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[Release] RT Jailbreak Tool

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Apr 11, 2013
Do you guys still believe in 8.1 jailbreak on anytime soon? I have stopped a while ago. Myriachan doesn't show us anything beside she's idea, and it seems that nobody else is think of working on that. Two weeks ago I have decided to upgrade to 8.1 and that was good move. Benefits from jailbreaked device is anyway not so big because lot's of program doesn't work anyway. But today I have decided to sold my Surface and give a chance to Asus T100. Surface is great device and I love it, I love it's design, touch cover, magnesium connectors (for keyboard and charger) but for today Windows RT without desktop apps and x86 compatibility is worth almost nothing. If Surface had x86 atom processor (baytrail would be nice) then it would be best tablet on the market ever. And I hope for that and will be waiting. Cheers and good luck with the jailbreak.

I got jailbroken 8.0 and untouched 8.1 in a dual boot configuration. If the value of jailbreak is not enough for you, then don't think that others' value is the same. For me its a HUDGE Advantage in 8.0 JB and I used everyday for a lot of different purposes. And I'm very thankful for that.
8.1 is pretty to Play around with and enjoy some new apps, but it cannot reach the functionality of the 8.0JB, which substitudes my Laptop in every way, except for playing x86-multiplayer games. If I understood you correctly, I think your post got a lack of respect. If not, then ignore my last sentence. ;)
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Jul 19, 2005
Blade, I think you do not understood me because I have a lot of respect for this forum and all of xda-developers members. As you can see Im here not from yesterday but for very long time, when almost nobody knows what smartphone is (there was a Pocket PC branding then yet). My point was of course only my opinion. I agree that 8.0 jailbreak is a huge advantage but it's still not final x86 emulation (even after about 12 months after release) and because of that there is a lot of programs that doesn't work. Even such basic as Total Commander which I use daily on my laptop and can't live without it. I know there is a port of Far Commander (? not sure the name) but it looks like 20 years old Norton Commander and I can't use it, really. Most of the working programs was not useful for me, also these which was compiled for arm. Once again I have a lot of respect and Im thankful to mamaich, netham45 and all other developers but I have decided to not staying with Surface RT anytime more and will wait for Surface with atom processor :) And in the mean time I have just bought Asus T100 which suites me best for now, even without superb microsoft touch cover :)


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Apr 11, 2013
Ahhh ok, sorry for missunderstanding you. Last time i used Norton Commander, it was on Novel Dos 7 with a 486 DX-40, where all others used MS Dos xD
I must admit, that I would be more happy with a Surface pro and a real Windows 8 / 8.1 to completely substitude my Laptop, but the RT was a gift of a friend and i appreciate it. And with the amazing work here in this Forum RT is actually become very usefull for me :)


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Jan 20, 2011
For what it's worth, @Topogigi, I have suggested that one of the working jailbreak hacks which exists right now might be worth releasing, for reasons much like you say. However, it is not my work and it would not be ethical of me to release it against the author's desire. Besides, I can see the validity of the author's arguments as well. My point of view probably differs from that of many people, because I stuck to 8.0 and therefore can use the existing hack without feeling the urgency to release a new one, but trust me when I say that there are also valid arguments against releasing it at this time. I am concerned about the loss of usefulness of peoples' tablets, and about the decline in the population of people working to make RT more useful, but you are still asking more than you know. This is not like the original jailbreak, where people took an awkward and unstable hack and made it user-friendly and reliable. The risk of self-harm is actually relatively mild; I personally would be more concerned about risk to the entire Windows ecosystem if this were released prematurely. The version being developed for release isn't even based on that hack; it's too risky.
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Jan 31, 2012
Hey guys, i'm new here
I just buoght now surface rt windows 8.1
I have one question, is this ver can work also on rt windows 8.1. Or only work on rt windows 8?
Thanks alot.

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Nov 10, 2012
hi guys, after some autoupdate i got the error of missing msvcp110.dll, how can i solve it?

---------- Post added at 08:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:58 PM ----------

now i try to put the dll in system32 and i got error 0xc0000007b


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Jan 20, 2011
That error usually means either the file is corrupt or is the wrong architecture. Did you use an x86/x64 version of msvcp110 instead of an arm version?

You may just want to re-download and re-install the JB. I've also attached a copy of msvcp110.dll from my Surface RT.


