[RELEASED] K's WM6.0 FINAL Lite/Full [Auto Cab Installation-BigSto-Black-WWE-Touch]

Should I replace the 3G Kaiser dialer with a 2G kaiser dialer?

  • Yes, for the sake of a more perfect, less buggy, dialer...albeit the bug is mainly cosmetics

    Votes: 228 50.8%
  • No, I'd live with the status icon bug

    Votes: 221 49.2%

  • Total voters
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Nov 4, 2007

PCM Keyboard Skins (Optional)



  • K's WM6.0 Final
  • K's WM6.0Lite Final
  • [NEW FEATURE] Automatic cab installation – Storage Card Required
  • [NEW FEATURE] Quick Access to advance settings from PHM Registry
  • BigStorage SuperCID + Splash + Extended Rom
  • No SPL, No Radio, No Startup Animation, No Startup Sound
  • Built on WM6 5.2.1933 build 18533.0.7.0
  • .Net Compact Framework 3.5
  • Video Call, Smart Dialing available
  • Quick Setup on hard reset [Skips Windows Welcome]
  • No Java Included
  • FULL Rom Only
  • [EXT ROM] – Apps cooked into Extended Rom and can be deleted manually
  • [CAB] – Apps installed as cab from Extended Rom and can be uninstalled
  • BT Explorer 1.2.30736.1 [FTP via BT]
  • Flashlight [Turns on Camera Flash Light] [EXT ROM]
  • VoiceRecorder 1.10.712711.2 [EXT ROM]
  • WM5torage 1.80 [Enables MicroSD to work as mass storage] [EXT ROM]
  • PIMBackup 2.7 [EXT ROM]
  • SuperBright [EXT ROM]
System Tools:
  • Sim Manager
  • Comm Manager
  • Internet Sharing
  • Advanced Config 2.0 [EXT ROM]
  • PHM Soft-Reset [NEW ICON] [EXT ROM]
  • PHM Registry 0.70 [EXT ROM]
  • WMWifiRouter 0.91 [EXT ROM]
Other Apps:
  • ArcSoft MMS
  • Adobe Flash Lite 2_1 [NEW ICON]
  • Adobe Reader LE [EXT ROM] [NEW ICON]
  • Office Mobile 6.1 + OneNote
  • Camera 4_0_28276_00
  • SIM Manager 6.33
  • SIM Tool Kit 4.40
  • SMS Service
  • Spb Calculator
  • Windows Media Player
  • HTC SymbolPad
  • HTC Network Folder Plugin [EXT ROM]
  • HTC Audio Manager 1.2.1017717
  • HTC Album 1.0.1030.720
  • HTC Enlarge Start Menu
  • HTCHome 2.1.1005.722
  • HTC Random Access_4_0_8310720_0
  • HTC Task Manager/"X" button [CAB]
  • HTC Streaming Media 3.0.17201121.00 [EXT ROM] [NEW ICON]
  • Pocket RAR 3.71 [EXT ROM]
  • StartClean [EXT ROM]
  • Task Switch [Button 5/PTT Button] [EXT ROM]
  • HSDPA Switch [Toggles HSDPA mode in connection settings] [EXT ROM]
  • 802.11g support [Fixes some router compatibility issues]
  • AT&T 8525 Keyboard Layout [Changeable]
  • Auto Time Zone Synchronization
  • Shows clock on title bar in all windows
  • SDHC support
  • Changed Default live search to Google
  • Disabled Auto Keyboard back light sensor [Re-enable in settings]
  • Disabled all Today Items Except for HTC Home
  • Disabled Startup Animation [Fixes low volume issue]
  • Disabled WM6 Sound
  • Disabled SMS Delivery Option [Re-enable in registry] [Fixes multiple sent SMS issue with certain operator]
  • Disabled System Events Sound [Re-enable in settings] [Speeds up Start Menu]
  • Disabled HSDPA [Re-enable in settings]
  • Disabled IR beam [Re-enable in CommManager]
  • Disabled Error-reporting
  • Disabled In-call feedback sound [Beeping when changing volume, call drop, and etc]
  • Enabled EDGE/HSDPA Icon
  • Enabled DTMF Support
  • Enabled GPRS/3G disconnect and timer
  • Enabled Clear-type in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Enabled Custom Button 5 Mapping [Button 5 - task switch, Button 5 (Push and Hold) - Hotvoice]
  • Enabled Power Management
  • Enabled Single line date plugin [Shows clock, day, and date on one line]
  • Enabled 160 char Text MSG [Default is 60]
  • Enhanced BT A2DP Quality [bitpool 58, sample rate 48000, joint stereo = 1]
  • Fixed SD card power drain issue
  • Fixed Corrupted SD card issue
  • Fixed ATI ImageON issue
  • Fixed Slow PIE scrolling issue
  • Hidden Sim Contacts
  • Removed Tray bar, OEM Calculator, VoIP, Transcriber, PhonePad, Customer Feedback, PTT, ModemLink, Enterprise, WM6 themes, and a bunch of useless craps
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Nov 4, 2007
Using the Auto Installation Feature [optional]
Step 1: Preparing the cabs

