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Feb 10, 2022
I suppose you will not get any request. You can set MtcDialer as dialer app using Google Now settings. Below you can find screenshots how to do it.
Hi, I want to use MtcDialer with google assistant, but I can't find the way to set this app as default dialer on it. Can you tell me how to set it on google's setting?


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Oct 27, 2010
google app version it asks me to select mtcdialer manually each time

while version is not installed: "application not installed"

the base version pre-installed with no updates is

suggestions on which other version to try to install?



Dec 24, 2020
google app version it asks me to select mtcdialer manually each time

while version is not installed: "application not installed"

the base version pre-installed with no updates is

suggestions on which other version to try to install?

i told you which one works, scroll up and download the version i have. im sure there is others but this works so im not changing it


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Oct 27, 2010
Hi, no idea i just grabbed a random one after having no luck and it works flawlessly. Version i'm using is
i wasn't brave enough to try others since this one was the first one i got to work after being frustrated for weeks trying to figure out why it wouldnt work.
@Pacmanpc Google app asks me to select mtcdialer manually each time, not the same one you are using?


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Oct 27, 2010
when you first install it and try to make a call you will get a pop up to use mtc dialer or the default dialer just once or always, select mtc dialer and press always and thats it
yes, I don't know why but even if I choose mtcdialer and always put me when I want to call, the choice between phone management and mtcdialer always comes up, which gives me default


Apr 20, 2022
Hi everyone, I have a
DKS9880-1 PX 5 PX3 with andoid 11 on which to activate voice assistant. is there a working version of MtcDialer that works?
Because the ones I've tried so far don't work.
Thank you


Dec 24, 2020
Thanks for the reply.
But I don't understand.
If the problem was the version of google app why mtcDialer tells me: "No Bluetooth found" and closes?
unsure why it is saying bluetooth not found, maybe your bluetooth module isnt supported in android 11?

Go back and read my previous posts about getting MctDialer to work, the newer versions of the google app itself which has nothing to do with MtcDialer dont work hence you cant use MtcDialer.

You need an older version installed for it to work. i had to uninstall the version of the google app installed on my head unit and find an old version in order to get MtcDialer to work.

I have previously listed the version im using but there maybe newer ones. I just didnt want to waste more time going through them all so stuck with the first version that worked.


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Dec 30, 2008
Hi, I bought a Dasaita PX6 with Android 11. Is it possible to install MTCDialer or a similar app to be able to make calls with the Google assistant? Thank you


Oct 11, 2020
Mtcdialer has not been working for several weeks. Is there a new version of mtcdialer? how to make voice call work ?
for dasaita px6 max10 1024/600

solution :
reinstall google factory version
android system view: factory version
block google play auto update
install: mtc dialer 1.2.3
install google
install google assistant
start a call choose mtcdialer
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    I am working to make our devices as much "hands-free" as possible (I do not like to be distracted while driving :)). I want to introduce new app from hands-free set that I am currently developing.


    23.06.2017: Version 1.2.2 has been released.
    21.06.2017: Version 1.2.1 has been released.
    21.06.2017: Version 1.2 has been released. Thanks to @scorillo_ro.
    19.06.2017: Version 1.1 has been released
    19.02.2017: Version 1.0 has been released

    If you enjoyed using of the application, you can support my work and Donate to me :eek:.
    Android9 version

    A few weeks ago I created a pull request for the android 9 changes for MtcDialer on github, but it seems like @f1x is no longer active :(
    I am releasing this version without his approval... The credits still goes to him for this great app. Thank you @f1x


    It is working good on my Android 9 PX6 unit
    I have the contacts in the Bluethooh app inside so that not only the phone number shows me the number but also the contact name.
    OK, let's explain this one more time, hopefully for the last time, how these units works.

    The headunits have a bluetooth module connected to the MCU board (it is not integrated to the Android SOM).
    The module have its microphone connected to the MCU microphone, its audio out connected to the MCU audio mixer and it is connected to the Android SOM via the USB hub also on the MCU board. Android OS controls the BT module via AT commands.

    So this BT module is not used as the one in your phone, it has only a limited functionality. It is mainly used as a handsfree headset (can also interact with some ODB adapters).

