Restore missing app opens Play Store in a web browser

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Jan 18, 2011
Elliott Heads
Google Pixel 3
Hi, Have just restored a Nova Backup on a new phone, with only a few of my standard apps already installed.
Hence, on running Nova, most of the apps are 'grayed out'. Normally in this situations, I click on them, tells me they're not installed and offers to search/install, but, this then opens the Play Store app quickly, but then immediately opens a web browser, at the Google Play store, and things don't go well from there... Have not seen this behaviour on previous phones?
How can I get it to actually install from the Play Store app?
Have checked defaults and nothing wierd there, and also if I disable/uninstall browsers, it tells me to install one as it is needed??

EDIT: Just discovreed this isn't just for Nova, appears that if an app wants to install another app, it opens PlayStore app, momentarily, which then opens a browser...???
Would REALLY like a fix...
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