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[Request] Module for disable Playstore Selfupdate

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Senior Member
Feb 21, 2012

I'm looking for disable Playstore Selfupdate. I tried old method by disable in Playstore Smali but it doesn't working anymore on Playstore 8.x and change name code version to a very high one in apktool.yml breaks Google Play services because of Playstore signature check...

Does someone have an idea how to Disable by a Magisk module ?


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iPusak Gaoq™

Senior Member
Mar 21, 2012
If i'm not mistaken you can do it with any file manager that have root privilege...
Just go to root/data/app and look for com.android.vending-1...if you found it then make another folder called com.android.vending-2 and gave the same permissions the original folder...that should prevent google playstore to automatically update itself....

You can try this and see if its working...

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