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This thred is to post the best mods and tweaks for new Sense 2.5.
I will post the mods that i use all the time, and i hope you guys/girls will follow and post your own mods.

PS. The visual tweaks are made for manila without landscape mosde so some wont work while some will in landscape.
The tweaks, memory tweaks and other apps cab's will work on every manila.
the BG all tabs and quicklinks are bounded to the right manila version.
But most of the cabs are FULLY uninstalleble, so just try and see....

I will open a new thread with new cabs mostly done for recent and future manila versions, as the space of my posts are coming to an end.. so be patient :D

HERE IS NEW THREADhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=637671http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=637671

Touch X BG all tabs -Background all tabs both level 0 and level 1 -WORKING new version 22/11-09 (for rom 1.43 and 1.48 without 16/20 quicklinks)(not animated wallpaper) (rapidshare)
BG all tabs only level 0 check this page.. (download grzegorz10 B4all Tabs 1920.CAB) RECOMENDED (rom 1.43 and 1.48 without 16/20 quicklinks)
17/12 -09 grzegorz10 B4all Tabs 1921.CAB -for rom 1.48 and 1.61 and works with quicklinks
17/12 -09 grzegorz10_1921_B4all 20Shortcuts.CAB -for rom 1.48 and 1.61 and INCLUDES 20 quicklinks
PS. all grzegorz10 cabs is from this thread

View attachment 246736 -remove the half transparent curtain(where operator logo is)
View attachment 246737 -adds shortcuts for quick reset and WiFi on/off, nice to have on new program tab..
View attachment 246738 -Hold send button 3 sec. to start commmanager
View attachment 246739 -Show owner icon in settings
View attachment 246740 -Make the background on WM6.5 startmenu 100% opaque, looks very nice
View attachment 246741 -adds the missing taskmanager(top right corner)
Touch X Battery icon 100% with 1% increments like 97%, 96%, 95%
Touch_X_Wireless_Draft_N_ON.cab - Enables Draft N in WiFi to get faster WiFi connection (rapidshare link)
Touch_X_Power_management_ON.cab - Enable all Powersaving features (rapidshare link)
Touch_X_Homescreen_Flip_clock_OFF.cab - Disables the flip clock when going back to homescreen tab, not the standard animated clock (rapidshare link)
Touch_X_Original_Manila_BG_files.cab -Original Manila files to restore manila if something goes wrong (rapidshare link)
Touch_X_Left_softkey_as_camera.cab -as described by cab name (rapidshare link)

6/12 -09 Touch X button icon in messaging.cab -Enable Graphical Send Icon Button in HTC Messaging (see tweak 41 in tboy2000 thread here)
6/12 -09 Touch X disable accidental link clicks.cab -Prevent Accidental Link Activation When Scrolling (see tweak 44 in tboy2000 thread here)
6/12 -09 Touch X Permanently Delete Reappearing HTC Icons.cab -Permanently Delete Reappearing HTC Icons from Start Menu (see tweak 42 in tboy2000 thread here)

13/12 -09 Touch X longpress sendkey lock device.cab -lock screen by holding send key..

15/12 -09 Touch X add 3G commmanager.cab -adds 3g on/off to commmanager it don't replace anything, just adds it.
15/12 -09 HTC official SMS fix.cab -thanks fab985 for cabbing it.


11/12 -09 Touch X 50 percent opaque calendar BG.cab -makes the calendar/alarm/date background on home tab 50% opaque
11/12 -09 Touch X 50 percent opaque clock background.cab -makes the background of clock(grey one) 50% opaque
11/12 -09 Touch X Black Clock.cab -makes the original white clock black with white numbers
11/12 -09 Touch X original clock background.cab -as name says
11/12 -09 Touch X original white clock.cab -as name says
11/12 -09 Touch X remove clock background.cab -as name says
11/12 -09 Touch X Transparent white clock.cab -as name says, kind of opaque/glass look

12/12 -09 Touch X startmenu/settings icons.cab -as the name says, changes almost all original icons to Touch X style, like in my ROMs. 99 ICONS in cab. "screens here" (updated 13/12-09 03:20)

