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How To Guide Remove NavBar Gesture Pill (and more) for non-rooted Pixel 6 Pro

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Nov 28, 2021
Hi guys, I've seen several posts asking how to remove the Gesture Pill. It's easy if you're rooted, but it's also possible if you're not rooted.
Here is a step by step guide. There is also a huge amount of UI mods that can be made using the same method.

1. Download the Shizuku app from the Playstore
2. Start the Shizuku app by running the following adb command:
adb shell sh /sdcard/Android/data/moe.shizuku.privileged.api/start.sh
3. Download and install FabricateOverlay release from Github (Version 1.0.2)
4. In FabricateOverlay click “Add Overlay”
5. Choose Android System
6. Click “Add”
7. Set “android:dimen/navigation_bar_height” to 1. Apply. Save. Tick.
8. Set “android:dimen/navigation_bar_frame_height” to 0. Apply. Save. Tick.
9. Enjoy!

Let me know in the thread if anything is unclear.

Thanks to @squee666 for an alternative solution that does not affect the keyboard! Try it out!

Zachary Wander for the FabricateOverlay app and the instructions.
RikkaW for the Shizuku Api.
MishaalRahman, Quinny898 and various Redditors (especially LankeeM9 and audie-tron171) for the relevant settings.
Have been searching for a legit method for my Android 12 for a long time and I can't thank you enough for this.
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Nov 8, 2021
Hi, some people on reddit have compiled a spreadsheet. It is incomplete but it's a start: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n3-EbZWS18TzDErelJIB_1lPLtih7eJ5VVx0djHOIFs/edit#gid=0

Alternatively, if you are not in too much hurry, I am currently trying to write an app that will make the non-root tweaks easier.
How did you remove the battery icon?
I looked thru that spreadsheet and can't find the mods you did.


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Jul 18, 2012


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Jul 18, 2012


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May 8, 2009

From Reddit
Somehow I managed to hide the navigation bar while KEEP the keyboard gaps.

#Android system

set "navigation_bar_height" to 1 px.

set "navigation_bar_height_landscape" to 1 px.

save then enable.

Edit: set to 1 px instead of 0 to fix the camera lag issue then switching modes.

#System UI

set "navigation_home_handle_dark_color" to 00000000. (only the first 2 hex matters, 0x00rrggbb for 0% opacity)

set "navigation_home_handle_light_color" to 00000000.

save then enable.

after activating the layout, switch light/dark theme to make it actually take effects.

Using this now works perfect also fabric overlay a right battery drain when actively using

Is there a way to make the little gesture icons invisible after this method? Using FNG I can see the icons. I'd like the keyboard gap but not see the icons if possible... when I try enter 0x00rrggbb it doesn't allow the r's or g's to be typed, only the b's, so looks like this 0x00bb ?
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Mar 29, 2016
Anyone know which setting could change the opacity of the notification shade?

I want to make it slightly transparent instead of the ugly grey blob it is now.


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Im trying to follow the mod of getting rid of the pill, when I try to save an overlay name it won't allow me to save. Nothing happens when I hit save

Edit: Nevermind. I restarted and tried again and it worked
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