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    So I guess no one has found /received the new /latest Android Wear Update that brings wifi to our lovely G Watch R ?
    Can't wait!

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    I just found it:
    Reboot into fastboot mode (How do you do this for this device?)
    Power off.
    Start tapping the screen with two fingers (one on the top left and one on the bottom right part of the screen).
    Press and hold the power button while tapping.
    Stop immediately once you see the LG screen disappearing.
    Congrats, you are in the bootloader.
    This is what works for me

    Since the update process described here was a little bit cluttered (at least for me :) ), here my brief description of the manual update of the OTA 5.1.1 update (Works at least for me on OSX 10.10)

    Note: You must have at least version 1.0.32 of adb.

    1. Power off Watch
    2. Boot into Fastboot Mode (Press and Hold Power Button until the LG Screen appears, then quickly swipe from upper left to lower right)
    3. Unlock Bootloader: fastboot oem unlock
    4. Boot into Recovery mode (from Fastboot Menu on Watch)
    5. select "update from dab"
    6. flash update: adb sideload <zip name>
    7. After successful flash, reboot straight into fastboot mode
    8. Lock bootloader: fastboot oem lock

    I hope this works
    I have a great news, friends.
    OTA Link: