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[REF] LG Optimus L90 Ultimate Thread

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Jun 23, 2016
How to unlock bootloader and install twrp

I currently have a lg l90 model D415 running android lollipop 5.0.2. I am rooted with super su and would appreciate is someone could give me instructions on how to unlock the bootloader and install twrp, including how to install adb or whatever driver and/or how to boot into fastboot mode, if necessary. Thank You!
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Portgas D. Ace

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Jun 12, 2014
Bergisches Land
I currently have a lg l90 model D415 running android lollipop 5.0.2. I am rooted with super su and would appreciate is someone could give me instructions on how to unlock the bootloader and install twrp, including how to install adb or whatever driver and/or how to boot into fastboot mode, if necessary. Thank You!

Have a look at the linked threads from this post.

As far as I know, the bootloader for D415 devices is already unlocked.
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Jun 23, 2016
I'm using a D405n version. Any advice is welcome.

The steps I found out to follow are:
1. Root with manual http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/general/guide-root-lg-firmwares-kitkat-lollipop-t3056951
2. Bootloader with http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-l90/development/recovery-twrp2-7-1-0lgl90w7xxshoxx-t2826150
3. Custom recovery TWRP with http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-l90/general/guide-guide-to-unlocking-bootloader-l90-t2852917 and instructions under 2.
4. Custom ROM with http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-l90/development/rom-cyanogenmod-12-lg-l90-t3049512

No need to downgrade to Kitkat it seems. Anybody can confirm these steps?

thanks but can someone help me download adb. Thats the only thing i dont know how to do. Thanks

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Bootloader is unlocked on that phone. .. just to confirm the previous post.
how would i confirm that? However, i already flashed the twrp 3.0.2 img with flashify and it works properly as i flashed the exposed framework zip. Does this represent that it works correctly? Will i be able to flash a custom rom too? Thanks in advance


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Feb 14, 2015
If you were able to flash a custom recovery and it boots into it, then the bootloader was unlocked already; otherwise it'd just boot into the system or boot loop.

As for the adb, just check the L90 threads (unless I find mine before then) and wherever you unzip the adb.exe file folder to, open that folder in the explorer window, hold the shift key and choose "Open command prompt here". The adb commands will work then add long as you have the appropriate drivers installed.

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Oh... and yes. From your recovery you can now flash custom ROMs. Just make sure they are for that model and the instructions are followed.


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Jun 13, 2015
las vegas
Not me, i couldn't get over the 3g thing, hspa+ ... Phone was advertised as 4g. Slowest data ever. I had the tmobile version. Snappy phone, slow data

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Sep 15, 2016
Is there any major diffrence between D405 and D410 ? I can buy new D410 a little bit cheaper than new D405., but basically I don't need dual SIM functionality.
I have read somewhere that dimensions (width) are little bit diffrent (so cases for D405 don't fit D410).
Is rest identical? In terms of everyday use, no root, changing roms etc


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Dec 1, 2010
Is there any major diffrence between D405 and D410 ? I can buy new D410 a little bit cheaper than new D405., but basically I don't need dual SIM functionality.
I have read somewhere that dimensions (width) are little bit diffrent (so cases for D405 don't fit D410).
Is rest identical? In terms of everyday use, no root, changing roms etc

Yeah, cases and silicon are mostly ok, so no prob there, just pay attention when buying, however big issue are
protective glasses and foils, its quite difficult to find them for d410.
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Jun 22, 2016
I'm on d410 v20c and I want to unlock bootloader and then install custom ROM:
I was suggested to first downgrade, becaude I can't unlock v20c.
The problem is that I can't find any reliable source for a couple of stock kdz files with aroot available here in the forum.
COuld anybody direct me?
All of the links are from 3 years ago and broken.
The only possible couple I've found so far after hours of research are with kdz 10d downloaded from external sources and I'm not sure if it's reliable
RO/Romania D41010d_00.kdzFile from https://lg-firmwares.com/lg-d410-firmwares/#more-1415
or the same from here http://lg-kdz-firmware.com/download-...10d/11866.html


Apr 9, 2013
Rooted My T-Mobile branded LG L90 and Metro PCS LG L70. Can anyone tell me what bloatware to remove ? Also on the T-Mobile LG L90 I'm still getting "Unable to download, please try again later" What is causing this ? Want to clear both phone to have my internal storage space back.

