[REQ] Samsung Mobile Theme Editor v8+

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Mar 26, 2020
hi, i'm new in this topic, but I just want to know if someone found the version 9.0.25?, please


Nov 12, 2013
Samsung theme editor

Guys Any news about samsung theme editor latest version.....????


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Aug 16, 2017
Guys Any news about samsung theme editor latest version.....????

Bonjour moi aussi je cherche la dernière 9.0.33 ou un peu moins récente.

Translation: Hello me too I am looking for the latest 9.0.33 or a little less recent.
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Nov 9, 2018
Wow I found a person who creates themes with the proper program on reddit randomly, who has the correct program. I invited him to join this discussion hopefully he joins.


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    No need for disabling internet. Just create a file called "noupdate.txt" at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung Mobile Theme Editor\Resources\ThemeApp" this folder and it will no longer check for updates and require sign in. Since it's a .net application it's easy to reverse. Unfortunately app doesn't has the link to download.
    Samsung's way of treating this issue is just terrible so the whole dev partnership scam is really off the table. That being said, I can't believe we have the internet in 2018, yet it's just impossible to find this application. Besides, everyone deserves the right to theme their own expensive android phones conveniently. And judging by the garbage produced in their theme store, I wouldn't suppose anyone from XDA has access to the application. So does anyone have any ideas or clues on finding it? I mean how can I keep all this creativity and taste inside me and not see it on my phone? And my dear reader, how could you? So let's start the quest for finding this app as soon as possible. Lol

    Ps. I know there are interesting options out there such as theme galaxy or substratum, but they don't really offer the convenience of purely creating themes on your desktop monitor with no side hassles.

    I cant post links yet, put this after (http//) (put colon after http) mega.nz/
    Have a bug,Click 6 times title bar to skip verification

    If someone would share a copy of it, (coming from a background in Reverse Engineering) it wouldn't be hard to bypass the login prompt to use the software for everyone.
    The Themes in the Samsung Theme store are HORRIBLE.

    99% of the PAID themes I wouldn't use even if they were Free. I'd love to put out good Themes to make all the other Developers step their quality up, but can't do it the "right" way apparently since Samsung rejects most applications (including mine).

    Obviously, most, if not ALL the developers who are approved are actually Samsung employees themselves and/or Samsung contracted out theme makes to the lowest bidding company at some point.

    If somebody could share a copy of this software with me, I'll personally reverse engineer it myself and keep you anonymous.
    Oh, and I can check if Samsung happens to embed unique characteristics that would lead back to you (if you were to distribute it) and remove them.
    What he said ^^ ?%