[Release][2022.6.26] Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode (mm)

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Nov 15, 2017


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Feb 19, 2013
hi all
I have a galaxy S9+ Android 10
i updated magisk from v23 to v25 , from magisk app
after rebooting, i get bootloop
tried to wipe cache/dalvik from twrp but it failed
this what i get :

"cannot mount /data and unable to find crypto footer"
failed to mount '/data' (invalid argument)
unable to recreate /data/media folder.
updating partition details ...
failed to mount '/data' (invalid argument)
unable to mount storage
failed to mount '/data' (invalid argument)
full selinux support is present
failed to mount '/data/media/TWRP/.twrps(invalid argument)
mtp enabled
failed to mount '/data' (invalid argument)
failed to wipe dalvik
updating partition details ...
failed to mount '/data' (invalid argument)
unable to mount storage


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Oct 31, 2012
After using the tool to remove an app that was causing a bootloop, my phone keeps booting into recovery mode, any ideas how to fix this please?

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    Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode v7 202206260

    I updated VR25's Magisk Manager for Recovery mode so it now also works with Magisk v19.0 - v25.X!
    With this you can be at ease while trying out Android Magisk Modules.
    Since if you end up with a bootloop you can just disable the module from recovery :)
    Saved my ass many times!

    - Source code
    - Documentation
    - Releases
    - Original thread

    Note: The GUI "Magisk Manager Recovery Tool" project is a different, stand-alone project.
    Which is not affiliated with this CLI "Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode" project.

    Edit1: Reported as working on Magisk v23.X! Updated the documentation and released a new version
    Edit2: Tested and confirmed working on Magisk v25.X! Updated the module's readme, print lines, inner docs...
    The old 2019 version sticks for me & I had no issues whatsoever installing it from TWRP on Magisk v20.x setup. I can still do /sdcard/mm from TWRP terminal & do stuff.

    Sorry if I'm unable to see what's the purpose of this 'fork'.
    Updated installer script to support the latest magisk. It's unclear to me how you managed to get v4 installed though, me and other users where having issues with it on magisk v20, check the latest comments on the original thread.

    All I wanted to do was to be able to use this piece of software again since it saved my skin a lot of times already... If you don't trust my change feel free to review my commits on github, it's all open source

    Other benefit to it is that the original didn't have a release / easy and clear instructions, which is the cause of this module being less popular then it should be. I hope my new release clears up that problem aswell.
    I just want to report that this module works for me with Magisk 22.0 under TWRP 3.5.0_9-0 on my OnePlus 7 Pro running OOS 10.3.8. I always prefer to use adb sideload for flashing, and this module works fine when I flash it in this manner.

    The script gets installed into /sbin/mm, and it doesn't stick for me, but that is consistent with the documentation, and I have no problem reflashing this when needed.

    Good work!
    Bro i still have error 123
    Using s5 with 24.3
    I don't know why.
    I install it from twrp but always 123
    I'm thinking error 123 might either be due to:
    - A too long path name (Try moving the .zip file to the root of your userland internal storage)
    - Something breaking in the later versions of TWRP (I'm still on 3.2.X.X)
    Just wanna say thank you. this recovery saved my rear yesterday after i flashed a magisk module that caused my phone to bootloop repeatedly and the only other options it was offering me was to retry booting which would lead to another bootloop or to wipe my phone which would of destroyed all my data and caused me all sorts of headaches.

    I just flashed this bad boy in Twrp and ran sh /sdcard/mm and chose to disable the module that was looping me and just like that i was able to boot normally and regain access to my phone. this is top notch stuff here. saved my Moto G Power with android 10 on magisk 20.4
    FYI, you can just go to data/adb/modules and delete the module's folder using TWRP or OFOX file manager.