0.2. Actually, I am waiting for 7.1 :p Bit lazy to upgrade ROMs on a regular basis, and more so, because I always believe in fully wiping my device before flashing a new one.

If you are looking to upgrade, look at the newer nightlies rather than 7.0.3, because they use the latest Gingerbread build and a newer kernel.

The official changelog is:
This update contains a bug fix for our update notification system, as well as an important security fix. It is recommended that all users running a version of CyanogenMod prior to 7.0.3 update to this release. You should not install this update if you are already running a recent nightly build, only if you are coming from 7.0, 7.0.2, or

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