  • msvcp110.zip
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Oct 7, 2008
I I have Lenovo Yoga 11 with preinstalled Windows 8.1 RT.
Can I delete 8.1 update or install clean Windows 8 RT to jailbreak my laptop/tablet?

We still not have a solution for 8.1RT?


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Oct 7, 2008
I found only 8.1RT recovery.
Do anybody have a download link of win 8.0RT recovery?

Maybe you can make a image from your system and upload it.


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Oct 7, 2008
Yes, but New model come with preinstalled 8.1.
So I need someone Who wanna share a recovery partition

EDIT: I found it. Now I have recovery image for 8.0RT and 8.1RT.
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Nov 10, 2012
That error usually means either the file is corrupt or is the wrong architecture. Did you use an x86/x64 version of msvcp110 instead of an arm version?

You may just want to re-download and re-install the JB. I've also attached a copy of msvcp110.dll from my Surface RT.

nothing :( i try to reinstall the jailbreak and change the dll but i got the same error..
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    RT Jailbreak Tool
    By Netham45, Version 1.20

    An all-in-one program to jailbreak Windows RT tablets using the method recently released by clrokr​

    Boot your RT device and log in, allow it to sit on the desktop for about a minute.
    Extract all files out of the latest version of the .ZIP attached to this post. To do this on Windows RT, right-click on the .zip, choose 'Extract all', and select the destination folder.
    Run runExploit.bat. It'll prompt you to either install the jailbreak to run on login, uninstall it not to, or run the jailbreak once.
    Choose an option and follow all subsequent prompts. They're all quite easy and self-explanatory.

    Q) What does this do, in layman's terms?
    A) It allows non-Microsoft ARM-compiled .exes to run on the desktop. That is it.
    Update (03/01/2013): The jailbreak now allows unsigned drivers to load.

    Q) Can I use this to run Photoshop, Steam, AutoCAD, <Insert commercial product here>?
    A) While it is -technically- possible for the companies to port their stuff over to Windows RT using the hack it is extremely unlikely. As a rule of thumb, if it's a commercial piece of software it won't run on the ARM.

    Q) Can I use this to run PuTTY, VNC, X-Chat, <Insert open-source product here>?
    A) Yes! Open-source programs are ones that you, having the source code, can recompile to work on the ARM. If it's not already available (A small but growing number of programs are) it's easy to get started. There are some useful threads in the Windows 8 Development and Hacking board on XDA-Developers.
    Please note that not all programs can reasonably be ported over to ARM, due to either program complexity, overuse of inline assembly, or the current lack of a GNU Compiler

    Q) Can I use this to run any random x86 app I find on the internet?
    A) No. Apps must be recompiled for ARM. Stop asking why Chrome doesn't run.

    Q) Can I use this to hack my Android tablet?
    A) Not really. Most Android hacks require custom kernel-mode drivers (APX, Odin, ADB all require drivers that are unavailable), and this hack only allows us to run unsigned User-mode code.
    If you don't know the difference between User-mode and Kernel-mode, I'm sure Wikipedia has a good article on the subject.

    Q) Will Chrome/Firefox be ported over?
    A) I don't see any major technical hurdles for those, but I probably won't be the one to do it.

    Q) Are there any precompiled apps for this available?
    A) Check out THIS THREAD for a list of all currently known compiled apps.

    Q) I ran the jailbreak, now where can I download pirated apps from?
    A) Nowhere. This jailbreak does not allow for pirated apps, and it is a long ways off from actually supporting pirated apps. If you manage to get pirated apps to run on Windows RT you will be doing the entire community a large disservice, along with ruining what credibility this hack may have in Microsoft's eyes.

    Q) I don't know how to recompile code, can I get someone else to do it?
    A) If it's a simple project you can likely find someone who will be more than happy to recompile it for you. If it's a large project with numerous dependencies, or a commercial project, I will be willing to take a look at it and quote a price to do it. (On that note, please realize that I am not affiliated with XDA-Developers at all.)

    Q) I keep BSoD'ing! What's up?
    A) I haven't managed to track down the cause of the BSoDs, except that they seem to happen when the exploit is ran within the first minute or so of the tablet booting and logging in. If you're getting BSoDs, boot your tablet to the desktop and wait 2 or 3 minutes before trying the exploit. Also, make sure that you're up to date with Windows Updates, as of 2/26/2013.