thank in advanace


Jun 8, 2021
OnePlus 3
Samsung Galaxy A30
A friend of mine gave me a second hand phone,
it was rooted and she couldn't get into it so she hard reset it now its stuck in a boot loop....
it loops through the lineage OS start screen.
When i got it to the firmware updating screen it says "910k b100" ROOTED in red letters under it.
I cant seem to figure out what to do.
My computer wont detect the phone, ive correctly installed all the right LG drivers and even used their program you can download that automatically detects what drivers you may need,
i cant even bring up the recovery screen or even a hard reset screen with buttons on the phone.
Do I need to UNROOT it? I am so confused.
its bricked but if it says its rooted still doesnt that mean that the bootloader is already unlocked?
What the heck am i missing here lmao.
i am so confused.


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Sep 24, 2021
Hello and thanks for this amazing thread.
I have had this LG Optimus L90 D415 for a few years now. I love this phone for its long battery life and double tap off/on screen. Couple years ago I got another phone to carry with me and use this LG as a MP3 Player, Audiobook Player, etc.
So I rooted the phone with Kingroot APK which was easy and required no knowledge and skill (I am completely Android illiterate :( Sorry about that.)
Then I started uninstalling all the bloatware like Amazone, Kindle, etc.
But I uninstalled some other APKs that were not bloatware but I assumed I had no longer needed them. I am pretty sure I went too far and uninstalled some thing I shouldnt have.
Now the MTP has stopped functioning. When I connect my phone to a PC, the driver fails to install and the MTP option is no longer available in the notification bar.
Now I have TWRP apk installed on my phone, I have root access, but I dont know what will restore my phone's essential software.
Right now that MTP is not working, I cannot connect to a PC, so , the only thing left is to copy something on the SD card, put it into the phone and use that file. Other methods that require connection to a PC dont work for this issue.
By the way the link https://mega.nz/file/l0czFRzK#gJv0yAxbDZhJ2jxhnaLBlP2ekp_rUqVZ-q8XhOhkAGI is no longer available.
Appreciate all answers in this thread.
Thanks and looking forward to hear
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    Hey everyone! I've created this thread to be used as a reference point to all discussions regarding the LG L90. Collected information regarding our device will be available for everyone, and I'll continually update this post with details and such that we're informed of. Now, I'm going to need help regarding "lone wolf" threads that pop up from time to time. If you create a thread regarding something, provide a link to it on this thread, and I'll include it in the respective categories that I'm creating. Since this device is relatively new, there won't be much here to begin with - but since this device has an incredible price-to-quality ratio, I'm hoping that this thread will foster development and cooperation with our newly-found brothers and sisters here on xda.

    The Optimus L90 is latest iteration of the L-series, being the third generation, it's the successor to the Optimus L9 II. The L90 is a feature-packed bang-for-your-buck device, with a quad-core processor, adequate camera, and sports LG's innovative "Knock-On" and "Guest Modes," all while running 4.4.2 KitKat, right out of the box.

    There are four major known models of the L90.
    D405 - International, no NFC.
    D405n - International, NFC.
    D410 - International, NFC (I believe)
    D415 - America, NFC unknown (T-Mobile, Metro)
    Update History -
    June 2nd, 2014 (Initial posting)
    June 15th, 2014 (Root information, KDZ links)
    June 22nd, 2014 (Changed "Root Discussion" link)
    June 23rd, 2014 (Added in KDZ flashing guide and driver links @krchi)
    July 1st, 2014 (Updated with recovery images, we now have a subforum!)
    July 12th, 2014 (Linked threads, reformatted)
    August 2nd, 2014 (Updated KDZ Links to Mega, linked CM11 thread)
    August 30th, 2014 (Updated D415 KDZ)
    November 15th, 2014 (Updated D405n KDZ, ROM links)

    How to Root -

    Visit this website, and download the .apk file to your device. Enable "Unknown Sources" (Settings -> Security) and open the file using a file manager. When it opens, tap install, and continue regardless of the "security warning" that Google brings up. Open up the application once installed, and tap the solitary button once. Wait a few seconds, and your device will reboot.

    Next, install the most recent version of the SuperSU application. If the Play Store Version doesn't work, get the official version from Chainfire's site. Once SuperSU has been opened, tap Install and select the normal method. Congratulations on root!

