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REQ: Help with my Blackstone

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Feb 26, 2009
Info at About:
Windows Mobile 6.1 Profecional
CE =S 5.2.20757 (Build 20757.1.4.0)

ROM version: 1.14.401.3 (22273) WWE
ROM date: 10/24/08
Radi version:

I have made no updates to this device when i did bought this.

Time to time i get some lagg with device.
For example when i type message.
Pressing letter (this occures randomly) the letter i pressed wil ocure as it should when typing tho device laggs few seconds and dose not react to anything.Then wil continue normaly.
Same issue when booting device.And the part where i should enter my password(first device password second sim password).
Having also issue with that monitor flip.

What updates do you recomend?

As need better typing method.So the "keypad" that is displayed at monitor wil change when i am turning phone from horisontal to veritical etc.

Faster reaction by device is needed.And i think it is cause i have made no updates.

Time o time seems that phone drops connection and other second connection is restored.
when connection drops it wil pop up some register stuff where i should select service provider.

I know t´hat got loads of emm maby dumb questions tho what i need to know what are recomended updates that make device react faster.Boot faster and better typing program?
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