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REMASTERED S DUOS[Previously ExQuiSite]|Samsung Galaxy S Duos

How is the ROM?

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    Votes: 29 19.3%
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rony raj

Senior Member
May 1, 2016
N0WH3R3 1N S9A)E
hello guys, i am in delhi..I am not posting because i don't have the v4 nor my pc with me..I could n't get my pc because its a desktop..So..

ronyraj has tried on his part...but v4 is totally different from that..

wish good luck for v4 :fingers-crossed:
share it soon asap man ;)
we all are waiting for it:cool:
unlock surprise by v4
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rony raj

Senior Member
May 1, 2016
N0WH3R3 1N S9A)E
Must have patience, @Niko Belic 605 said he will make the publication in December, so they must wait 11 months to have version 4.

oh man so long need a long sleep :angel:
v3 releaed of lollipop mod
enjoy till v4 arrives

---------- Post added at 02:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 AM ----------

check not a complete rom there
only a backup that can't port
not based on cm11 based on pac rom
proof reply
by the dev
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As v4 file manager we can use amaze file manager or anexplorer v3.2. In terms of performance, anexplorer seems to be better.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2016
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
As v4 file manager we can use amaze file manager or anexplorer v3.2. In terms of performance, anexplorer seems to be better.

Use this file manager MiXplorer Its the best file manager so far. it works with root, non root time and best manager give a try.

Hit Thanks If Helped.


  • MiXplorer_v6.11.5.BETA_B1702012.apk
    1.6 MB · Views: 28
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Senior Member
Jan 24, 2015
At the end of last year commented that he would publish in December, he does not specify the year, but I do not think it is in 2018 and as he has not yet published it, I hope it will be in December 2017
I think he wanted to publish the ROM till end of December 2016 but he could not do so.He does not want to publish a buggy rom so he is doing his best efforts for better ROM.

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    Previously, known as ExQuiSite.
     * Your warranty is now void.
     *  I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
        thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
        do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
        before flashing it! [U]YOU[/U] are choosing to make these modifications.
     * If [U]You[/U] point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    • This ROM is derived from CyanogenMod and is a Android 4.4.x(kitkat) ROM. It is built to give you the taste of latest versions of Android over Android 4.4.x (kitkat) and to give you the best experience on the old Samsung Galaxy S Duos. It has new features,apps,tweaks and other things to give you the best experience.Also focusing on performance.


    • S7562,S7562L Supported.


    Unavailable right now!​


    Want TWRP
    • Go to DOWNLOAD MODE by holding Volume up+Home+Power Button and leave POWER Button when you see SAMSUNG and Flash CWM via ODIN v3: Open ODIN on PC and Click PHONE select the CWM file, Wait till it finishes it's process.
    • Reboot to CWM RECOVERY by holding Volume up+Volume Down+Home+Power Button and FLASH TWRP 3.0.2 via CWM RECOVERY.

    • Tap Install, Select ROM.
    • Swipe.
    • Check Wipe Data in Aroma.
    • Aroma will lead you to end.
    • Reboot and Enjoy:good:.
    • Go to opengapps.org.
    • Select ARM,4.4,pico or nano.
    • Download.
    • Flash in recovery(By selecting and then swiping) and reboot.
    • After Installing V3, Download V3.1 and Boot to recovery.
    • Tap Install, Select V3.1 .zip package.
    • Swipe.
    • Wait till its done.
    • Reboot.


    • Camera is only 3mp.
    • FM Radio not supported,You can use online radios.

    • Soft Reboots.
    • S7562L bugs.
    • UI bugs.
    • Other Bugs.

    For Changelogs,F.A.Q,Errors & Other, check posts #2,#3,#4
    Please read first FOUR posts before posting anything

    XDA:DevDB Information
    REMASTERED S DUOS, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos

    Niko Belic 605, m4jonez,mois2511,KlinkOnE,kengnatural,etc.
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    ROM Firmware Required: S7562,S7562L
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.1
    Stable Release Date: 2017-07-11

    Created 2016-02-05
    Last Updated 2019-01-31

    Changelog v3.1
    • Almost all UI bugs fixed.
    • Quickboot.
    • New Features.