- To use the auto installation features, the cabs must be set to "Read Only", must not have any "setup dll", and must have a "hard coded installation path" which means you should not be allowed an option to choose where to install the cabs.

- To set the cabs to a static path, install WinCECab Manager.

- Open a cab with WinCE Cab Manager and click on "CAB Information".

- Double click on "Default Install Dir" then select "Installation Directory" tab and choose "Do not allow user to select installation directory"

- Save the cab then right click on the cab and select "Read Only" and click apply/OK.

- Check if there "Setup dll" is present under Cab Information. If setup dll is present, delete it off.

- Check and prepare all the cabs you want to auto install and place them into the Cabs Folder.

Step 2: Editing the Config.txt file

- You will now need to add the file names into the config.txt file.

- Open up Config.txt in "Cabs" folder with Notepad.

- You should see the following content:

CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\Call_Firewall.cab
CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\TCPMP.cab
CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\FlashVideoBundle.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\Threaded_SMS.cab
LOCK: Disabled
RST: Reset
- Ignore the Fist line "LOCK" and the last two lines "LOCK", "RST"
- From here on, it should be pretty straight forward. For every cab you want to install, you will need the line:

 CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\*CAB FILE NAME*
- Simply Add the name of the cabs you prepared earlier into this file and click "save".
- Right click on the config.txt file and select Read Only.


- Finally, HARD RESET the phone by holding down the two soft keys simultaneously, and push the reset button with the stylus

- Auto installation will begin after the Rom completes its configuration

THAT's ALL!! Not too hard is it? :D
Installing Cabs to Storage Card with the Auto Installation Feature
Step 1: Changing the cab's path
Open up the cab you want to install to storage card with WinCE Cab Manager.

- Select Installation Directory and change the path to "Storage Card\"

- All Other Rules from above apply
Accessing Advanced Settings from PHM Registry


STEP 1: Launch PHM Registry
- Launch PHM Registry

- Click on the "Favorites icon" indicated in the picture.

STEP 2: Change the settings

- You will be presented a list of registry settings short cut. Click on anyone of them will bring you to the registry settings where you need to change.

- Registry Settings Guide
Known Issues
- Dialer status icons are misplaced
- Action Screen does not work in landscape mode
Q: What is the difference between this Rom and the Flexi Rom?
The Flexi Rom has better customize-ability in the sense that almost every app installed in the rom can be uninstalled from windows. However, there is a speed penalty for the extra flexibility. OTOH, this version of the Rom is the original K's Rom, with enhanced speed and stability. However, most of the apps are cooked-in and cannot be uninstalled from windows like the Flexi Rom.

Q: Hardware keyboard symbols are incorrectly mapped....

A: Default Layout is AT&T 8525's layout. You can change the layout with PHM Registry. Select the Keyboard layout shortcut and change the settings to:

The following values are in "HEXADECIMAL"
Spanish Hermes


German Hermes

8525/Chinese (default)

TyTn/English (British)
Q: How quickly does the phone ring?
A: Awake state: by the end of 1st ring; Sleep state: At the begining of 2nd ring

Q: I can't save pocket outlook attachments to storage card.
A: Make sure Extended Rom is hidden.

Q: How do I close apps? clicking on "X" only minimizes the apps (LITE ONLY)
A: Press and hold "X" until app closes in Full version. For Lite version, install a task manager. (Recommendation: HTC Task Manager + Task switch combo (included in Full) | WkTask)

Q: How do I get WM5torage to work? I activated the app but nothing happens
A: After activating WM5torage, click on menu -> troubleshooting -> disable both options.

Q: The Rom doesn't look anything like the picture.
A: Chances are you downloaded the Lite Version. Full version is shown in the picture.

Q: After installing HTC Action Screen in the LITE rom, the soft keys still show Contacts/Calendar
A: Change the following registry settings with PHM Registry:

(113 = Right soft key, 112= Left soft key)

Q: I am using a different theme in this rom, how can I change Random Access bar color?

