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Sep 30, 2011
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[B][I][U][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]What's new:-

Added [guide]install bash command line
Added [guide] create virtual memory
Added mini S-3 rom link
Added slicksleep by f4uzan
Added adrenaline engine
Added slick sleep 
Added jellybean UI for cm7


added PAC by FaIzaL3040
added evilution by SILFOX
added theme scream by Android_United
added slim series rom by Android_United
added wpx windows phone experience by hsay
added New Experience rom byautoradio78


added some original development links


added aokp ics rom by thewhisp
added honeycomb by team-thunder
added creed rom by dqib
added mini xperia ics rom by faizal3040
added rootz win7 rom by jayrome876
added minis3 rom by safariking
added idroid rom by PrinceEndymion88
added honeycom rom by team-thunder
added creed rom by dqib
added aokp ics rom by thewhisp[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Red"]added dreamw rom
added aroma installer (terminology)
added slaidboost by slaid480 (themes and apps)
added sony hd mini rom by dqib
added miui gb rom ny mebitek
added miui gb rom by bravon
added razr ui rom by dqib[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/I][/B]

Original android development

Android open kang project by thewhisp:- here

Hack internal memory size to whatever you want:- here

Unofficial cm9/10 by thewhisp:- here

cwm recovery v6 by danny547:- here

cwm touch recovery by squadzone:- here

RZ recovery by squadzone:- here

Unofficial cm7.2 psyke83:- here
some rom links for original galaxy mini

mini S-3 rom by Android_United here

PAC by FaIzaL3040:- here

evilution by SILFOX:- here

theme scream by Android_United:- here

slim series rom by Android_United:- here

wpx windows phone experience by hsay:- here

New Experience rom byautoradio78:- here

IDroid rom by PrinceEndymion88:- here

Minis3 rom by safariking:- here

rootz win7 rom by jayrome876:- here

mini xperia ics rom by FaIzalL3040:- here

Honeycomb by TEAM-THUNDER:- here

Creed rom by DQib:- here

AOKP ICS rom by TheWhisp:- here

DreamW from by spawk:- here


RAZR UI by DQiB :- here

MIUI GB by BRAVON :- here


SONY HD MINI by DQib:- here

JOYOS IOS type rom:- here

ginger sandwich rom by dhruv.always:- here

Cm7 official build here:- here

Cm7 from mebitek:- here

Miui v4 ics by stelios97:- here

Androi-id v3.2 rom by squadzone:- here

CM7 rom by tj_style:- CM7 V7.1.0

Androi-id rom by tj_style:- here

Squadzone's cm7:- Cm7.2.0 RC4 (2.3.7)

