How To Guide Repair your ASUS ROG Phone 5 with EDL mode

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    If your phone can only enter EDL mode (9008 mode)

    this firmware is glad to help you. It can be flashed in through the miflash tool.

    The firmware is made through the official package


    without any modification, Suitable for repairing phones that can only enter edl mode (9008 mode).

    What should we do?

    1. First, the computer must install Qualcomm's driver and ASUS fastboot driver,

    otherwise the computer will not recognize the connected mobile phone

    cannot recognize the connected mobile phone.

    2.Then open the MiFlash2020-3-14 folder, open XiaoMiFlash.exe

    3. Select the unzipped images folder, It prompts that flash script cannot be found,

    just click on, it doesn't matter.

    4. Before flashing this file, please re-enter the edl mode,

    use the USB port on the left side of the phone to connect to the computer,

    and then press and hold the power button, volume + and volume-at the same time,

    and wait until the phone re-enters the edl mode.
    5. Then click "load device", see COMx, it means your phone is connected,

    then click flash, just wait a few minutes. The prompt is success, flash done,

    indicating that the flashing is complete, and now you can start your phone

    by pressing and holding the power button.

    If you are worried that there is a problem with this firmware,

    you can re-enter the fastboot mode and flash the official raw file again.

    NOTE :
    If You don't understand see the Video tutorial.
    and if you have knowledge about EDL then try it.

    All Files Link :

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    Sharing below guide per latest findings for assisting unlucky users who have bricked the ROG5 and stuck in EDL mode.

    • I'm not responsible for any broken devices using these steps.
    • This is intended as a last resort solution for saving a fully bricked device stuck in EDL mode.
    • If your device has a working bootloader, it is strongly recommended to attempt a normal RAW flash and exhaust all other options before this.
    • Below steps will not fix lost IMEI.

    • The ROG5 factory flash package shared by @Jamshid66 in this thread (the firehose files from this specific pack are absolutely required )
    • Extracted image files ".img's" from your firmware
    • Qualcomm Flash Image Loader tool (QFIL)
    • Bricked ROG 5 in EDL mode (9008 mode)


    1. Download jamshid66's factory EDL zip and extract it to somewhere on your pc

    2. If you don't have the .img's for your firmware you need to extract these too. Download the firmware file you need and do a payload dump using Pyhthon payload dumper or any other tool (there are guides showing how to do this if needed, not going to cover it here).

    3. Launch the QFIL tool with Admin privileges

    4. Under 'Firehose Configuration', make sure download protocol is set to "Sahara" and device type is set to "ufs" (important)

    5. Connect ROG5 in EDL mode using the side port and verify it's recognized as a Qualcomm device in 9008 mode. Make sure you have no firewalls or virus protection in the way.

    6. Under "Select Programmer", point the path to the extracted directory from (1)

    7. Select firehose file (try "prog_firehose_ddr.elf" if it doesn't work use "prog_firehose_lite.elf" (I think I used the lite file)

    8. QFIL should automatically catch the RawProgram and Patch XML's, if not, just point it to rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml manually.

    Now we're ready to flash. Do NOT use "Downlad Content" - this will start flashing the content of the possibly bad pack to your device which may break things. Instead:

    Method 1 - Manual EDL Flash (tested by me and worked)

    10. Under "Tools" open "Partition Manager". If you've done everything correctly, you should now have access to the partition tree of your device.

    11. Select each partition one by one (example "boot")

    12. Right click on the partition and select "Manage Partition Data"

    13. Select "Erase" (to clean up partition and remove any bad files)

    14. Repeat (12) and now select "Load Image"

    15. Select the respective .img file from your extracted ROM (e.g "boot.img"). You should see a message that file has been flashed successfully in the status window.

    16. Repeat (12)-(15) to rebuild all partitions

    17. Once you close, QFIL will reset your device and if successful your device will leave EDL mode and start normally. You're now unbricked.

    Tip: If you know the bad partition that caused your device to brick, flash that first (like boot.img) and restart - You may not need to flash everything

    Method 2 - Full flash (not tested yet)

    10a. Copy the firehose and rawprog+patch files to the incomplete WW/CN EDL roms posted by the OP of this thread

    11a. Try to do a full flash using QFIL or MiFlash

    Method 2 should be tested too. If it works it may be a more convenient way for most users.
    Removed due to lack of testing and misuse
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    Dear all, I read all 11 pages from OP to last post in this wonderful Sunday evening... and I am sorry to say that there are too many off topic posts in this thread.

    First, this thread is a howto on fixing a bricked phone and trust me, I can feel your frustration when bricked phone did not revive successfully. I have been there as well. From what I read, there is no 100% working solution right now for this issue and flashing "factory" files does not help much either. Hope you all find a good solution eventually.

    Second, during this journey to "the fix", usually we need to interact with others to discuss and find a way. When I say "discuss", I mean we talk like a normal person in real life scenario to collarbrate to solve an issue, not finger pointing saying "you! do this! you! do that! and you bad!". It is not helping to solve the issue at all and it is not a good/civil way to treat a fellow member on XDA in such harsh words.

    Last, 99.99% users on XDA are not paid and spend their own time to help each other. Some users may have years of knowledge and some may be rather new, but we need to respect all users' contributions because we are not born with Android knowledge but learn it step by step along the journey. No matter what answers you got, appreicate it and learn from it. "If the cap fits, wear it."

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