Remote Device Control - Black Screen in Apps after Update?

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Jun 9, 2010
It would be very helpful and a life-changing safety enhancement for me to be able to remote view + control my son's S10e (he is age 6) when he is not with me, specifically for one app (Omnipod 5) to help manage Type 1 Diabetes.

When I first set up this phone, I tested with TeamViewer from a remote device to the S10e and was able to see the S10e screen, open the app I needed, tap around to control the app, etc.

Between that successful testing with TeamViewer and pairing the first glucose management device to the phone via the Omnipod app, I got 2 software updates to the S10e and took them both.

Now, when I use TeamViewer (or scrcpy or any similar tool), the Omnipod 5 app is controllable (ie, I can tap and issue clicks remotely), but the screen is not viewable - it is just a black screen on the remote device. Other apps/launcher/etc. work fine (can view and control remotely).

I suspect this might be something that was enabled as a security policy after taking one of those two updates that came through. The other option I thinDoes this sound right? If so, would downgrading to an earlier version of the stock OS perhaps resolve this issue? Looking for help on ideas to try to get remote control up and running on this app again.

Note: supposedly (according to the app manufacturer), the app has root detection (I am not currently rooted) and will block the app if rooted. I have not rooted for this reason, am happy to try it and can play with bypass solutions, but also want to be sure I can completely unroot if needed, to a stock state, to be sure the needed app will run if it detects root.

Thanks in advance for any help - I'm a bit rusty and this will truly be a life changing setup for my son if we can figure it out.