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Apr 11, 2006
Need for speed accelerometer edition is very cool, tilt to steer and 3D accelerated graphics (I can only find a rather shady link at the moment) it is the closest to an iphone game I have yet come across and is an indication of what games should look and function like on newer win mo devices. Just google it and you won't be far away.:)
Appologies if it is already posted here, I just looked on the first post and did not see a mention of it.


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May 28, 2007
a funny idea for you, developers:

an app that when you turn upsidedown the pda it makes "muuuuuhhh" like a cow! It was a toy of when I was young.

Do you think you can make it?
Let me know!
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May 23, 2009
any way you can have these as non zipped files as i cant seem to get the m to run on my touch diamond

only wanted the light saber one


Oct 8, 2008
I have installed G-Triggerbut when I run it will have an error message and stops.
Then i installed GSen, i can start it but nothing happens.
But the G-sensor works with the Calibration and Pocket Gforce.
I have the AZTOR-X2-Ultimate-GER ROM.

What could be the reason?
(sry for my bad english)


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Jan 5, 2007
I have a touch pro2 and I tried installing the flip app including the .net and other files but it doesn't work, in fact it stops opera and IE explorer flipping in their usual way, remove it and those two apps flip on their own when the device is flipped.

I also wandered if there was or someone thought of making a sensor app that could go to a certains page i.e the today page by performing a pre-defined gesture, so if your working on something and you want to get to the home page in a hurry on the touch pro2 two you have to press the hard button (cancel call button) which is fiddly to hit if your holding the phone one handed, it would be great to be able to give the phone a little shake and take it back to the today screen......WELL ??? thoughts ???


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Feb 6, 2009
Doesnt anyone find the title somwhat hilarious?

"Thread that actually gets updated!"

And the last update was 25 April...


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Aug 16, 2009
g-flow the tilt based game kidna like a mix between flow on the ps3 and geomitry wars on 360 is now going to be fully 3d rendered by the graphics card of the diamond and/or any other phone with enough power

if you can please donate its for a good cause (lol coffee and dock for my diamond to speed up development and because my cable is breaking and that would be bad)
thanks so much


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Nov 3, 2007
Victoria, BC
surur, nice job with the first post -- but such threads will consistently be out-of-date as it's your burden to update each app's release/update.

Is there a Wiki-page set-up for such Diamond/Raphael sensor apps? This stick thread of yours could simply link to that where we all (individual developers included) have a single spot to update....

(sorry..if I had more free time I would write up such a Wiki page right now, but lately I don't have as much free time as my Mogul days....)

I just checked and there is an existing HTC_Raphael_Sensor_Software XDA-Wiki page but none that I can see for the Diamond. It would be much more sensible to create single Wiki sensor page for either platform with a more comprehensive list as your OP. Then have such a Sensor App Wiki up front and centre in this thread's opening post.

I stand by that old prediction.... ;) Rather than relying upon one member, any of us can create and edit a Wiki page, enabling such a resource to be far more robust and reliably up-to-date.

Sadly... I still haven't found the time to accomplish that...though still a chance! :)
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Nov 3, 2007
Victoria, BC
OK...I just spent a quick half hour to update the listings on the Wiki page with the games section of the OP. A quicka dn dirty job with minimal formatting just to get the content started in place.

We're certainly all welcome to update that and reformat with columns, more defined headers, alphabetisation, date of last check, sensors used, etc...

No point in *****ing about a single person not updating this thread.


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Nov 29, 2003

Sorry for being around, but it looks like I did not miss too many applications to add in any case.

Added Magic 8 ball - is there any more to add?