14/12 -09 Touch X Transparent Calendar.cab -background for calendar,alarm and date is transparent.
26/12 -09 Touch X Transparent Calendar but leave text.cab -background for calendar,alarm and date is transparent But text is still there.
14/12 -09 Touch X Transparent Clock.cab -same as name
14/12 -09 Touch X Transparent slider.cab -same as name

THEESE tweaks from 17dec is from tboy2000
17/12 -09 Touch X Speed Up Landscape Album Scrolling.cab.cab -faster landscape scrolling through albums view in picture tab
17/12 -09 Touch X speed up screen scrolling.cab -faster scrolling thrugh documents,albums,contacts etc.
17/12 -09 Touch X Change Reply All to Reply in Email.cab -name says it
17/12 -09 Touch X close album with X -closes album instead of minimize when closing with X
17/12 -09 Touch X Keep Audio Booster Running.cab -Another way to keep Audio Booster running while playing music

20/12 -09 Touch X longpress sendkey Alt tab.cab -Adds a nice "Alt+Tab" application switcher. like windows VERY GOOD TOOL :D (updated 22/12 -09 with longer view time -now 3sec), thanks lutanica for idea and exe.

22/12 -09 Touch X Unlock Additional Video Recording Formats.cab -what the name says (from tboy2000)

24/12 -09 View attachment 259799 - THIS is an alternative Taskmanager -Taskswitcher -Taskcloser (Alt+Tab function) to the longpress send key, this is the one im using (the original Touch X taskmanager(htc one) draw battery, Ram etc.) (if you installed Touch X taskmanager, uninstall it first) This is the Showcase application. you can exclude programs and much more follow this link to developers homepage. Cred to amarullz.

26/12 -09 Touch X music tab controls transparent background.cab - makes the play, skip songs background transparent
26/12 -09 Touch X transparent calendar tab background.cab - makes the background of the calendar in calendar tab transparent.
26/12 -09 Touch X transparent search in internet tab.cab - makes the black background behind the search bar transparent.
26/12 -09 Touch X twitter tab top bar transparent.cab - as the name says
26/12 -09 Touch X weather transparent bottom.cab - makes the weather curtian at the bottom transparent.
26/12 -09 Touch X transparent quicklinks when asign app.cab - makes the quicklinks transparent when assihning a app/contact/icon to it, but shows a 70% opaque square when empty, so you can see it... GREAT for THEESE icons

02/01 -10 Touch X contact background 50 percent opaque.cab -makes the background on contacts pictures tab 50% opaque
02/01 -10 Touch X contact background removed.cab - removed the background for contacts pictures on contact tab

03/01 -10 Touch X contact BG only frame.cab -adds a frame around the picture and removes the grey background below picture.
03/01 -10 Touch X contact BG only frame 50 percent opaque.cab -adds a 50 % opaque frame around the picture and removes the grey background below picture.
03/01 -10 Touch X internet background 50 percent opaque.cab -makes the grey background behind visual bookmarks 50% opaque
03/01 -10 Touch X internet background removed.cab -removes the grey background around the visual bookmarks.
03/01 -10 Touch X internet BG frame only.cab -makes only a frame around the visual bookmarks and removes the grey background
03/01 -10 Touch X internet BG frame only 50 percent opaque.cab --makes only a 50% opaque frame around the visual bookmarks and removes the grey background

06/01 -10 Touch X longpress sendkey Taskmanager TaskFasade.CAB -adds the great task switcher/closer TaskFasade to longpress(hold) endkey
06/01 -10 Touch X DataDisconnect 1_1.cab -adds a new shortcut in startmenu to simply disconnect the dataconnection, GREAT TO HAVE on the quicklinks.

12/01 -10 Touch X calendar & alarm 50 percent opaque when QL scrolled up.cab -adds a 50% opaque background behind calendar and alarm when the quicklinks are scrolled up on home tab (when clock is hiding and only quicklinks are shown)!
12/01 -10 Touch X calendar & alarm remove BG when QL scrolled up.cab -removes background behind calendar and alarm when the quicklinks are scrolled up on home tab (when clock is hiding and only quicklinks are shown)!


I've put up all the files at this mirror

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Will use this post for further cabs and tweaks!

here comes!

