Question Request for Oneplus Dailer, Contacts & Message for Oneplus Nord 2 5G

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Sep 27, 2015
Is it working, anyone tried?
No , it doesn't ! I tried all those apks . They can't be installed but only those with blue icons . All with green icons are fine . I followed this thread only for fun so I tried to install all these apks even I didn't need them . I like and use for years "True Phone" dialer, it's awesome .
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    The same thing has also happened to me, you can install apk one plus messages and contacts ... but not dialer (phone) ... by adb I was able to activate joneplusjools but it is useless without dialer ... which for adb I also knew that the error is lack of qualcon library ... obviously it does not have them ... hence the error ... let's see if someone will soon release a version of dialer with mediatek library ... to be able to make it functional also in nord2 .... thank you.
    Hi ,

    Please help to me to get Oneplus official apps like One plus Dialer, Oneplus Contacts & Messages Apk for Oneplus Nord 2 5G.
    Are you sure they will work on Nord 2?
    One way to find out is to install it, can always uninstall it after
    The SMS app and the contacts app can be installed without a problem. The problem is the dialer, it doesn't install because of missing libraries.
    Bought this phone last week and I already start to regret it.
    The GUI is inconsistent with the google crap. Google dark mode ain't black, which is a must for me with an Amoled screen.
    Also no native calender app, also google, no native email app, have to use gmail, no native music app, a music app is non existent. All these should be OnePlus app.
    Also you can't uninstall or disable the google apps, a complete bummer.
    We definitely need root soon and the missing libraries to get the OnePlus dialer working
    Both from apk mirror:
    Messages app version
    Contacts app version

    The latest Messages app doesn't seem to install (
    For the contacts app I first had a December 2020 version and just updated it to the version mentioned above.