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Requirement MARSHMALLOW XT1550 1GB RAM 16GB internal storage

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Nov 21, 2015
i bricked my XT1550 trying to install the 2gb version, and i don t know how back to the Lollipop because my bootloader is locked.. someone can help me and upload the rom?? or a tutorial? please.


New member
Jun 6, 2017
yess, thx, but i try to install a marshmallow rom of other version, and now my phone can back to lollipop because is with the boot locked, and he don t wake up, when the system will start he power off with a error message..

Hello..is that true?The specs of your phone is 1 GB RAM and internal 16 GB, I think 16 GB/2GB and 8GB/1GB? Cause I have a problem..My XT1550 before flashing firmware have RAM 2 GB but now only 1 GB