A: Copy RS_Bar.png & RS_Ind.png from Windows dir, change the color, and toss them back into Windows

Q: How can I enable startup animation and sound? (NOT Recommended)
A: It is not recommended to enable startup animation and sound as it cripples the phone volume.

Add the following registry keys
  "WAVFile"="\SOURCE DIRECTORY\Startup_sounds.wav"
Source directory = Wherever your files are i.e. Windows, Extended_ROM, an etc

Q: After changing to other themes and going back to K's theme, the theme is no longer black but gray
A: Using PHM Registry, select favorites -> BaseHue, then put in the following value:


Q: How to View/Store Pictures in Storage Card
A: By default, HTC album searches pictures in My Pictures and DCIM folder.

- Create "My Documents" folder in storage card
- Create "My Pictures" and "My Videos" folders in My Documents
- In the camera, select storage card for default storage location

Pictures taken will be saved in storage card.

Q: How do I get HTC Album to show all pictures

A: Rename My Pictures Folder to something else and HTC Album will show all pictures.

Q: I cannot get HTC Album to save in Storage Card
A: Make sure Network Folder Plugin is disabled (settings -> connections)

Q: There's no Events sound...and some Apps notification sound is disabled...
A: Events Sound disabled, re enable in settings -> Sound & Notifications -> Events

Q: WMP freezes when updating library!
A: If you are addings songs from storage card, select "show all files" and delete METADATA folder. Library should update without any problems now.

Q: The Rom drains battery quickly!
A: Let the battery fully drain out, then do a full recharge.

Q: The Final version is released....you're done?
A: Still far from "done". Will be working on WM6.1 and a completely different theme for future Roms.


  • SoftKeyAppletEx.zip
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Nov 4, 2007
By downloading and flashing this rom, you agree that you will take full responsible in whatever that may happen to your phone. Please make sure you have HardSPL v7 before you flash the rom!
Download Links:
Please make sure you have read - Change Log, FAQ, and known issues before downloading and flashing the Rom.
What's New?
- Updated HTC Random Access
- Updated HTC Streaming Media
- Updated HTC Audio Manager
- Updated HTC Album
- Updated Network Folder Plugin
- Updated Connection Setup
- Updated WMWifiRouter
- Updated K's Theme [Improved visibility]
- Added Advanced Config V2.0
- Added Enlarge Start Menu
- Camera Button launches Camera immediately instead of HTC Album
- HTC Album launches in landscape mode by default [to avoid slideshow menu bug. Can be Patched to launch in portrait mode, check path file in "Other Files"]
- Enabled PIE 5 way Nav
- Enabled Syncing Animation
- Fixed Keyboard Driver - Hotvoice works on Button 5 Push and Hold, and Keyboard no longer locked to numbers during call!
- Fixed Various Drivers including BT Issues
- Fixed and Updated PHM Registry Favorites
- Optimized Some EXEs
- Reverted WMP to start in Library
- Removed PTT Fix [No Longer Needed]
Free Storage:
58mb +/-
Free Ram: 26mb +/-
[Rom + Auto installation Starter Pack + PagePool Changer + WinCECabManager Trial]
(System events sound disabled, you will NOT hear a "ding" sound from your phone on windows welcome screen after flashing! keep an eye on your screen after flashing)

Link 1 - 4mbpp - RapidShare
Link 2 - 4mbpp - MegaUpload
Link 3 - 4mbpp - SendSpace
Link 4 - 4mbpp - Zshare
K's WM6.0 Lite FINAL
Free Storage:
67.5mb +/-
Free Ram: 30mb +/-
[Rom + Auto installation Starter Pack + PagePool Changer + WinCECabManager Trial]
(System events sound disabled, you will NOT hear a "ding" sound from your phone on windows welcome screen after flashing! keep an eye on your screen after flashing)

Link 1 - 4mbpp - RapidShare
Link 2 - 4mbpp - MegaUpload
Link 3 - 4mbpp - SendSpace
Link 4 - 4mbpp - Zshare

Roaming Icon Patch
(If you are using AT&T and is getting the roaming icon problem, install this patch)

*Note that 6mbpp is HIGHLY Recommended. You can change the Page pool before flashing.
*If you enjoy the Rom, please consider donating as a token of appreciation to my hard work. If you've donated, Thank You.
Other Files
Cube Add-on
K's SCLPF 1-62 (Recommended)
Kona's Ftouchflo + touch config + Cube package
Original Thread
(Read the original thread's FAQ for solution on missing contacts button in HTC Home)

PCM Keyboard
Touch Skins and layouts collection

SIP Changer [Change PCM Keyboard to Default Keyboard]
Original Thread

YouTube Package - TCPMP + Flash Video Bundle [Included in cabs folder]
- Everything you need to start watching youtube and some other FLV sites. Simply browse to the FULL FLV website (NOT mobile version of those web sites) and watch all the videos you want. Clips can also be downloaded to the phone!
***NOTE: Most FLV websites are fully supported, some are not. Do not expect every single FLV site to work.

