Restoration of the halfBricK bootloader!

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Jan 7, 2013
Restoration of the halfBricK bootloader 4. xxxxx!!!

If you have halfBricKed butloader and bootloader have only one inscription:

If you can start your phone!!! You need use the latest updates through the Zune or CAB files containing butloader 5.xxxx to return in phone mode "USB Host" for you to be able to work with Goldkard.
If CABs are chosen properly for firmware of your region, after installing them in your bootloader you should see some more data (like this):
PD29100 SS-BC (4K)
SPL-5.10.2250.0(1142968) MNG
MicroP(LED) 0x07
TOUCH S1(v1.8,#1624)

Partition Info-v211v413

With this data no inscriptions USB/Serial will appear, but you should see mode "USB Host"!!!

CAB-files of the 4th and 5th bootloaders!

HD7 (Schubert, T9292, T9295, T9296):

Mozart (T8697, T8698, T8699):

Surround (Mondrian, T8788):

Trophy (Spark, T8686):

Pro (Gold, Т7576):

Next, use this instruction:

You need:
1. Micro SD card from 256 MB to 4 GB.
2. USB Micro SD Card reader or USB SD Card reader + MicroSD adapter.
3. USB Y-cable.
4. Nokia Smartphone supports MicroSD.

1. Extract the memory card from your HTC phone. Insert it in Nokia phone and format it.
2. Insert the card into the card reader, connect to the computer and format it in FAT32 (default cluster).
3. Return memory card in the phone (important!!! Do not start and do not make hard reset until all operations).
4. Find first firmware to your phone and extract the .exe file with archivator (e.g. WinRar). Rename RUU_signed.nbh file in my case to ___.nbh and copy the file to the root of the memory card prepared for the Goldcard (not phone!!!)
The device file name match:
HTC Trophy – «SPARIMG.nbh»
HTC HD7 (Schubert) – «SCHUIMG.nbh»
HTC Surround (Mondrian) – «MONDIMG.nbh»
HTC Mozart – «MOZAIMG.nbh»
HTC Pro (Gold) – «GOLDIMG.nbh»

5. On your phone go to the usb host mode (turn off the phone, holding down the volume-down button, and the camera button, press the power button, then you will see a white screen that says "Enter USB Host".
6. Connect USB of Y-cable to the computer, to one USB connect card reader with our SD card, to second connect cable from the phone.
7. If you did everything correctly, the firmware process will begin. The phone will restart after a few minutes, do not worry, do not touch, looking forward to the end of the process. Upon completion, you should see an inscription "Update complete/UPDATE SUCCESS"


Original post:

You use this at your own risk. NOBODY take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this procedure.
I does not try this method by myself! I only translate it from Russian!
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Jul 31, 2012
can't download the file was removed from the site so i cant download it ,can you give an alternative link to download it


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Jan 26, 2011
Ok but how send cab file to my surround. Cab sender say - no device and dont recognize my htc cabley dont work too - vol down cam power show tricolor screen what next

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