Renesas Emma EV2 Open Source Project

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Feb 8, 2011

Altough this is just the skeleton of it, let me share what I've set up until now.

I've also started a dedicated Google group here:!members/renesas-emev-osp

Anyone interested in contributing to develpment, plesae join!

1) Android

This is the entry-point to the GitHub repositories where I would put all the modification to the AOSP code which are specific to the Renesas EMEV for our Open Source Project.

Have a look at the README for further details and follow the progress, or open discussions, on our Google group.

2) Kernel

This is the public GitHub repository for the Kernel source code. It is customized to emxx code and it includes for the moment only the LCD patch that is necessary for the most common tablet (the kernel base code is aimed at the development board instead).

Same as above, anyone can contribute directly here.

3) Bootloader

This is the public GitHub repository for the bootloader source code. It includes a patch for the 4 DDR tablet models.

I don't expect this to be changed much, but anyone can contribute directly pushing new files over here too.

4) Packaging

Some more details about how to wrap-up a fresh build and make a firmware for the tablet are found in the README mentieod above.

I've managed to boot Android from an SD card (see here: and I think a similar approach should be followed, at least for initial testing.
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Jun 29, 2010
Cambridge MA
Kind of late to the party, but I'm really interested in this project... I applied to the Google Group, but I notice that the EV2 AOSP page you listed is gone... is there a specific reason for this? I would really love to contribute to this.


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Feb 8, 2011
Hi, and welcome aboard!
I have edited a couple links above, which have changed a bit since then.


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Feb 8, 2011
I'm facing a problem with the touchscreen driver, which I have filed in the group list as well:!topic/renesas-emev-osp/smcwddwvNDo

(answer over there, if possible).

I can't understand why the driver for the touchscreen (found in drivers/input/touchscreen/pixcir_i2c_ts.c) is not loaded during the kernel init stages.

The touchkeys driver (ekt2201) is very similar in code structure and it's loaded as expected, while the _probe function of the PixCir is never called. This is the fragment from the dmesg kernel log:

<6>input: ekt2201 as /devices/i2c-0/0-0010/input/input0
<4>ekt2201:i2c_add_driver 0
<4>emxx_ts:pixcir:i2c_add_driver 0

Note as the input device is created for the ekt2201 as the _probe is called, while the same doesn't happen for the pixcir.

Anyone with a clue?