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May 21, 2012
Newer as in latest, LRX22C, then you don't need to bother messing around with flashing the OTA zip anymore.

fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot format cache
fastboot reboot

Anyone know if these instructions will work to flash 5.0.2 from 5.0.1 without losing data?


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Dec 8, 2010
Announcement: I have been both sick the past 2 months (which has cleared) and have been very busy recently.

The thread is now up to date, though I did not get a chance to actually read anything between then and now, if anything is still missing or incorrect, please repost/let me know so I can fill in anything missing.

Since I don't have time, I will be merely listing found otas instead of directly finding them myself. (though this is not of any real importance beyond a handful of people besides myself)

My apologies for the lack of updates in the recent past weeks.


Fortunately for deb, there are no otas between then and now, so at least it was never technically out of date. :p


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Jan 1, 2011
Durham, NC
Hey everyone - the Lollipop 5.0.2/LRX22G update for the N7 LTE is rolling out now. Please grab the link and post it here if you get it!
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    This thread is no longer being updated, please continue ota discussions here: [NEW][REF] Nexus 7 (2013) Stock OTA URLs

    This is the information thread for all known OTA's for the 2013 N7 (deb/flo)

    How to flash:
    • Requirements:
      • Stock recovery
      • Unmodified /system
      • Unlocked bootloader (See below)
      • Basic understanding of command line/shell (to unlock bootloader)

    • Unlock your bootloader
      • Download and set up adb and fastboot
      • Reboot into fastboot mode (Power and volume down while off)
      • Open up a command prompt/shell where you saved fastboot
      • enter into command prompt/shell: "fastboot oem unlock"
    • Enter recovery mode via onscreen buttons
    • Enable recovery ui
      • Hold down power and then press volume up until ui appears
    • Set up adb
    • Select apply update from adb
    • enter into command prompt: "adb sideload <path to saved update.zip>

    • How to find the ota?
      • If you're rooted, wait for the device to prompt you to update, then check /cache for the file
      • If you're not rooted, wait until the same time and do an adb logcat and look for a line with .zip in it
    • Why isn't the latest ota listed?
      • We can only list what we have, if the ota from Build X to Build Y isn't listed, we dont have the file for it yet.
    • How do you setup adb/fastboot
      • Please read the stickies in the general subforum, this is not a formal guide
    • Do I need to unlock the bootloader to flash the update zip?
      • Yes, if you wish to do it manually.
        If you allow android to prompt for the update, you do not need to unlock
    • Are the LTE and wifi roms compatable?
      • No, if you attempt to flash the wrong rom, it will either fail or possibly damage your device
    • Can I flash this if I have a custom rom?
      • No, you must be on a stock AND unmodified rom
    • Can I flash this if I'm rooted?
      • Only if you have not modified any files

    • oldblue910 for finding KOT49H → KVT49L
    • Bob Smith42 for finding JWR66N/dev-keys → JWR66N filename
    • VivaErBetis for finding JWR66N/dev-keys → JWR66N
    • roy827 for finding JSS15Q → JSS15R for razor
    • scoof2 for finding JLS36I → KRT16S for razorg
    • ethanfirst for finding many otas
    • derlachendehans for finding KRT16S → KOT49E for razorg
    • ebug for finding KRT16S → KOT49E for razor
    • eider96 for finding KOT49E → KOT49H for razor
    • oyoy for finding KRT16S → KOT49H for razorg
    • souvenir1977 for finding JSS15R → KOT49H for razor
    • Tang034 for finding KTU84L → KTU84P for razor
    • ExDis for finding KVT49L → KTU84L for razorg
    • McChen147 for finding KTU84P → LRX21P for razor
    • ethanmars for finding LRX21P → LRX22C for razor

    • Feb 5, 2014: Added KTU84L → LRX22G for razorg
    • Feb 2, 2014: Added KTU84P → LRX22G for razorg
    • Jan 28, 2014: Added LRX22G
    • Dec 3, 2014: Added LRX21P → LRX22C for razor
    • Nov 13, 2014: Added KRX21P for razor
    • Oct 24, 2014: Added KTU84P for razorg
    • Sep 11, 2014: Changed Page Layout to match my other pages
    • Jul 26, 2014: Added KTU84L for razorg
    • Jun 23, 2014: Added KTU84P for razor
    • Jun 3, 2014: Added KTU84L for razor
    • Feb 2, 2014: Added KVT49L for razorg
    • Dec 11, 2013: Added remaining KOT49H for razor/razorg
    • Dec 10, 2013: Added More KOT49H for razor/razorg
    • Dec 6, 2013: Added KOT49H for razor/razorg
    • Dec 6, 2013: Added KRT16S → KOT49E for razor
    • Dec 5, 2013: Added KRT16S → KOT49E for razorg
    • Nov 26, 2013: Added JWR66N/JSS15Q → KRT16S for razor
    • Nov 25, 2013: Added JSS15J → KRT16S for razorg
    • Nov 24, 2013: Added JSS15J → KRT16S for razor
    • Nov 22, 2013: Added JLS36C → KRT16S for razorg
    • Nov 21, 2013: Added JLS36I → KRT16S for razorg, JSS15 -> KRT16S for razor
    • Nov 19, 2013: Added KRT16O → KRT16S for razor
    • Nov 13, 2013: Added JSS15R → KRT16O for razor
    • Oct 3, 2013: Added JLS36I for razorg
    • Oct 3, 2013: Added JSS15J → JSS15R for razor
    • Sep 26, 2013: Added JWR66N → JSS15R for razor
    • Sep 17, 2013: Added JSS15Q → JSS15R for razor
    • Sep 9, 2013: Added JLS36C for razorg
    • Aug 23, 2013: Added JWR66N/JSS15J → JSS15Q for razor
    • Aug 8, 2013: Added JSR78D → JSS15J for razorg
    • Jul 26, 2013: Initial page

    Just got the update on my device.

    OTA Link 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 for Nexus 7 FLO: android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_razor/5189573323c8a232cbe42fc3413ce006c585c7cb.signed-razor-LRX22G-from-LRX22C.51895733.zip