Other Hardkey Mapper - If you plan to use other hardkey mapper i.e. spb/AE button plus, you may need to remove PTT Fix and do a soft reset before the other app could work.

HTC Equalizer 1.0.2 - Requires headphone to be plugged in before it can work. There is a bug with headphone equalizer whereby the bottom taskbar may disappear, leaving only the keyboard icon intact. It does not affect the functions, but it is annoying. This bug is found on all headphone equalizer I know out there. Hence....it will not be cooked into the rom but available as a stand alone.

illumsoft Screen Capture v1.1 - This is what I used to take the screenshot, the app icon is seen in one of the pictures but it is not cooked in. When the app is running, Button1 (sms hard key) is mapped to take screenshot. You can also set timer and etc. FREEWARE!

Hermes Registry Settings (click me) - Hermes Registry wiki. Re-enable some of the settings I disabled if you want

Jeyo SMS Backup 1.1 - Small app that back up SMS. This is what previously installed in v1.2 but removed in 1.21.

HTC Album Landscape/Portrait Patch - There are 2 cabs in the zip file. You can patch HTC Album to launch in either mode. However, default is landscape mode as slideshow menu gets truncated in portrait mode.
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Aug 30, 2007
I'm going to take this one for a spin tonight, looks about how I like them. Not as lean as I like them, but alot of tweaking I don't have to do.


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Nov 27, 2006
I'm going to take this one for a spin tonight, looks about how I like them. Not as lean as I like them, but alot of tweaking I don't have to do.

Ditto. Only thing I'll miss having is the classic dialer on VP3G's rom. Anyone know what its called? Where the call history is shown right when you go into the dialer?


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Nov 27, 2006
So far so good. Nice and quick. And I got the dialer I wanted, just had to remove the video dialer. Thanks for sharing.


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Sep 4, 2007

seems cool.

have you cooked in the latest .net framework 3.5 or is it still 2.0?

if you would release optionally a cleaner rom (without BT Explorer, Flashlight, VoiceRecorder, WM5torage, SmsBackup, SuperBright, PHM Registry, Internet Sharing, Soft-Reset Shortcut, ArcSoft MMS, AdobePDF, Adobe Reader, FlashLitePlayer, Pocket RAR, StreamingMedia, ...) and provide cabs for those tools then it would be perfect!
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Nov 4, 2007
The rom is built on NetCF 2.0. I have updated the page with microsoft NetCF 3.5 beta 1 link if you wish to download NetCF 3.5. I will cook it in on the next release.

I didn't plan on releasing a lite rom since there were already so many lite roms out there, but removing those apps is easy so I will likely release a lite rom along with an update shortly.

Schen's 3G kaiser dialer is the only dialer that is 100% bug free from all the kaiser dialer that I've tested. If you use the 2G kaiser dialer, or any dialer directly ported from the elf, there is an issue with missing texts when you enter letters and numbers at the same time into the dialer. Again, I didn't want to use anything that is buggy, this rom has been personally tested thoroughly by me to ensure there is virtually no bugs that'd affect daily usage. Also, I wanted to cook in the video dialer because that'd make life easier for the folks with hermes that support video dialing. For us folks in the NA, it really doesn't matter if the dialer is 3G or 2G :p just dont use the video button

Also, I strongly recommend people to change the pagepool to 6mb prior to flashing the rom, it is very easy to do so with the pagepool changer.

Please report any bugs you may have found :D
intriguing, may I ask, what did you use as the base ROM? I've been trying too cook a Kaiser style ROM (with the dialer, com manager, etc. you feature) based on Schaps 4.20 with little succuess, and this ROM seems pretty close (I'm flashing as soon as I can to test it out). Thank you for your work!


Aug 30, 2007
i played with it for a bit last night, and this rom seems to actually be gaining me about 5-10 FPS in Pocket GNUBoy (GBC emulator) coming from shamanix's grass 1.3.

seems pretty snappy in other things, but ill keep using it for a couple days.


Mar 29, 2007
cant download from the links posted, can u post it on rapidshare? my country cant download from megaupload...

many thanks in advance


Mar 29, 2007
aarrrggghhhh..... cant wait to get my hands on this rom .... any other download links guys?