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Apr 14, 2012
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Can I get the reason via PM?
I knew the guy and we had some deals, so I would like to know.

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Jun 15, 2007
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Flaming is not the answer; plain and simple. There will always be members who do not read, or who don't take the time to learn, and for various reasons. For all we know, the person on the other end of the keyboard might have a learning disability, or some other affliction that hinders their ability. Whatever the case may be, flaming, or berating someone is not effective in guiding others.

Just my thoughts on this.


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Can I get the reason via PM?
I knew the guy and we had some deals, so I would like to know.

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I doubt mods are allowed to discuss people's bans with others.

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This ^^

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As stated above, we cannot discuss private issues with other people, though I will say ban is not permanent at it was not to do with selling things
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    Dear admin/s, I take this opportunity to express my great resentment and disappointment in the attitude if one TheDeadCPU, who has chosen to close down kquicksalls thread in the inc s ROM development sub-forum. I realise the action has occured due to ruffling of the feathers of the above-named admin, who has taken umbrage to initiate such drastic action.....
    Hey, I'm speaking plain English now, on behalf of all users of his thread; please re-instate kquicksall and tell the dead CPU to take anger management classes and vent his frustrations elsewhere.....

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    Bottom line is people just cant talk to anyone any damn way they feel. This is not a site to make people popular. Hell I dont give a **** how many people use the kernel, rom, mod, or hack. Act like a fool and you deserve to be banned for good. The rules are here for a reason. Either follow them or leave, your chose.

    Now I have had to hold my tounge on this for a while but no longer.
    XDA is a developers site
    XDA is a free forum you are ALLOWED to use. We could make it invite only
    XDA is and always will be about the developers. And before you say without the users there would be no XDA, Bull****, who do you think used the stuff before normal people even knew what a smartphone was......wait for it.........other developers. People that could give good feedback with relavent info. Like Logcats and crash messages. Not just "dahhh this is broken, please fix". And even Maybe help fix what is broken.

    XDA is not a place to come and make your phone cool.
    XDA is not the cool place for idiots to hang out.
    XDA is not your friends house
    XDA is not a democracy
    XDA is not a place to make Money.

    XDA IS a place to come to learn and share your knowledge. If you are not here for those reasons then you are here for the wrong ones.

    I have watched XDA become a place where every dumbass in the world has a smartphone and comes here thinking they have the right to anything. Well guess what? You dont have the right to ****. We share it because we want to and we dont if we dont feel like it. Are the Developers or the Mods required to make you happy? Nope not in the least. Wanna leave. Go ahead. I beg you, please do. The less people that are asking dumb question cause they dont know what they are doing (this is understood when your new, but at least look) or are too lazy to look for it the better.

    Dont like what I have to say? I am sorry you must have mistaken me for someone that gives a damn.
    Hi all

    A few of us Moderators have been getting PM's that in my case have not been dealt with due to the fact I am not always on the board.

    All of us do this for free and in our spare time, and over time we move on, get new toys, or even go back to a real life without a keyboard under our fingers.

    Please try to understand that some of us are Bias (I admit to it I have a BA and am not intrested in many of the other sections).
    Thus I for one do not read all posts and all sections, I feel this is true for others, like I said I feel this.
    We all however try to check the trash and keep the news clean.

    For this reason we need a form of communication that is not based on a person but directed to a group and in this case its the Moderators and Admins.

    It is with that motivation in mind that I have opened this thread and made it sticky in the hope that you are able to post issues that you think that at least one of us should deal with.

    Please note that this board does not tolerate cracks, serials, pirated versions or the posting of software that should have been aquired by legal means and we will remove (delete) them when found. Please help us keep this site clean by posting links of that sort in this tread as well as telling us if you have found anything on the ftp site.

    Please use this thread, use and edit the wiki and remember this board would not be as great as it is without YOU.

    Thanks for your support.

    Thats true when a good or bad relationship is made with a mod not specifically here but any forum it can make things very unfair to the user but there are plenty that do there job's as they should almost like a judge where no matter the situation your ruling is fair based not on who is involved but on the situation at hand. Things can go bad with mods though and be unfair, when I was at xbox-hq I formed a good relationship with all the admins and mods except one, I'm not going to give his name but I had proven he was giving out misinformation a number of times and banning the ones who called him out or got pissed cause he screwed up there xbox with what he was telling them to do, I was the one along with my buddy wes and a few others that was on there getting them all working again. One day he banned me for it so I emailed the site admin and since I had already been talking with them about what he was doing and the problems he was causing killing ppl's box's and banning ppl the way he was not for any site rules violation but because he wanted to for whatever lame reason he had. Anyways I emailed the site admin and since I was already in the running to be a mod he unbanned me banned the offending mod and gave me his position. After that no one had any problems. Over here I see no real problems with any of our mods, they all seem to have the site, its procedures, and rules in best interest and thats how it should be. I know mods do form friendships and sometimes problems with users but it should never be a part of a decision they make it makes things unfair to other users, just like trying to force mods to look into someone getting a position is unfair to the person trying and looks bad on them and the person they're trying to get it for. I've looked into nils work on here and he shouldn't have much trouble getting dev status but everyone but him really should stay out of it cause you're making him look bad and making this whole process harder on him and adding alot of stress he could do without as being a dev for any device/console etc... is already stressful. Anyways nils I hope things work out for you, and mods keep up the good work, I know with how large the site is you guys put in alot of hard work keeping things under control and your work and services are highly under appreciated. On the topic if requests I agree that a noob specific section would be great for ppl just coming to android wp7 etc. When coming here it puts alot if ppl in way over their head trying to find the right info to get started and it would hopefully cut down on repeat threads asking the same things, how do I start dev, how do I find this or do that. It'd also be great if in chef central we could get a sticky with links that are kind of burried in the threads in there that are helpful to beginning rom cooking as there are way too many how do I start rom cooking threads started in there that pushes the useful info further and further into the far reaches of chef central that could all be easily answered this way, I know cyanogen's topic over there is stickied but its really only a small part of the good info burried in CC.

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    Reported for hate crimes against paragraphs.
    Just a question I'd like to ask the forum admins....
    When some lame junior member makes six battery widgets, it features on your headlines, but when a seasoned recognised developer in the HTC Incredible S section manages to port TWO JELLYBEAN ROMS AS A FIRST-EVER effort for the inc s, no one takes notice ... "Ho hum, what else is new"...
    Why the stepchild treatment to this section? Please feature this in your headlines please.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1854796

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    I want to thank all the Mods...I did referral trading for a few years and spent about a year of that being a moderator on two of the forums I worked on. It is HARD work being a mod especially if you have a wife and or children. Your family deserves to have you in their lives and being a mod requires time spent in the forum away from the family. I ended up in some arguements with my wife over how much time I was spending on my computer....She was right; I was on it too much!

    For all you mods out their I want to suggest that you remember your family does come first and the forum second. Many users do not understand this and sometimes expect you mods to be there all the time. The forum will still be there after you spend time with the family. The users here may get frazzled having to wait but it is better than having your spouse getting frazzled!!!

    Forum users please remember these mods have lives that come first and they try very hard to balance life with being here helping you FOR FREE!
    God bless this forum God bless our mods!!!

    Peace out....

    P.S....Lets all try and help each other around here, you will get those ten posts before you know it...Read, learn, post.......suddenly you will have over 100 posts!!