(Requests and Mods for Carbonite Fusion Rom)

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First off Trock's new rom is quite good. It introduces the Carbon Espresso mod to the Inc. Which is something a lot of us have wanted. I tested this rom as it was being developed and I would love to see the mods for it grow.

I will post some of my mods here and also a couple of requests. Then let us all build mods for this great rom and share alike. Cheers. Let me know your thoughts. As new mods are being developed for the Carbonite Fusion Rom then PM and either send the link or tell me the number of the post in this thread and I will post in this first thread. Then we can have a guide for all the mods for this rom. Any of the works posted here please request use from original artist or creator of the mod before modifying...



Link to the original Rom thread:



(1st. request is can anyone provide a mod to delete the clock in the taskbar next to the battery?)

Done: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9270072&postcount=2 (Verified Working)

(2nd. request is can we get the power mod in the notifications bar to be in color from the Evo thread.)


(3rd. request is to fully theme all of the remaining green to blue.)

(4th. request is to have the dialer on the rom have an option of being skinned to black with the blue carbon button.)

(5th request is for the Carbonite Fusion Rom needs a fresh bootanimation. Something that has not been done before. Something specific to this rom. If you have something in mind please PM me. I can help with making it if necessary.)

PM me if anyone has questions.


This is a blue and black HTC_IME add on from the kitchen Gimpsta made. Thanks for the kitchen Gimpsta. Here is his original thread for that.


Link to the Blue and Black keyboard:


Missing HTC Apps for his rom, 3rd post in the original thread or direct download below.


Galaxy S Battery from Carbonite Fusion (Courtesy of Trock) Please ask his permission before using this else where. This is one you flash. (Not compatible with other roms.)


Liquid_Hydro_Battery for Carbonite Fusion Roms Exclusive. (Credit: WES342) Thanks mate!


He has many great Inc mods out there be sure to check those out.

Here is the original liquid battery thread.


3D flip clocks (Credit Stoney666) Screen Shots post #31

Link: http://bit.ly/gPtv4t & http://bit.ly/hxuXXE

Boot Animations:

Droid X Bootanimation: (Credit to drmbdrummer thanks mate)

Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=710204

Kernals, Rosie Mods, Flashable Fonts, Black on White Splash, No Clock Mod, No Alarm Mod, and Old Percentage Battery Mod, Check Here:


Credit to: lllboredlll , HeyitsLou, Ziggy, Fachadick, Theotherrogue, (Synisterwolf for getting the ball rolling on the no clock mod.)

Chad's Kernal: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=848453 (Credit to Chad0989) (Set my quadrant score to 1700 with this badboy.) Thanks Chad!

More Rosie Mods and Screenshots in post # 26 (Thanks to Spence341)
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Aug 28, 2010
I wish I could remember were I saw it but on the forums there is flashable.zip for this. ill try and find it too.


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Looks like you might get away with a service.jar from skyraider if you can find someone that has done it. As long as they have the power controls mod for the notification. The power control mod for bifurcations has some code in the service.jar. but pm the rom builder and ask him to do it if you can't find a one that works.

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Posted too soon it boot looped right after it started up lol!


Please PM me when you know it is done and i will test it... or post the link here please...




BTW speaking of the Power Control mod is there a way to change it over to the colored one. I like the cyanogen style but Color would be a nice option. I flashed the one from the official thread but it is based on Evo framework so no dice.Just another question.


Thanks I will keep that ion mind...
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