    KDZ Download Links -

    Here is a guide on how to flash a KDZ file. These are officially packaged update files from LG themselves, and should be used in cases of emergency softbricks. A word of warning, these downloads aren't small. ( ~ 1 GB) If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment on the thread I've linked, or message me or @krchi. Best of luck! Be sure to have drivers installed. If you have yet to do so, you can pick up the Universal ADB Drivers here, credits to @Koush. If these methods don't work for you, head to the thread here by @creativetrendz. If all else fails, feel free to ask!

    I've uploaded these KDZs to my Mega account for anyone to use. I recommend keeping this files and mirroring them, as I cannot guarantee that they will always be available there!

    Note - We now have root access on the previously locked models! Thanks to @geohot

    Recovery Mode -

    We have access to custom recovery, thanks to @Quarx and the guys at 4pda.ru. If you speak Russian, I definitely recommend you check them out. Head to page 31 of this thread to find them attached in post 303! TWRP has a glitch where it won't recognize your touch input for a bit. Allow the screen to timeout, then unlock it and it will work fine. For me, and a few others, the recoveries aren't recognizing the internal or external memories - So, they're a bit useless, but some could make use of them. Can't hurt to try it out!

    Tip - Going to TWRP Settings and settings the screen timeout to "15 seconds" (Or whatever the minimum amount is) will help alleviate you of some waiting time!

    Threads -

    I'll continually update this as more are created, but I'm going to need your help locating them.

    Tips -

    - Use Google+ Photo's "Auto-Awesome" feature to remove/minimize the "fogginess" of some camera photos.
    - Try using the "Knock-On" feature more, it's simple yet incredibly useful.
    - Try settings the "Quick-Button" to your camera application, makes point/snap moments that much easier.
    - Swipe left on the lockscreen clock to add widgets to it. Useful ones include Hangouts and Camera (accessed by swiping right)
    - Set your "Plug and Pop" apps to include your music/audio/video apps when you connect earbuds (Play Music, Youtube)
    - If you use a pattern lock, be sure to activate guest mode. Could come in handy.
    - If you use a pattern lock, you can change the dot's "theme" in lockscreen settings.
    - Swiping from the bottom center of the screen will reveal Google/Quickmemo shortcuts.
    - Try alternate applications, such as Nova Launcher for your homescreen and Hangouts for your SMS.
    - Tapatalk is an incredibly useful application, subscribing to threads notifies you of their updates.
    - Set LG Backup to backup your personal data and apps every morning (2:00-4:00 AM) to external SD. Do it.
    - Greenify is a must regardless of your root status.
    - Disable the applications you don't use and clear their data. Carrier bloat is ewwy.
    - Be sure to change your keyboard if you want a refresher, I recommend Google Keyboard.

    If I've left anything out, or you want to see something that I should include, be sure to let me know. Looking forward to watching the community's development for this device continually grow.
    CWM and TWRP for L90 D410/405/415
    For D405/D410 Need unlocked Bootloader!!! D415 users no need unlock
    TWRP touch bug workaround:
    Keep the device untouched for some time (exactly: 1 minute or 60 seconds).
    Your device will be locked or will be blacked out after 60 seconds.
    Press Power button to unlock it.
    Swipe to unlock your phone!
    Now the touch will work without any flaws.

    How to install recovery:
    Copy recovery image to sdcard to sdcard and do this commands in terminal
    dd if=/sdcard/%imagename%.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
    reboot recovery
    You need patched aboot.
    All credits for patched aboot to Andrew-New
    Check your firmware version before install!!!
    abootbPatched405v10a.zip - D405 v10a
    abootPatched410v10c.zip - D410 v10c

    To install.
    Unzip archive, Copy aboot.bin to sdcard and do this commands in terminal
    dd if=/sdcard/aboot.bin of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
    Reboot phone and install recovery.

    Be aware!!! Wrong aboot can kill your phone!!
    I'll update the thread tomorrow with a nicely bolded disclaimer stating that the D415 is a separate model from the D410/405/405n, and that things done to those phones should only be tried if they're confirmed to work on the D415 as well.
    [Recovery] Philz_Touch_6.50.6_Shoxx [CWM_Based]

    Hey Guys

    I compiled Philz Touch 6 for L90. This is not the final Release, because under USB Mount only external_sd is Shown, everything else should work.

    when everything works i make a new Recovery Thread ;)

    Attached zip could flashed over other Custom Recovery, or unpack the zip , and flash the recovery over an App like flashify or something else.



    Let me know if it works for you, i test on D405 (International) Device....

    Credits to Phil3759!!!

    Link to his thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2201860

    Greets Shoxx