    Older Builds
    Changelog v3.0
    • Unavailable.
    Changelog v2.0 Beta
    • New Settings, THANKS to @mois2511.
    • New Gallery(Motorola ported,L).
    • G-Apps Partitioned.
    • New look.(MM+L)
    • New boot animation(cm12 modified).
    • More build tweaks(to increase performance).
    • New Dialer and Contacts(L style) thanks to KK app Team, Rate them on Playstore.
    • Bug Fixes
      Facebook video bug improved THANKS @kengnatural.
    • New Icons(L+MM style).
    • One Plus Lockscreen(If you want old lock screen back after update, Check post #3).
    • Many more to be added.
    • New Music(Cm12).
    • New Notes(Material Design).
    • Terminal(also Material style) for log catting.
    • New Clock(MM style).
    • Added initial support for Lollipop Easter egg(now it works without xposed and is resized) Thanks to @Droidbuster.
    • New Cursor.
    • Framework changes.
    • Tinting app(perfect color bar).
    • New Loading circle(L style).
    • New volume and brightness panel.
    • New In-Call UI.
    • Themeing.apk (Advanced) added(cause can't do more decompiling), THANKS to Monster UI.
    • Changed Default Wallpaper.

    Changelog v1.0 Beta
    • Too Much Build.prop Tweaks.
    • Lollipop easteregg+Marshmallow Preview(Eggster).
    • L status bar(Flat Style Colored Bars).
    • L+MM themed apps.
    • MM Boot Animation.
    • MM Launcher.
    • Clash of Clans also Included in this ROM(Works).
    • G-Apps included.
    • App Name Changer(xsuite) included.
    • One Plus One Lockscreen(Update).
    • Zipalign Included.
    • Xposed(Important).
    • Link2sd included.

    • L notification panel.
    Q. How to disable boot animation?
    • Open Root Explorer.
    • Go to /system.
    • Open build.prop in text format, Find this
      # To Disable Boot Animation 0 to 1
    • Change 0 to 1.
    • Save, Reboot and Enjoy.
    Q. How to enable Fast boot?
    • Open Root Explorer.
    • Go to /system.
    • Open build.prop in text format, Find this
      # For Faster boot to change false to true.
    • Change false to true.
    • Save, Reboot and Enjoy.
    Q. I got Failed in recovery?
    Q. I am experiencing RIL(No Network) Problem?
    Q. I am getting ringtone instead of notification tone on messages?
    • Configure it in the messaging app.
    Q. How to get CM-11 Lock back after Flashing Lockscreen Update?

    • Go to Setting/Lockscreen.
    • Uncheck Custom Lockscreen.
    Q. How to Enable Developer options?
    • Go to setting/about device and Tap Build Number several times.
    • Enjoy:good:.
    Q. I am still experiencing Soft Reboots?
    • Enable Developer options.
    • Go to Setting/Performance/Processor.
    • Change Max Frequency to 1008mz(It is over-clocked by default,our device only has 1008mz).
    • Tap CPU Governor and select ondemand.
    • Check/Tick Set on Boot.
    • Enjoy.
    Q. USB OTG not working?
    • You need a special Y-Cable for OTG to work as the device does n't provide the power to the attached external device.(Thanks to @KlinkOnE for the solution).
    Q. Fix for Google Battery Drain
    • Go to Setting/Apps/
    • Find G-Services, tap it and Tick/Check Privacy Guard.
    • After some time G-Services will ask you for Location.
    • Check/Tick Remember Choice.
    • Tap Deny.

    Under Construction!
    All those who helped me for the ROM
    Other Devs
    • @rovo89 for Xposed.
    • @pageto96 for LSpeed.
    • @Blade_44 for QuickBoot.
    • Teslacoil Software for Nova.
    • Google for Google Apps.
    • CM for cm apps.
    • KK App Team for Dialer & Contacts.
    • Oasisfeng for Greenify.
    • Eleven for CM Music app port.
    • Delicious Inc for ChompSMS.
    • @viper520 for Viper4Android.
    • Moblynx for Marshmallow Game.
    • Marginez Software for Snap Camera and Gallery.
    • FMD Devs for guides and apps.
    • Hamster Beat for True Phone(Dialer & Contacts).
    And All those i forgot to MENTION.
    Note: Leave a THANKS to all the Developers somewhere.
    Can't you cooperate ...I was suffering from fever yesterday and could not upload and I will start today again...Time is 8:11pm..V2 will surely launch...I do not have that much fast internet... I get speed of 100kb and sometimes 188kb....?