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[Request] MBN files from Note 10+ 5G

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New member
May 26, 2021
Can someone share the MBN files from a note 10+ 5G? They may be in /vendor/rfs/msm/mpss/readonly/vendor/mbn/mcfg_sw/ but I don’t have one to know for sure. If you’re rooted, you can get them with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ma.wanam.partitions and it should highlight them in yellow by default

I have a OnePlus 8 which has the same modem but isn’t able to access all features on ATT. A work around for previous OnePlus phones was to flash the MBN files from a phone with the same modem that ATT has approved for full access, so hopefully this will let that happen.