Chocobread rom by flowish:- chocobread v1.2

Emanon rom by parasmi:- emanon rom v4

Cyanogenmod rom 9.0 Squadzone:- cm9.0 only for devs

CM7 music edition by crazy_k_p:- cm7 m.e

Cm7.2.0 rc0 rom by subpsyke:- here

NUSWAN rom by orieoke:- here

Minimod x final rom by orieoke:- here

Andro-transformer rom:- here

Fuzonoid rom:- here

Flarzki rom miui:- here

Kext rom *beat*:-here


stock rom without bootloader:- here

All the stock firmware can be found here

CWM recovery

By squadzone:- squadzone cwm recovery v5.0

By Tj_style:- attachment of recovery by Tj

cwm recovery froyo+gb:- link here

Rz recovery v1.2.4:- here

Cwm touch recovery by squadzone:- here


universal lag-free script here

adrenaline engine here

jellybean UI for cm7 here

slicksleep by f4uzan here

SLAIDYBoost by slaid480:- here

Cm7 theme galaxy mini:- here

Andro-id theme galaxy mini:- here

Milocker theme:- here

Meizu theme for emanon:- here

Emanon v3 transparent statusbar and centerclock :-here

Cm7 ics ring lock:- here

Emanon theme:- here

Xperia arc launcher:- here

Xperia active launcher:- here

Boot animation for galaxy mini:- here

Tw launcher + sgs2 theme or cm:- here

Iphone 4s theme;- here

Iphone launcher:- here

Samsung keyboard for cm7:- here


install bash command line here

create virtual memory manually here

Creating stylus for galaxy mini:- here

Learning somethinf about governors:- here

Flashing xxkpj android 2.3.4 firmware:- here

Adding sound to boot animation:- here

Creating boot animation:- here

Rooting gaaxy mini:- My explanation , Yagya's explanation

Hack internal memory size whatever you want:- here

Working flash player:- my post here

Enabling darktremor a2sd script:- dt a2sd

Changing boot animation(stock rom):- here

Flashing latest DDKQ7 Android 2.3.6 indian firmware:- here

Building cm7 or cm9 for sgm:- here

Satelite fix for gps:- here

Simple procedure to make sgm sound loud:- here


Universal rom installation guide:-

Installing the rom for the first time or changing one rom to another

1. download or copy the rom to the sd card.

2. go to clock work mod recovery or any other recovery, and backup current rom

3. wipe data and cache(recommended).

4. install the rom.

5. again wipe data and cache.

6. reboot the device.
Upgrading rom from one version to another:-

1. download or copy rom to the sd card.

2. got to recovery mode, and backup current rom.

3. install the rom

4. reboot the device


oc kernel cm7:- here

Oc kernel andro-id by tj_style:-here

Oc kernel for stock only by godell:- here

Video tutorial

Flashing cm7:- here

Flashing andro-id rom:- here

Review of galaxy mini:- here

Rooting galaxy mini:- here

European galaxy mini oc tutorial:- here

Installing stock froyo on galaxy mini:- here

Installing clockworkmod on galaxy mini:- here

Unlock galaxy mini:- here

Android Terminology
[B][U][COLOR="blue"]ANDROID[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- it is a linux based os which is made open source under apache license v2.0, it is made for smartphones, tablets, tvs, set-top box, glasses (spectacles) , watches etc. (Latest version is 4.2.1).

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]ADB[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- it is a short form of android debug bridge, a part of android sdk, it allow the user to have root level access to their device through the computer.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]AOSP[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short of android open source project, through this code one can
 create a copy of the android in his own way.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]APK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:-an executable file for android similar to exe files in windows, mostly the programs are installed through this file

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]Aroma Installer[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a great second way to install custom rom created by a great dev [B]amarullz[/B] the installer runs besides cwm and provides gui and choices to install roms

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]BOOTLOADER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- there are two types of bootloader (primary and secondary in mini it is 1) it tells the device how to boot.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]BRICK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- An Android device that is completely non-responsive, i.e. nothing lights up, the screen does nothing, no combination of button pressing cause any reaction. Can only be restored by USB JIG, UNBRICKABLE MOD, or warranty service.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]BUILD.PROP[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- A plain text file which contains environmental variables for the system to use during operation. Can be hacked to fake a different model for increased functionality, among many other operations.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]BUSYBOX[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a single file which contain many unix tools are very usefull for root users

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]BUTTON COMBO[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- simulationiously pressing of button for getting desired result for example pressing "home+power" button to start the phone in recovery mode

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]CLAY[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- an android device that is not fully functional but can go to recovery or download mode and can be recovered by fashing

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- custom third party recovery which have many advance and extra option like "partitioning sd card, wiping battery stat" etc.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]CYANOGENMOD[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- it is a custom rom based on android, most popular and have many tweaks and option added, currently cyanogenmod version is 10.x

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]DALVIK CACHE[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- The collection of program information stored for use by the DALVIK program. This can be cleared from the RECOVERY menu to resolve issues with the Android.

[B][U][COLOR="blue"]DALVIK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- The Android operating system's memory management tool. This program handles which other programs are running and assigns memory to them.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]DEODEXED[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- Removing the .odex files from an APK file. The .odex files contain a list of dependencies for the associated file, and if something changes, the .odex (and similarly, the associated file) not longer function correctly.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]DOWNLOAD MODE[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- The download mode is the lowest-level interface to the Android device. Allows for full access to all flashable items on the device via the ODIN tool.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]EXT4[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- A type of filesystem (NTFS, FAT32 etc.) used by linux os and therefore also used by android os (similar type:- ext2, ext3).