    Q) I ran the .bat and it told me it couldn't find it's bin folder. What's wrong?
    A) Extract the ZIP in entirety. Don't just open the ZIP and double-click on the runExploit.bat.

    Q) It's not working! What do?
    A) Post in this thread describing what you're doing and the issue you're having, do not PM me, even if you don't have the number of posts to post in the developer sections. I'll consider it spam and disregard it. Don't message me on Twitter either, the only place that I will provide support for this tool is in this thread.

    Q) Is this persistent across reboots?
    A) No, it resets every time the device reboots.

    Q) Is this a tethered exploit?
    A) No. Tethering is connecting the device to a computer, or other device to jailbreak it. This is done entirely on the device. It just has to be redone at reboot.

    Q) Will this work with all the latest updates, as of 02/26/2013?
    A) There was an updated .zip posted for the latest update (Patch Tuesday, Feburary 2013.) It should work.

    Q) How do I compile apps for the Surface RT? It says I'm missing a bunch of .libs!
    A) Visual Studio 2012 does not come with all the required ARM .libs for compiling most desktop apps. Please see THIS post by _peterdn for a useful utility for generating .libs and .exps from the .dlls on the tablet.

    Q) Why would you want desktop apps? They suck for touch.
    A) Mainly for the library of easily ported software, along with the things that metro apps just can't do. I agree, they're more inconvenient to use with touch, but that's the tradeoff for having a huge library of software. You also don't have to use desktop mode, the tablet still is quite good without it (Except the mail client). I also believe that since it's my device I should be able to do whatever I want with it, regardless of what MS says. Traditionally MS has leaned the same way with Windows, which makes it rather disappointing they chose to lock this platform down.

    Q) Will this void my warranty?
    A) Since it doesn't persist across reboots chances are the support center will never know, though it may be against the terms of your devices warranty.

    Q) Is there any warranty for this program?
    A) No express or implied warranty exists.

    Q) Your hack caused the paint to chip off my tablet, the felt to peel off my type keyboard, the kickstand to fall off, and my tablet to display nothing but satanic messages while it's on! I want you to buy me a new one!
    A) No it didn't, and see my warranty policy.

    Q) Can Microsoft patch this?
    A) Yes and no. They can patch it through Windows Update, but since we have the ability to reinstall from recovery partitions we can revert any Windows Updates they release.

    Q) Will this allow people to run viruses on my tablet?
    A) Yes and no, if something malicious is compiled and ran while jailbroken it could act like a virus, yes. Once you reset, though, it'll be gone.

    Q) I came across a malicious RT application! Who do I tell?
    A) If it's a jailbroken application then the most you can do is make a post informing about it. That's one downside to having unsigned code, there's no one regulating body who can decide what is and isn't available, and manage safety. If it's a store application then I suggest you contact Microsoft. If it's a Modern UI app that requires the jailbreak to run you still may have luck contacting Microsoft, as they can blacklist the developer's certificate.

    Q) Can any random Store app do this?
    A) No, this requires tools and privileges that Windows Store apps can't possess. The appcontainer model that MS uses is very strict and good at preventing things like this from happening. There's a number of things that flat-out aren't possible to do from a Store app that this uses, not to mention that it would get rejected by MS.

    Q) Will I (The user) get my developer license banned?
    A) It's possible, though I doubt that MS will do that.
    Update: With the new payload (as of 1/18/2013) users no longer need to get their own developer certificate.

    Q) Won't you (Netham45) get your developer license banned?
    A) Time will tell, I knew the risk when I posted this. I suspect that their banning system is more geared towards piracy, though, which this doesn't really enable.
    Update: With the new payload (as of 1/18/2013) my developer certificate is no longer required.

    Q) I've got this great feature/idea for the jailbreak! Where can I tell you at?
    A) Post it in this thread. Note that the area where we can script and such before the exploit is limited and restricted to pretty much batch scripts, and that I am under no obligation to implement a feature if you suggest it. And, seriously, do not PM me about it. If you don't have the prerequisite number of posts to post in the developer section then go get them.

    Q) Can I throw money at you for writing the tool to automate this?
    A) There's a donate link on the side of this post. (I'd love to get a Surface Pro. :D)

    Q) Can I throw money at clrokr for documenting the exploit?
    A) You'll have to talk to him about that.Here's his profile.