    To be able to use this BT module for receiving and placing calls, the chinese developers created some special services and applications. The main user interface (app) is that Bluetooth app. So in the stock ROM Android OS does not know it can place and receive calls, because the unit does not have a GSM module with SIM card.

    That Bluetooth app is using contacts that are downloaded from your paired phone.
    Standard Android dialers uses contacts from the android/google account set up on the unit (not the one on the paired phone). OK Google / Google Assistant will try to use contacts from this contacts list!

    What MtcDialer does, is to be an adapter for those Bluetooth services mentioned earlier. When the android is trying to place a phone call, MtcDialer will use that chinese proprietary apps/services to place the call via your paired phone. That is why you will see the same user interface for the outgoing call, because it is using that Bluetooth app. The app will dial the number (digits) received from MtcDialer, but will display the corresponding Contact Name downloaded from the phone (not from android contacts).

    So if you use the Google Assistant and ask to place a call to a contact, it will search that contact in Android Contacts, will take the phone number (digits) from there, will use MtcDialer to place the call, MtcDialer it will use the Bluetooth app to actually place the call, so the name displayed when the call is in progress it is the name downloaded from the paired phone.

    If you use the same Google Account on the car unit and on the paired phone, you may not spot a difference. But, as I do, use different Google Accounts, you will see the difference.

    Because the android on these units was designed to only work as a Bluetooth Headset, the stock ROM does not even have the Google Contacts Sync adapter and a Contacts app installed.

    I hope everyone understands how things are working and see less complains about Google Assistant not finding the contact.

    Just a hope :)

    I'm searching for this version but i can't find it on the forum, i only find ROMS… Do you know where i can find it please ?

    Thanks you

    Consider using his entire ROM. It has many cool features.
    Also consider donating to him for his hard work! https://forum.xda-developers.com/donatetome.php?u=5092263
    MTCDialer Installationguide for Newbees, Beginners, Dummies....

    Hi to all,
    I write this, because of my own expirience. There is a misunderstanding, how to install.
    How to install it the right way you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8JbDGoSvjA
    Unfortuanally it`s german, but watch it exactly and you are able to use the dialer.
    Other way is to read my guide:

    ---NO ROOT NEEDED!!!!
    ---MCTDialer 1.2.2 works with usual px3 and px5 HU ( xtron, erisin, witson, and so on) and Android 6 or higher.
    ---Google assistant ("OK Google") has been installed CORRECTLY. Best way including it is working offline too.
    ---Download the MTCDialer apk to your HU, refer Post #1 or use the links coming with the linked clip above.
    ---when you have google assistant on your phone too: make sure it is not able to react parallel.
    (Normally if your phone is turned on but not activated (screen is dark), otherwise disable activation by saying "OK
    Google" or your voice) at first.
    ---when you use a contact app on your HU then disable it... There is no need for, when you initiate mtcdialer the way described below. (You can delete it after succeed testing the installation guide)

    Installation (true step by step):
    --- connect your phone with your HU via bluetooth.
    ---make sure the embaded HU BT is really paired with your phone.
    ---install the MTCDialer apk. (after direct download you will find it in the internal storage/download folder) on the int. storage
    When installation is ready don't open the mtcdialer, just click finish. (click even means push on it with your finger)
    ---Open the Google BrowserApp himself (do not open the google assistent or Chrome or Firefox or something else)
    ---use the searchbar and WRITE: call 03000 ( you can use your natural language, if you install it with google assistant) and press enter or go or ready
    ---click on the first blue colored phone icon (under the searchbar)
    ---Now there are presented some icons. You choose the mtcdialer by click it (remember: with your finger)
    ---At next click on the second phone icon* to start the call *( mostly a blue circle with a white phone)
    ---When the phone bar appears click on the red button. mtcdialer now is stored as default using app. (IMPORTANT)
    ---Say "OK Google call mom in law" (When you saved her as dragon then say "OK Google call dragon", cos google don't know about the nickname you gave. When you stored dragon with more than one number, the assistant will request which one is to use)
    ---It should function now. So be happy and face your next problem, e.g. with the dragon sitting beside you during this procedure

    I hope this guide helps you. I read it to my rave and he was succesfull using it.
    So I'm sure you will succeed too.