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[Release][APP][0.9.3 - 2019.07.12] GAssist.net - Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

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deacon steve

May 24, 2018
GAssist app

I love this. One problem is that in using GAssist, I can respond to texts from the watch as this seems to be a Bixby function. Is this something that can be added in future updates? Thanks
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deacon steve

May 24, 2018
GAssist app

Thanks. I wish it were possible but I think I understand why it isn't. As much as I love this app and having the Assistant on my Galaxy Watch, I need to be able to send and respond to texts. So I won't be able to use this app. Still, great work at creating it. Thanks again.


New member
Apr 27, 2017
Region restrictions? Gear S3 w Software Update now

Great work I think, would love to use the GAssist! I'm using the Galayxy Gear S3 with Tizen Would it work? I'm in Germany and I cannot find the App in the Galaxy App Store. How can I get it?
Thank you so much for your work!!


Senior Member
Nov 23, 2009
Current S3 owner (including me) behavior:
1. Open Galaxy Wearable app
2. Search for GAssist
3. If not found, go to 1


Thank you for making this possible!
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Senior Member
Nov 23, 2009
They are waiting for until Samsung approves the app submission that supports the S3. Could be one day, could be more, impossible to predict. F9, F9,F9... ? (Edit: F5, F5, F5 as corrected by Dixon. <sheepish grin>)
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New member
Jul 21, 2019
Just got my Galaxy Watch earlier this week and my biggest complaint was no Google Assistant. Happy to say I just set this up and it's awesome so far! Are there any plans to integrate texting and calling so I can totally replace Bixby?

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    App is already available on Samsung Store.
    Thank you for all DONATIONS and support !!!!

    I've been looking at this topic and I saw that unfortunately the project died... so as I am a java developer and I am very tired with all the unresponsible/crashing apps on Galaxy Store. I decided to try myself at C#/.Net to write my own Google Assistant companion for Galaxy Watch. I hate Bixby as much most of the community.

    So here is my approach to the Google Assistant companion app for Tizen Watches.

    Preview demonstration videos






    Already implemented features
    • Written with cutting edge libraries
    • Real time data streaming to/from GA
    • Push to talk
    • Real time recognized text display
    • Responses text display
    • Start recording after launch
    • Responses as fast as possible

    Planned features:
    • Rework html responses so they display properly on watch screen


    0.9.3 - 2019-07-12
    - reworked file picker (compatibility with Android Q)
    0.9.2 - 2019-07-11
    - added vibrate on listen option
    - stability fixes
    0.7.0 - 2019-06-20
    - added html responses
    - cleanup / reduce weight of phone apk
    0.6.1 - 2019.06.06
    - changed font size, text alligning adjustment
    - added option to display raw text recognition result ([B]default ON[/B])
    - stability fixes
    - apk is now service
    0.5.4 - 2019.06.02
    - new icon / logo (Credit: @aefelix)
    - audio recording / playing adjustment
    - stability fixes
    - phone app improvements / cleanup
    0.5.0 -  2019.05.31
    - watch makes requests using Protobuf now (Google native)
    0.4.5 - 2019.05.30
    - adjusted debounce and throttling times
    - introduction to constructing Assistant Requests on watch side
    0.4.4 - 2019.05.30
    - fixes from 0.4.3
    - improved stability
    [STRIKE][B]Update 0.4.3[/B]
    - using .net reactive framework to handle the problematic cases
    - added debounce for button
    - added throttling to sensitive method calls
    - bugfixes[/STRIKE]
    Too unstable, use older version.
    0.4.0 - 2019.05.28
    -UI draft retouch
    -lots of core changes / cleanup
    -cosmetic changes
    0.3.1 - 2019.05.25
    -support volume control
    0.3.0 - 2019.05.24
    -now using protobuf to talk with phone
    -getting mp3's as audio response
    -moved most of the response handling logic to watch
    -added scroller
    0.1.1 - 2019.05.17
    -improved auto reconnect / launch android app stability
    0.1.0 - 2019.05.11
    - code cleanup
    - support for external credentials.json file for testers
    - improved stability
    - auto launch AndroidApp
    - auto reconnect
    0.0.2 - 2019.05.07
    - real time voice recognition text display
    - assistant response display
    - ability to stop assistant talk with press "Listen" again
    - completely reworked internal logic(once again, I hope last time )
    - use of new libraries
    - changed buffering methods
    - changed multithreading libraries
    Initial post: 05.05.2019

    Watch app:

    Phone app:
    Available on Play Store, the app page will open automatically on Phone after you run the watch app.

    Installation instructions
    First generate the secrets.json file using tutorial below:
    Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfunEUzzFVU&feature=youtu.be
    Put it in a folder on your phone. Folder name does not matter. You need to browse to it later when setting up phone app.

    Install GAssist.Net app from Galaxy Store. Open Galaxy store and search for Gassist under the apps tab.
    Or, got to this link on your phone. https://galaxystore.samsung.com/geardetail/com.cybernetic87.GAssist.Tizen.Wearable

    After watch app is installed. Open it. Give it permissions. Watch will say "Companion app is not installed. Check your phone".
    The phone will light up and the Google Play Store will open to the Gassist companion app install page. Click install. Click open. Give it permissions and follow the authentication instructions.

    Q: Will this application be available on other watches than Galaxy Watch?
    A: Yes, this application should work on any Samsung watch with Tizen 4.0+ and microphone/speaker.

    Q: Will this be a paid app?
    A: Yes, but the price shouldn't be more than 2USD. I will consider making it 2 variants Free and Premium.
    The app will be free.

    Q:Will non speaker watches be supported ?
    A: Yes, when I develop the text output.

    Q:Can this app do xxxx?
    A: The app can talk to Google Assistant SDK Service. I'm not answering for any Google Assistant SDK / Service features related questions. This doesn't depend on me, my app is only a bridge to Google Service. Please ask Google what the Assistant Service is capable of, and why not all features are available. Send query to their support, post on their forums etc.

    How to get the logs

    You have to have Tizen studio installed. Watch has to be in debug mode.
    Immediately after crash / bug connect watch via wifi.
    Open Tizen SDK Device Manager.
    Wait a while until it reads the logs.
    Export logs:

    Zip them and attach to post reporting bug.

    Beta invites are still closed while Samslow, cough, I mean Samsung, is validating the app.
    Wed AM in S Korea. :rolleyes:

    Happy to inform that the App passed verification and is already available in regular Samsung Store.
    S3 Compatible Version already submitted to Samsung and will be available on the public Galaxy store SOON!!

    App is 100% written by @Cybernetic87

    I am not the author. I am his agent.
    S3 User here... WOW!! If you have an s3 you have have this app. AMAZING JOB OP! THANKS AGAIN!!!

    As I promised ;) It is now available for Gear S3.

    Guys have look at the new update and new Bixby look:

    See that spinning circle? Is that a coincidence?
    Two days full of work and I'm happy to inform that we're on version 0.0.2.

    New demo vid: https://youtu.be/qtfn6-p5CQA
    (edited video link cause of hotfix, now real time text displays correctly)

    New features:
    -real time voice recognition text display
    -assistant response display
    -ability to stop assistant talk with press "Listen" again

    Technical changes:
    -completely reworked internal logic(once again, I hope last time :))
    -use of new libraries
    -changed buffering methods
    -changed multithreading libraries

    As for the question: this app will never be standalone on watch.
    gRPC is the library used to talk with assistant webservice and this library is not available on Tizen, end of topic.
    I won't write my own interface to talk with Google API.