Remote Access App that auto-runs/installs

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New member
Apr 17, 2019
Dear XDA'ers:

I am looking for an App similar to AndroidLost or to a Remote Desktop, but an App that runs and minimally sets up when it is installed. More that once, I have lost a phone that did not yet have much setup on it yet or has been somewhat tampered with after being lost such that I have a Google account on the phone and I know the password. If I had an App that runs after install and sets up a command pathway/remote access channel, I could then locate and retrieve my phone. As you all know, if you have an account and and a known password on a phone, then I can install Apps from remote. If there is an App like this in the Play Store or elsewhere, that would be great! Anyone know of one or a way to do what I am talking about?

Thanks in advance! Regards, VoIPZapper
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