Replacing the S6 Battery with S7 Edge Battery

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Jul 23, 2013
Negombo, Sri Lanka
I habe Ordered a Galaxy S7 edge battery for my Galaxy s6. And i will install it myself. I need some help.
1. I know it's not fit with the phone. I mean back glass. No problem i am using a back cover. But will it Break the back glass?

2. And i am on a Ultimate Nought V3.1 rom. Do i need to flash a Kernel which support S7e battery mod?

3. Do i need to do a special calibration work for the phone and battery?

4. Is it okay to install a higher capacity battery for our S6?

Can someone help me please:)

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    Hello guys, I realized this mod. First I have to say it is easy task with lot of tools and heater. After battery replace (original new one s7 edge) the back cover doesn't fit like stock, but almost like stock. If you remove NFC/wireless charging tape then back cover fits like stock.

    After few days using my phone I see better battery SoT, but I am not sure if s6 really using whole huge capacity of 3600mAh. I think there is sw/hw limit for battery capacity.
    My s6 stays on 1% battery for 30min Sot, and another 30min in TWRP with 0-1% after android shutted down. When s6 is charged says 1h to full, but really time is almost 2h with black screen.

    I want to try S7 nonedge battery with 3000mAh and I expecting same results like with s7e because limitation. S7 battery is smaller, lightweight and thicker.

    Hope I help.
    That's not quite "almost" the same size, the giant bulge created by the excess battery width is actually quite dangerous. All those exploding phones you see in the news, that's what happens when your battery is too big for the compartment it's in. Especially when charging, as the battery expands by up to 10%.

    Good luck, and be safe.
    Well, they are pretty much the same, really...


    As for the "giant bulge"... I would definitely not use these words - as you can see the thickness of the batteries is very similar. I agree of course that this is certainly not 100% safe and of course should be done with full awareness that you are cramming a battery with very chemically reacive metal in a body that was not designed to hold it.

    But don't get me started on the whole "exploding phones" bull**** - the media hysteria for less than 100 incidents from a batch of 2.5 million devices was just ridiculous. On a recent flight the air attendant asked any Note 7 owners to report to the captain... I mean come on... :laugh:
    I am not saying there was no issue with the Note 7 design, but that was just so much overblown, its not even funny.

    Can you update your battery stats ?? i think after lots of calibration you should have a more accurate percantage right? i read on a spanish site that you need to charge the phone at no more then 2% after a week of calibration and never let discharge it complitely! can you share your stats pls?

    I just did the mod yesterday - will update my article after I have several charge/discharge cycles - sometime during the holidays probably.
    Regarding the battery percentage reading, a few words - a battery can't tell how much charge it has left - you can only measure its output voltage. You define 0% charge as the minimum safe voltage under which your circuit can operate. So what Android does is that it creates a table with statistics about voltage readings and estimated charge. So after some cycles from 100% to 0%, this table gives pretty good estimation about your current battery charge in percentage. Switching from one battery to another, means that you need to reset those statistics, to have an accurate estimation. Since the file that holds those statistics is in the system partition, this can be done either via some service menu on some phones, or with an app with root access. So yeah - I did reset my battery stats and am still on the first charge (29 hours since unplugged) so it will take some time before I have some accurate battery stats to show.
    looks different that original, anyway I don't suggest this type of replacement, even if is same voltage charging ic from s6 is design to charge a smaller capacity battery than s7

    Battery percentage <-- Android driver <-- Battery circuit <-- Li-Ion battery voltage sensor

    There is no such thing as phone "designed to charge a smaller battery". At least that is gross oversimplification... As long as the batteries operate on a similar minimum an maximum voltage, the charging "algorithm" will be more or less the same, and they will only take more time to reach the maximum voltage (max capacity) and be able to churn more power before the voltage drops to the minimum allowed ("zero" capacity). The initial configuration of the driver that tells what percentage is a specific voltage reading (i.e. 3.85 V = 75%) is specific not only for the battery model, but also changes over time as the battery degrades, so there is constant self correction of this voltage-to-percentage table, which people refer as "calibrating a battery". So even that S6 is configured initially to expect certain battery model, after deleting the old "calibration data" + some charge/discharge cycles - it adapts to the new battery characteristics.

    So the battery indicator is pretty complicated stuff - we really can't tell how much charge a battery has left, so we approximate it. And pretty well at that, as you all know.
    It is even more nuanced, as for example, when your phone charges to 100% and is plugged in, it stops charging and "lies" to you that it is 100%, when it is silently dropping to the nineties, to minimize battery degradation. Imagine the number of support calls that you will get from angry customers, telling you that their charger/phone is broken and can't charge to maximum. :D
    You can check out my attempt to do so. It is not that hard, although I scratched tha paint from the inside when removing the back - its only cosmetic and not really noticable. If you have the proper tools its not such a big deal - the S7 Edge battery is almost the same size as the original S6 one. Still day 1 with the new battery, but so far it has been 9 hours and barely 25 percent drain. After some charge/discharge cycles it will probably improve even more.
    Especially since my original battery had significantly degraded, the difference is night and day.
    I just did the mod yesterday - will update my article after I have several charge/discharge cycles - sometime during the holidays probably.

    Hey, did you manage to fit the backplate glass with this new battery? I have found a thread on reddit in which the guy states that the battery won't fit (in terms of thickness).
    The guy actually suggest to use S7 battery.
    Could you please post some more photos of modded phone? :)

    Link to the thread:

    Link to the gallery (one of the last photos shows that the glass won't fit):

    I have just found your blogpost with pictures - it seems to fit much better than in the example from imgur gallery. How is the calibration going?