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Request Root Xolo 8X-1100

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Feb 5, 2015
rooting process for xolo play 8x 1100

xolo play 8x 1100


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    Try this..

    Your method is for MMX A350, this is xolo ... What u trying to say or do here?

    Go to shuame.com....and click android Icon at upside of pc logo...and download and run it..it should work!
    If we don't consider the money, which one should I go for?
    Xolo play 8x-1100 or Xolo play 8x-1200?

    Both phones have similar features :

    • 8x-1200 is clocked at 2.0 GHz octa core and 1100 is 1.7 GHz octa core (1200 is better here)
    • 1200 has a higher PPI of 441 whereas 1100 has a PPI of 294. (significant difference here. 1200 is way better here)
    • 1200 is quite thick while 1100 is comparatively slim. (something important for me. 1100 is better here)
    • 1200 has non expandable 32 Gb internal storage and 1100 has 16 Gb internal + 32 Gb expandable. (1100 better here)
    • 1100 has a nice flip cover which shows date and time on lockscreen. Whereas 1200 has a normal flip cover. (1100 has better cover) [Not really a major factor, but it sure is good to have a phone that looks hot]
    • This thread tells me that 1100 has root available. (Very important for me.) 1200 has no 'confirmed' root right now as far as I know.
    • 1200 has 2300 mAh while 1100 has 2100 mAh (1200 better here.)
    • 1200 has higher resolution (1080x1920 pixels) while 1100 has 720x1280 pixels (1200 better here)

    Dimensions :

    Xolo play 8x - 1200 : 143.00 x 68.50 x 9.70
    Xolo play 8x - 1100 : 141.50 x 70.80 x 8.70

    I know this isn't directly related to 'rooting' Xolo play 8x-1100', but rooting is one of the key factors for considering this phone. So I'd just like some help.

    Please help me through this :)

    CPU speed - not much difference
    higher PPI or higher resolution = higher battery consumtion. on a 5' device you can't make out much diff between a HD screen and FHD screen. I will go with 1100
    1100 is very slim and very light weight .... most of my friends were amazed to have this power house in their hand and it's got premium looks
    expandable storage is very important, it's one of the main reason i bought it bcoz i have 32 gb class 10 sd card
    1100 has a smart flip cover which is magnetic built and works with hall sensor in the phone. there are many functions with this cover. its functionality is same as Galaxy S4. This covers are very costly compared to normal covers.
    1200 has Li-ion battery whereas 1100 has Li-Poly battery. Li-Poly batteries are wery light weight and costly compared to cheap and heavy Li-ion
    1100 has steel black color in front which blends amazingly with the screen. the design and looks are premium
    Rooting is very imp for me as well and waiting eagerly for root ...... having patience as the device is still new, let's see.
    Finally rooted my xolo play 8x 1100.

    Namaste, abhishek here.

    i have finally rooted my phone.
    i followed the procedure for rooting it from this video.
    search for this.

    How to Root every MTK China Phone - Readback With SP-Flash - Root + CWM on INEW V8

    some tips

    first of all i am not responsible for you bricking your phone.
    see the video five times at least, it looks simple but will take time to do.

    you need to download
    the following (i have tried to attach the ones i could find. )

    adb driver - the computer uses this to connect to the phone when the phone is switched on and connected to the pc.

    you need the com driver i have supplied it here.

    i have a few tips -
    if you are on windows 8. Then switch of device driver digital signing off. please google how to do it.

    when you are using the flash tool. ( have attached)

    go to options in the flash tool and change the setting from auto detect to without battery.( this helps).

    i have attached the address of the cache. (txt file)

    also have attached the modified recovery img. (if your cache address is the same then i would have saved you a lot of trouble).

    but take a back up of your phone.

    please check the video.


    all the best.