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]EXTERNAL_SD[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- commonly known as micro sd card which can be inserted in the sd card slot, a type of storage device which can be removed anytime.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]FACTORY RESET[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- means removing all the user data, apps, messages, contacts from the phone. Can be backed up by different apps like titanium backup.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]FLASHING[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- writing the files like "kernel, modem, firmware etc" to the mobile's internal memory

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]FORCE CLOSE[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- when a program became unstable then the dalvik program terminate it to prevent the system from instability.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]FREEZE[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- means making the app unusable but still installed (usefull for those who want to use old market they can freeze market updater, for finding problem and fc).

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]GOVERNOR[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a program that changes the clock speed of processor according to the circumstances 

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]GPU[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- graphic processing unit, process the whole graphics of the device ( g mini have adreno 200 gpu)

B][U][COLOR="Blue"]HSUPA/HSDPA[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- Short for High Speed (Up/Down) Packet Access. This is 3G+, and is the Android device's internet speed level between 3G and 4G.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]IMEI[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- Short for International Mobile Equipment Identity. A unique number to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN phones. Used by GSM networks to identify valid devices.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]JIG[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a device which create a physical connection with the usb port and force the device into the download mode.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]JTAG[/COLOR][U][/B]:- a process of connecting a device directly to the main board of the phone to rewrite the corrupted bootloader.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]KERNEL[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a collection of software and drivers, it also control the running of the android device.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]KIES MINI[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a Samsung-proprietary program that allows flashing of official updates to the Android OS.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]LAGFIX[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- changing the file system used by the Android OS (ususally to EXT4) to reduce the perceived lag in the operation of the Android device.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]LAUNCHER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- an app like desktop in the windows, which allow the user to run installed apps

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]MODEM[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- the software that interfaces with the phone's radio hardware to connect to cell phone towers.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]NANDROID BACKUP[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a complete system image backup of the Android device except for the MODEM and KERNEL. Can be accessed from CWM.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]NO-WIPE PACKAGE[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a rom update package that leaves the user's market apps intact while still performing the updates to the system files. Restoring from backup is not necessary.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ODEX[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a file that is associated with an APK file, containing a list of the dependencies for the program.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ODIN[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a Samsung proprietary program that allows the Android device to be flashed back to stock or with custom software.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ODIN ONE CLICK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a version/package of the ODIN program that contains and will preload the necessary files to flash back to STOCK.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]OVERCLOCKING[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- setting the processor's clock speed to run faster than its default setting, i.e changing cpu frequency from 600 mhz to 802 mhz.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]PRIMARY BOOTLOADER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- also known as First Stage Bootloader. The first bootloader run at boot time, this bootloader finds RAM for the Android device, and hands the boot sequence off to the SECONDARY BOOTLOADER. 

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]RAT[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for Radio Access Technology. This determines how the network decides the QoS (quality of service) on the connection between the Android device and the carrier's data towers.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]RECOVERY[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- The menu that allows a user to do many low-level operations on the Android Device. This menu can either be the stock Samsung menu, or the CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY MENU (CWM).

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]REORIENTED[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- means changing the code of kernel to make it workable on other device.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]REVERSED TETHERING[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- means using the internet connection of the pc to the mobile with the use of data cable 9requires root)

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]RFS[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a type of file system which can only be used by samsung

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ROM[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- the collection of programs, themes, and settings that create the general look-and-feel of your Android device. This is what most users will initially be wanting to change.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ROM MANAGER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- The Android OS front end program for the CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY MENU (or CWM). Allows use of many of the CWM features from inside the Android OS. (flashing recovery through it will brick mini

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]SECONDARY BOOTLOADER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- also known as Second Stage Bootloader. The second bootloader run at boot time, this bootloader handles the processes required to allow the Android device to boot the main kernel, such as file systems, memory, and MODEM.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ROOT[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- changing the permission level of the Android system to its most powerful level, the root user, allowing full access to the file system.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]SOFT BRICK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this does not exist. A misnomer for a device that is not functioning correctly, but still shows some signs of operation. See CLAY.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]STOCK[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- the Android software version that comes installed on new devices, prior to sale to the user. On the original SGM, it is froyo 2.2. Can also be used to refer to the Android software issued from Samsung or the carrier.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]TETHER[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- connecting the Android device to a computer via a wired or, wireless connection to allow the transfer of data through the Android device's internet connection. Commonly used to provide internet access to a laptop or desktop computer when other methods are not desired or available.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]THEME[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a collection of images, backgrounds, colors, font types, and other visual items to change the Android device's look and feel. Separate from LAUNCHER, and is usually FLASHed in CWM.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]TIBU[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for Titanium Backup. See TITANIUM BACKUP.[U][/U]

