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Mar 13, 2015
kuala lumpur
not sure why, i cannot install xposed on 1.13, but able to install it on 1.12. will try it again on 1.13 later on




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Feb 15, 2014
Rio de Janeiro
I used the SD fix for Kitkat

How do I grant permission to the Micro SD External Zenfone in Selfie?

In Zenfone 5 "Kitkat" would be this file:

=> platform.xml

Could you to edit the file?
Or is there alçgum application to do that and work on Lollipop for Selfie?


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Feb 15, 2014
Rio de Janeiro
It is personal ..

On the page of Asus Taiwan
Is out in the update for Zenfone Selfie WW_ V1.13.40.621



[ZenFone2] [151024]ZD551KL_ WW_ V1.13.40.621


[Applicable models]
ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)

(The system automatically pushed about one week to complete, you do not receive push updates,
go to [Setting] -> [about] -> [System Update] to manually update)

[System optimization]
1. bug fixes and performance optimization
2. Fixed MMS Video can not be played within MMS.
3. Fixed play music insert iPhone 4/5 GB headphones, headset terminal and DUT end silent.
4. Fixed sound quality.
5. The amendment to the DUT sharing network WiFi Router, reference can not connect to
the Internet after the WiFi Router.
6. Update amendment 802.11b Wi-Fi NVRAM out packets problem.
7. Fixed AT-PHA05BT headset does not reveal the name of the song.
8. Fixed through miracast play YouTube videos Caton.
9.Camera added long exposure capabilities.
10. improve Lens Manual mode the exposure time to 32 seconds.
11. The optimal adjustment of noise reduction in manual mode.
12. The details of the adjustment and image noise.
13. The amendment inserted KDDI SIM card power problem no service forever.
14. Fixed occasional issue SIM1 no service forever.


Translation Portuguese Brazilian

[ZenFone2] [151024]ZD551KL_ WW_ V1.13.40.621


[Modelos aplicáveis]
ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)

(O sistema empurrado automaticamente cerca de uma semana para completar, não recebe
atualizações de envio, vá para [Definição] -> [sobre] -> [Actualização do Sistema] para
atualizar manualmente)

[A otimização do sistema]
1. Correções de bugs e otimização de desempenho
2. Fixo MMS vídeo não pode ser jogado dentro de MMS.
3. Jogo música fixo inserir fones de ouvido iPhone 4/5 GB, terminal fone de ouvido
e finais DUT em silêncio.
4. Qualidade de som fixo.
5. A alteração da rede de compartilhamento de DUT WiFi Router, de referência não pode
se conectar à Internet após a WiFi Router.
6. Atualize alteração Wi-Fi 802.11b NVRAM para fora o problema pacotes.
7. Fixo headset AT-PHA05BT não revela o nome da canção.
8. Fixa através Miracast reproduzir vídeos YouTube Caton.
9. Camera adicionou capacidades de longa exposição.
10. Melhorar Lens modo Manual, o tempo de exposição de 32 segundos.
11. O ajuste ideal de redução de ruído no modo manual.
12. Os detalhes da adaptação e imagem de ruído.
13. A alteração inserida KDDI SIM problema de alimentação da placa nenhum serviço
para sempre.
14. Problema ocasional fixo SIM1 nenhum serviço para sempre.


This new ROM comes with new updates and it seems they will not even get
to publish the full previous Rom WW1.13.40.531_20151006.

This new update, they made a correction in the Sound and placed as Fixed.
Can enabling installation Driver and compatibility with Viper4, who knows.

Any news on Recovery for Selfie ZD551KL?

I still do not Xposed I could not install it seems that does not work with Rom 1:13
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Sep 16, 2011
We do need a Zenfone Selfie forum, Zenfone Laser already got their own forum why not the Zenfone Selfie? I wouldn't mind even if it is just a sub forum, at least we have a place to discuss development for this phone.
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Feb 15, 2014
Rio de Janeiro
We do need a Zenfone Selfie forum, Zenfone Laser already got their own forum why not the Zenfone Selfie? I wouldn't mind even if it is just a sub forum, at least we have a place to discuss development for this phone.


I also fully agree with the Forum Establishment of Zenfone Selfie.
Acreditos all this Post also agree.

I still do not know how you can do or want it.

What does it take to create the Forum Zenfone Selfie?

If you can help us, we would be grateful.


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Feb 15, 2014
Rio de Janeiro

wanted to build a version of TWRP for Asus ZD551KL (Zenfone Selfie), it uses the same snapdragon 615 present in Alcatel Idol 3 5.5", someone could help me ....

TWRP download for Alcatel Idol 3

Stock recovery and kernel, into common folder

zezinho crack

Very good this idea TWRP to ZD551KL.
Just as the Root to Rom 1:13, it helped a lot.
I thought of the idea of creation of a Forum for Zenfone Selfie, most still do not know how to do, had a member who responded and agreed to the idea.
I do not know how we can do this.
It would be great for all of us ..
Do not you think?
For the Zenfone Laser already have a Forum for him ..
And why not Selfie?
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Aug 29, 2011
Process to flash:

1- Download the full version of firmware patch:

2- Descompress system.img.7z with 7zip program

3- Copy the boot.img / system.img / recovery.img to (adb/fastboot) folder.

4- Execute this commands in sequence:
-adb device
-adb reboot bootloader
-fastboot devices
-fastboot erase userdata
-fastboot erase cache
-fastboot flash boot boot.img
-fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
-fastboot flash system system.img
-fastboot reboot

Finish Process !!!

Added to index, thanks for your work!
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    Asus zenfone selfie is a fairly brilliant device for its price point. has amazing camera, decent budget specs and also a whooping 13mp selfie camera with dual-tone flash!

    but what bothers me the most is that my Asus Zenfone Selfie 32gb with 3gb ram is filled with bloatware around 1GB and even after uninstalling some of the thrid party apps, zenfone still has too many worthless apps. If only this has a vanilla stock android experience, this phone can easily give a decent competition to the One Plus 2.

    I know it is too soon to ask for a ROM but is there anyway that we can get a root for this device.
    unfortunately iam still stuck on unrooted WW_1.12.40.382_20150907 rom on my selfie. I am waiting for FOTA update to stock 1.13 and then to apply the shakalaka root because it seems that 1.13 root is more stable and less buggy than 1.12 root. i keep trying check update from phone but no new update is detected. on asus support website also the new 1.13 ver firmware is not showing. can anyone please help me?? do i need to first update to stock 1.13 and then apply root??? that will make my wait infinite :crying:

    can i flash the "1.13 slim" system.img files directly to my device if at present it has 1.12 rom?? experts please help.

    go to recovery wipe cache wipe data then
    go to fastboot mode then thru adb
    fLash slim rom 1.13 boot.img recovery.img system.img
    then reboot finish :)
    if you want to convert ota to image, you should read this:

    if you want to edit, just mount it as loop device like iso file.

    if you want to insert su, just extract SuperSU flashable file and research which file he place and replace.
    (your device is arm64)

    and the final, you may test bootloader will accept the image bigger than 256MB or not. (I meant flash it)
    if it's limited, you may need reverse engineering the bootloader and modify it to 3GB or greater.
    you can find the bootloader image in the lastest ota package, which will update the aboot partition.

    above is all info I can provide, and now, it's your turn.
    I am preparing my laptop with ubuntu 14 , I will continue persisting .....
    BootLoop Solution:

    To correct the problem , repeat the process using the original boot.img this at this link:


    To get into fastboot mode, remove the battery and turn the unit holding power + volume down .... when the ASUS logo disappear release the buttons.