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[REQ] Help creating an Info-Clock

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May 5, 2010
Hi there,

Before we begin, I know that there's a lot of attention at the moment for text-based clocks, etc. I use apps like TAJM, and appreciate what they bring to the Android community.

I'm a designer by trade, and really wanted to create something that would look nice on my homescreen...so I designed the following mock-ups:



All of the above is my own artwork, including the launcher pro docks and icons. However, it's just the clock that I want to bring to the table....here is what I'm thinking:

I'd like to see some kind of 'info' clock, with many customiseable options that the user that choose...so that they could personalise it the way they want it. The could have something like:

Large text-based clock with smaller battery stats underneath.
Numerical clock with battery stats.
Larger battery stats with small text or numerical clock underneath.
Large text-based clock with google calender events underneath (scraped from your synced calendar!)

...plus many, many other options.

What I'm looking for is a great, fast coder who can help me with this. I would carry out all the design work, be able to pass the Photoshop PSD files to you, and you carry out the code.

I am thinking that, initially, we create a small app which would be free. However, as the number of options grow, we COULD charge a small amount then splits the proceeds 50/50. I've not thought this thing through yet...but we can talk!

So, can anyone help? I want it to look GOOD, and I want it to be functional.

If you can help, either PM me here or grab me on [email protected]


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Feb 12, 2009
I actually has something similar in mind for a widget. Since I have to rewrite Tajm (it's crap at the moment) I hade plans to make a more complete widget containing BattStatt, Tajm and a weather (in text like battstatt and tajm) and maybe something else.

Though it wasn't as pretty as yours in my head ;)


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May 5, 2010
Well, how about getting something together....I can come up with some nice design ideas for TAJM and you could implement them?

I'm really not looking to out-do anyone...and whatever works well for the community has to be a good thing, right?