View attachment 247820 -disables the lockscreen after turning screen off
View attachment 247821 -makes the startmenu display 4 icons/hexagon
17/12 -09 FOLLOW this link for more 4 icons/hexagon bigger icons and text
View attachment 247822 -makes the keyboard use swedish T9 and word suggestions.
View attachment 248245 -sets the opera zoom out value to smaller.
View attachment 248247 -Sets the number of tabs to be opened to 6 (default is 3)
View attachment 248248 -makes the screen less sensitive, makes typing easier and better precision.
30/11 -09 Bluetooth Toggle -Toggle bluetooth On/Off through link in start menu or quicklink
08/12 -09 Touch X Powerbutton actionscreen ver 1.2.cab -THE NEW powerbutton actionscreen ver 1.2 with data disconnect, witch was missing in 1.1, the thread here
08/12 -09 Touch X TaskmanagerITA by Fab985.cab -Same as in post 1, but in italian
11/12 -09 HTC camera official fix.cab -thanks fab985 for cabbing it out

19/01 -10 Touch X long press send key taskmanager ArkSwitch_v1_0_1.CAB -it's a long press send key version of arkswitch 1.01 with exclude options etc. this is by far the best taskmanager... just hold your greenphone button(sendkey) for a second or two and the taskmanager pops up...

29/01 -10 Touch_X_100%Battery_for_1.66.cab -A NEW BATTERY 1% increments indicator FOR ROMS 1.66.XXX and above :D

3/02 -10 Touch X 50 percent opaque calendar TAB background.cab -Makes the background in calendar TAB 50% opaque
3/02 -10 Touch X Enable Opera MAX memory tweak.cab -Makes memory optimization to opera for better performance and viewing
3/02 -10 Touch X Disable Beeps When Altering Volume.cab -When using the hardware volyme buttons no longer beeps
3/02 -10 Touch X enable 24hour clock.cab - Some countries in locale cant enable 24 hours time, install softreset, go to settings and regional/clock and select the new HH:mm and select blanc for both am and fm.
12/02 10 Touch X Faster manila tweaks.cab -enable more tweaks that makes manila faster, REALLY makes a difference

16/01 -10 Touch X tap n hold to close app.cab -enable the function hold on X in application to close it, quick tap on X in application will minimize it. NO NEED TO INSTALL IF YOU INSTALLED HTC TASKMANAGER OR TOUCH X TASKMANAGER. (this is a request cab)

16/01 -10 Touch_X_BgAllTabs_and_20_quicklinks_2_5_19211619_0.CAB or Touch_X_BgAllTabs_and_16_quicklinks_2_5_19211619_0.CAB -BETA BETA BETA this makes background on all tabs, and adds 20 quicklinks only for manila 2_5_19211619_0 i will remove it if it dont work, so please report back! PS. made from grzegorz10, xxxxx and myself work

I've put up all the files at this mirror

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Jan 17, 2006
Background all tabs breaks Sense, would not start after reset but worked again as soon as I uninstalled it. Stock UK HD2.


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Aug 17, 2008
Touch X startmenu transparent BG.cab - This doesn't work for me. :/

Although very good theme, keep up the good work. ;)

confirmed does NOT work

edit **

in fact, it makes it darker!! lol. I can confirm that the top curtain removal works
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Feb 9, 2008
I like the Wifi Toggle. Thanks!

Can you explain what the turbo optimizer does? How will I experience the effects of the optimizer on my HD2? With the *huge* intern program memory do I really need this?


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Dec 31, 2008
Thanks Smaberg. Good job.
Did you find the way to turn off screen lock after you switch your screen off?
Its so anoing for me when i turning screen on and have to slide button left or right which is not respond at all time. Sometimes i have to wait 2 sec. to unlock.


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Jul 9, 2008
Thank you!!!

Finally, a fix that gives me the quick menu on the home page. I've tried a few other suggestions, but this is the only one that actually works for me.

Cheers big ears!


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Jul 30, 2007
Has anyone seen a tweak that would remove the quick launch icons altogether from the Home screen (and increase the number of appointments instead)?


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Apr 16, 2008

Has anyone a tweak for the Programm Icons transparent?

and an Tweak for People - 3 Icons in a Row?




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Aug 17, 2008

in original style the background on the.startmenu is more dim then the background right!

this patch makes the dim go away! so the background is shown correctly!

so does that work?

for me this made it almost black, not sure how that is working but if it is that is not what i want

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