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Nov 12, 2009
I could very much see B&N opening a section of the market dedicated to just e-ink apps for use on the N2E. Technically it's called the "Nook Simple Touch" that doesn't imply that it couldn't be more than just an e-reader.
I know of several apps that could be useful to have with me on the e-ink, and as long as wifi stayed off, and apps weren't eating up background processing you'd see maybe a negligible amount in change to battery life.


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Aug 16, 2010
Im waiting for the nook simple touch with glow light. The eink screen makes so much sense sinse tablets are supposed to be portable. If you are indoors you are likely close to a desktop and dont really need a tablet. I hope to see android roms with a standard phone or tablet interface on these things. Though a web browser on the nook interface would be plenty cool.
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    Would like to request a forum for the Barnes & Nobles Nook Simple Touch. It runs Android 2.1, and has been rooted. It is the first e-Ink reader with a full-fledged OS, and is eminently hackable. Its SoC is the same as the Nook Color, and CM7 will likely be ported to it. It has a 2-month battery life and daylight-readable screen, at a low cost of $139. It is shipping now.


    Rooting instructions: http://nookdevs.com/NookTouch_Rooting

    Reviews: http://barnesandnoble.com/nook/reviews/index.asp
    Ridiculousness of the lack of a Nook2 sub-forum...

    It is a bit ridiculous that we still don't have a sub-forum for the Nook2. It is bothersome to the Nook Color owners whose forums are being overrun and it is also hampering the development on the Nook2. We are all aware at this point of the merits of the device, it runs Android 2.1, it is extremely hack-able, while it can't do animation or video it can do things other Android devices can't. For those of us that are using the device it has unique benefits over other Android devices because of the readability of the screen and lengthy battery life. I use the Nook2 far more than any of my other Android devices specifically because of this. We really want to focus on development for this device because of its unique attributes. Applications need to be optimized (or at least some consideration) to make the best use of the eInk screen. Right now, this draconian lock against creating a separate subforum is stifling development for the Nook2 AND Nook Color. I hate to say this, but if the XDA administrators will not create a sub-forum ASAP, does anyone have any suggestions for another place to host Nook2 development forum? It is a real shame because it has a lot in common with the Nook Color and it can benefit from collaboration from existing Nook Color development, but right now this forum structure is just hampering the development for BOTH devices.
    So from the various threads that are around in the Nook Color thread, so far people have managed to

    - root the nook touch,
    - access superuser permissions,
    - Work out there is 728mb usable ram and 228mb program memory,
    - Install and run ADWLauncher and LauncherPro
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4dMZvff9qg- Install and run FBReader
    - Install and run the Kindle app http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4MJungKIxY
    - Suggest that the CPU is the same as the Nook Color?!?
    - Suggest that the Nook Touch has Bluetooth but it is disabled
    - Suggest that devs will start work on a CM7 port

    Some excellent developments already and an exciting future for the device, please may we have a forum/sub-forum now? Pretty please with sugar and cherries ontop? :)
    I second that request.

    Nook Simple Touch, once rooted, is the first eink Reader that doesn't bound hardware and manufacturer's software together. It has great potential to be the ultimate reading device.
    I second this request.