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]TITANIUM BACKUP[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a backup utility available in the Android Market that allows users to back uptheir applications, the saved data for the applications, and system settings.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]UNBRICKABLE MOD[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a hardware modification that removes a resistor and reconnects another resistor to the removed resistor's active pad, permanently allowing the Android device to reach a development board state. This allows reloading of bootloaders that have previously been corrupted or incorrectly installed, along with preventing the Android device from ever reaching a true"hard brick" state. Originally developed by Recognized Developer Adam Outler.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]UNDERVOLTING[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- setting the voltage levels drawn by the Android device to a lower level to reduce overall battery usage.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]VOODOO LAGFIX[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- converts /system, /cache, /dbdata and /data to Ext4 with optimized parameters for speed but also guaranteeing data integrity. Also configures the write behavior of Linux to prevent lag from happening, plus applies some memory management providing a better balance than stock settings.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]VOODOO COLOR[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a series of improvements to the visual elements of the Android OS. Enhances clarity, offers color adjustments, and other visual tweaks.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]VOODOO SOUND[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a series of improvements to the audio elements of the Android OS. Enhances audio clarity, allows for more powerful adjustment to overall sound levels, plus additionaltweaks.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]WCDMA[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for Wideband CodeDivision Multiple Access. An air interface standard in 3G mobile communications networks that allows higher speeds and more users.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]WIPE-PACKAGES[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a rom package that will format the portions of the Android device where the user's market apps are stored, in addition to any updates to the system folders. After a wipe package is installed, the user will have to restore apps from a backup or redownload them from the AndroidMarke.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ZIP-ALLIGNED[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- an archive alignment tool that provides important optimization to APK files. The purpose is to ensure that all uncompressed data starts with a particular alignment relative to the start of the file. Reduces RAM consumption.
[B][COLOR="Red"]Xda terminology[/COLOR][/B]

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]GENERAL[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this is the place for posting anything general. These include tips, ideas, comments, etc.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]Q/A[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this is the place for posting any questions. If you have a bug to report in a program or ROM (and have the minimum of 10 posts), post it in the appropriate thread in the ANDROID DEVELOPMENT subforum.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ACCESSORIES[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this forum is for any items that attach to the physical hardware of the Android device.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]ANDROID DEVELOPMENT[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this is the place for posting Hacks/Mods/ROMs/Modems/Kernels. Generally reserved for developers, there is a 10-post minimum before a user can post here. This is the place to inform developers of bugs or software issues - ask questions in the Q&A subforum.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]THEMES AND APPS[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- this is the place for posting themes as well as programs. Many applications can be interchangeable with Android Development, so use your best judgement.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]OP[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for Original Poster, or theperson who originally started the thread.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]PM[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for Private Message. Allows users of XDA to send and receive non-public messages. Accessed from USER CP.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]THREAD[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- an individual issue page on the forum. This thing you're reading is a thread.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]THREAD TOOLS[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- a button that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe from THREADs. Subscriptions can be accessed from USER CP. See button screenshot below.

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]USER C.P[/COLOR][/U][/B]:- short for User Control Panel. This button near the top of the XDA page allows users to update their avatar, personal information, and signature. PMs and subscribed threads can also bechecked in this location. See buttonscreenshot below.
Source:- here

If you want to see your rom, kernel, recovery or any terminology then please write it in reply or pm me i will add that and please tell me if i have written something wrong here​
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Mar 12, 2011
Update on ROM (head over to dev section)

- Emanon has updated to v4
- New CM7 built from source (CM 7.2-RC0) by subpsyke. So now there are 3 builds for CM7 : tj_style's, squadzone's and subpsyke

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Sep 30, 2011
fatehabad (hry)
Update on ROM (head over to dev section)

- Emanon has updated to v4
- New CM7 built from source (CM 7.2-RC0) by subpsyke. So now there are 3 builds for CM7 : tj_style's, squadzone's and subpsyke

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thanks for the info distan7 i have updated that, aso when you are giving info about new rom, kernel, theme, recovery etc. please post it's link also it will be helpful for me

please tell me if i have written something wrong
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