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Replacing HTC apps with ANDROID ones

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Aug 5, 2009

After reading this thread and learning that you CAN replace HTC's apps with stock Android ones, I have started messing around to see what other apps I can / should change. I'll use this thread as kind of a log, so if I mess things up I can come back and see where I went wrong. Fellow noobs can surely use it too!

I am using SDK in Ubuntu, but the procedure should be pretty similar in Windows.

First, follow the Unlockr's method to root your phone.

Download a stock Android rom and extract its /system/apps folder inside /sdk/tools. I named the folder "Apps-stock

Check if Ubuntu recognises your phone:

./fastboot devices

Load the recovery image and mount the system:

./fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img
./adb shell mount /system

Replacing HTC's calendar:

./adb shell rm /system/app/Calendar.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/Calendar.odex
./adb push Apps-stock/Calendar.apk /system/app/

I'll edit the thread, add details as I go on :D
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Aug 6, 2009
Thanks for setting this thread up!

Firstly, you should probably say in the first post that everyone should do a Nandroid backup first - it's saved my bacon. Might be an idea to link to the files, too?

Second, I've got a problem trying to run this method. I removed the original calendar.apk and .odex without any problems, and copied the new one over, but on rebooting, it wasn't in the list of applications anywhere. I browsed there in Astro and opened the file, which gave me an option to install it - which then gave an error of "Calendar could not be installed on this device".

I'm running the MoDaCo 2.1 custom ROM and using the calendar.apk from this thread.

Thanks for your time!