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[Resolved]Looking for "LTE only" setting in stock firmwares

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I'm trying to get my SM-G930W8 set up to work on AT&T's LTE only network so I can use VoLTE calls. I need to have this option available to me:


These are the only options available to me currently:


I've downloaded several of the stock firmwares for this device, and I'm planning to flash them one after another until I get this setting. Which part of the firmware contains what I need (if it contains it at all), i.e. AP, CP, CSC, etc.?

Once I get this working, I'd like to try out the DevBase ROM, but I want to be sure it doesn't overwrite the LTE only part.


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I've now flashed firmware for 4 of the 9 carrier-specific CSCs: BMC, BWA, ESK, and FMC. The "LTE only" option hasn't appeared in any of them. However, I flashed the HOME_CSC image instead of CSC image so that I wouldn't have to start over on my device again every time. Could that be the problem? Do I need a clean install to get this option?
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I did another clean flash of KDO (I don't think there's actually much difference between the different firmwares available for this phone), then immediately flashed TWRP, then DevBase with the "xposed", "KCSC", and "skipvc" options, and now I have "LTE only" mode!!!


Jul 19, 2021
dude you don't need all that
just go to play store
install hidden settings for android
search for radioinfo in the app
tap it then you'll find set preferred network
set to LTE only


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