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[Request] Build a 64bit ROM for SM-T510

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Mar 26, 2020
Hi all,
so here's the thing: I bought an SM-T510 (3gb Ram/64gb internal storage variant) to play Teamfight Tactics on.
Unfortunately, TFT not only requires a 64-bit processor, but a 64-bit rom as well, so I'm out of luck :( I'm unfortunately not versed enough in the art of making custom roms to just make it myself.

Here's where you come in:
I'm searching for someone to build a 64-bit rom for the SM-T510 that currently has the March Update T510XXS3ATB4 already installed (I'm unable to downgrade and my device came with this preinstalled. If you have hints/pointers how to get to November Update T510XXU2ASI4, it'd be greatly appreciated).
I'd love the result to be something shared with the whole community, but if you want to just throw some spaghetti together until it works "well enough" but don't want the code to be in anyone elses hands besides mine, I'm okay with that too (although I'd prefer the first variant).
I don't have any other prerequisites apart from it being able to be installed on my Tab A and being 64-bit. If you prefer superstock, LineageOS or smt else, go for it, I'm desperate for this in general so beggars can't be choosers. I'm willng to do my part and do as much as I can to help, even though I fear it won't be much, but if you need premium for one of these Samsung firmware sites to grab a rom to customize for example, that can certainly be arranged.

There will definitely be a donation in this as well, can't promise a huge one in these times but will see what I can do. "Eine Hand wäscht die andere." (one hand washes the other) as we Germans say :)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,