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[request] Doogee Cube P1 Firmware

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New member
Sep 16, 2021
I really need help from someone what can Build a Firmare.

I have a Dooge cube p1 beamer and thats run with a android 4.x.x firmware .
the Firmware have some spezial apps to controll it over smartphone . thats can be very userfull if this work but i have problems ...

what i really need is a running firmware android 5 or newer .
this version isent longer supported and its not longer possible to open installed apps . i get always a login popup .

i search her and google a really long time and all i found are people what hope for a new firmware .

maybe you want te help me and other people .
you can make the first custom rom for this device

and i know my anglisch is not really good but im sure you understand me :)