    FAQ last updated 2/26/2013 10:17 PM MST

    Thanks to clrokr for documenting the usage of the exploit, and to the numerous people who contributed positively in the [Q] Hacking Windows RT to Run Desktop Apps thread

    Download is attached to this post.

    Update log
    Update 1.01(1/10/2013): Uncommented pause in the PS script to install the ModernUI app -- It was causing it not to prompt to install a developer license/my cert for some reason.
    Update 1.02(1/10/2013): Fixed issue on non-English devices.
    Update 1.03(1/11/2013): Fixed issue with usernames with spaces in them, fixed issue where the user running the jailbreak isn't the first user logged in
    Update 1.1(1/18/2013): Redid functionality; it now gets the kernel base inside the payload, instead of requiring a Metro application. Added a startup folder that gets ran after jailbreak. Cleaned up output. Click for more info
    Update 1.11(1/18/2013): Added commandline options, added a simple interface to handle creating scheduled tasks to run, added a powershell script to keep it from running if the system hasn't been up for two minutes, added missing startup folder, added sanity check so it doesn't freak out if the startup folder isn't there
    Update 1.12(2/12/2013): Fixed the scheduled task to not require AC power to run, tweaked script to not crash on latest patches, Fixed startup folder not getting executed properly
    Update 1.12a(2/12/2013): Fixed it to actually work on the latest updates. Oops.
    Update 1.13(2/14/2013): Added the ability to dynamically get the signing level. It now requires internet on the first launch, and after an update changes ntoskrnl.exe. This version is slightly experimental, so if it doesn't work use one of the older versions.
    Update 1.13a(2/15/2013): Tweaked the script to return from the hook in a way that seems more robust. If 1.12a or 1.13 work for you there's no need for an update.
    Update 1.20(3/01/2013): Made the bat use registry keys instead of files in system32, added registry-based startup folder, altered payload to support unlocking kernel-mode code

    Older versions may be downloaded here

    (Note: If you wish to mirror this post please retain a link to it at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2092158 so users can always get the latest version.)
    does it need the sdk/wdk secure boot policy
    maybe a way to turn the debugger into a protected process so it can access another protected process (csrss)

    Personally I hope it isnt too easy to set up, as then only those who really need it and know how to do it (and the consequences) will use it, and there will be less chance of MS closing it off further

    My in-progress 8.1 jailbreak hack doesn't require the Windows Kits Policy to be installed, no. It bootstraps execution of unsigned native code using an exploit in PowerShell, then loads a kernel driver using a flaw in the code signing system.

    The PowerShell exploit is, in effect, a sandbox escape. It does not require Administrator privilege, but all you get is native code execution at the same privilege as your user account.

    The kernel driver loading bug requires Administrator privilege; it is not bypassing the requirement of your account needing Administrator privilege to ask the Service Control Manager to load a driver on your behalf. In Raymond Chen terms, it's "already on the other side of the airtight hatchway".

    The hack is designed to be automatically started and permanent; once installed, it'll load at each boot, until you uninstall it. It won't load if Safe Mode is enabled, to aid with troubleshooting. When it loads, it will write to the Security audit log to indicate that it has jailbroken the system. Also, I plan on enabling the desktop watermark as if a prerelease build and changing the text to "Jailbroken" or similar.

    I'm locking this due to this no longer being maintained. When the 8.1 jailbreak is released there will be a new thread created.

    Edit: Seriously, guys, it's super not cool to PM me about this after not reading the FAQ at all. Also, whoever is following me around on other sites and messaging me about this, please stop. If I don't answer your 'WAAH CHROME DUN WORK' PMs on here I'm surely not answering them on Youtube.
    The only responses I got to the query "8.1" said it wouldn't work. No mention of possible updates so it would. To repeat my question: Is such a thing possible?

    We're working on it. =^-^=

    Thank you!!

    Now that I can post in the development section I wanted to post a huge thank you to everyone that has worked to make the RT "jailbreak" possible. I have followed it since its inception in the original thread, but until recently didn't have an xda account. All the work in developing the script as well as all those who have recompiled apps have made my Surface RT so much more than its original limited state, and I am in your debt. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have bought it were it not for this community working to make the desktop side of Windows on ARM truly useful.