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3 new languages will be added
  • Filipino
  • Persian
  • Turkish
New logo design for the watch app
Credits to the new logo design goes to
From my Telegram group
Twitter: Fabio Scarparo


Oct 21, 2021
Dante, thx for everything, everything works great !!!
I confirm this version is better , and BP is quicker and more accurate with this new version
I'm very happy because I have to check very often my blood pressure...
You are a Genius Dante ! Thx a lot !!! :) :) :)
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New member
Jul 29, 2005
Thank you for the good job. It helps a lot!

Is it possible to make the first caution screen disappear or make it shorter to press ok immediately without scrolling?


Nov 28, 2021
Hello Dante and thank you for your work. I'm following the steps (Oneplus 7 and Active 2) but I can't download the SDK extensions. In Package Manager I have the wording "Network Disconnected". Can you help me? Thank you
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Nov 28, 2021
Yes, the installation of tizen studio went without problems. However, unlike your video and the guide, I have no possibility to download the extensions. From browser I access the download section without problems. Isn't there a workaraund to download extensions?
Yes, the installation of tizen studio went without problems. However, unlike your video and the guide, I have no possibility to download the extensions. From browser I access the download section without problems. Isn't there a workaraund to download extensions?
Download is only accessible through package manager as far as I know, perhaps the path of tizen-studio has special characters (non-English characters) or long path, this breaks tizen-studio, I suggest deleting the folder tizen-studio and installing it again


Nov 28, 2021
Hi Dante,
now I managed to create the certificates and went ahead with Fit2installer but i get this error: Failed to install the app:
Processing result Check certificate error [-12] failed


  • Cattura.PNG
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Hi Dante,
now I managed to create the certificates and went ahead with Fit2installer but i get this error: Failed to install the app:
Processing result Check certificate error [-12] failed
Details please, have you done all steps (create certificate with watch duid, sign the mod, grab the mod from inside install_me)...?
Also, this is installation through tizen-studio and not Fit2Installer...
The error states certificate has issues, this installation fails

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    Here is a quick summary about version 181 for phone:
    • ECG PDF files have been compressed by removing revision history on the PDF file, changed some pictures and some are compressed (but this only dropped few KBs)
    • Added CSC restriction error message
    • Added Bluetooth control settings (Haven't seen it yet, just seen the code)
    • Added ECG wrong wrist warning
    • Added ECG wrong orientation warning messages
    • ECG Download data should tell what watch was used in the measurement (I didn't see anything about BP)
    • Overall BP and ECG optimized
    • Restrictions code is heavily modified, I'll need to revise the changes and make sure what they added does not break the MOD
    • They patched few things that I just observed where errors were unhandled (method try catch exception, the exception wasn't handled, SHM would crash without showing any message or reason)
    • Separated messages of Tizen Watches from WearOS Watches (example: instead of saying top button, they said home button, lol)
    I fear that I will have a headache lol, 171 -> 181, Major changes, wish the changes didn't include restrictions, so I will either get it working or not, I'd say 40% success on first attempt...

    So I will probably have a beta phase after me finishing alpha phase testing...
    I already have beta testers, If I ever need more, rest assured that I would announce about it everywhere...
    Version 181 is out,
    Enjoy :giggle:
    Is is possible to enable the snoring-recognize feature from the Watch4 on the Watch3?
    Also the continuous SPO2 measuring feature?
    Each watch has its own configuration aside from being different operating system with different Hardware...

    The answer is no, watch3 had SpO2 during sleep and Samsung removed it for not being accurate, perhaps future update would fix it...
    Thank You for Your answer, but where can I get SHM MOD for phone ? Sorry for stupid question :/
    Root of the Google drive, my link is located at 1st post, first page, look for a section files and description and you will see the link, it's large and bold, you should be able to see it...
    here a short tutorial for arch/manjaro users to install Tizen Studio and use it to sign and install wgt:

    1. Install Tizen Studio via:

    2. Then install webkitgtk2 3:2.4.11-26 from AUR (it takes a while to compile) ,otherwise you cant connect to your Samsung Login.

    Then follow the steps provided in OP to get the Samsung Certificates etc...

    3. use tizen cli to sign wgt:

    in your tizen studio install folder you find the tizen cli command ( ~/tizen-studio/tools/ide/bin )

    ./tizen package -t wgt -s NAMEOFYOURCREATEDCERTIFICATE -- /path to your .wgt (this will override the original wgt and sign it)

    4. To install the app i used the tizen device manager (right click on SM-R840 or similar -> install App )

    All credits to @Dante63 , Toxblh at Github, and Diego Cobain at youtube, etc...
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    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you all are fine...


    • FEATURES: Multilanguage, no root detection, no country restriction, no device restriction, age limit lowered from 22 to 16, no lock screen restriction, No Force update to latest version) for phone, as for the watch, SHM multilanguage 1.1.0049...
    • BUGS: None that I know of...
    • BP SYNC between SHM and SH: There is an Entire Section that explains it in detail, don't miss it if you want this to work...
    • About ECG in SH: ECG has never synced to Samsung Cloud, since the first release of SHM, the ECG tile has no use other than being a shortcut to open SHM at ECG tab...
    • SHM ChangeLog: see Post #2
    • CRASHING?: few devices crash at application start and few others crash after completing the profile, logs showed each device has a different problem, I'm not considering this as a bug but you can ask me and I'll try to help...
    • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT POSTING: Please search the thread first before posting your problem, provide details, screenshot, videos if possible, do not just say "it's not working" or "it's crashing", details are important if you want me to help you and to get it fast...
    • FUTURE WORKS: nothing yet on my mind...

    • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT POSTING: Please read the F.A.Q and search the thread first before posting your problem, PROVIDE DETAILS, SCREENSHOT, VIDEOS IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT JUST SAY "IT'S NOT WORKING" OR "IT'S CRASHING", details are important if you want me to help you and to get it fast...

    ~~~ FOR WearOS (Watch4 And Above), LINK BELOW~~~

    ~~~ SHM MOD F.A.Q ~~~
    First I want to say to article authors, thank you for your efforts to publish an article on this, but please do not copy and paste into your article as content may change and please provide link to the thread so people can get help and ask questions...

    Ok, now let's begin:

    1. Tizen SHM MOD and WearOS SHM MOD...?
      The watch4 original SHM can't communicate with the phone MOD, and it's not possible to completly remove the original SHM from the watch4, so I had to create WearOS MOD and rename the previous MOD to Tizen MOD...
    2. Do I need root...?
      No root is required...
    3. Does this void my warranty?
      No it does not void the warrenty or trip the know or damage the watch or the phone...
    4. OTA effect on MOD & MOD effects on OTA.
      No Effects, the MOD is independant...
    5. Run_me.bat Java "main" errors and JDK15.
      Open CMD and type 'Java --version', if it doesn't say Java 15, then you will struggle with such error, uninstall any JDK and reinstall JDK 15, run the command again, you should see Java 15...
    6. Connecting to the watch isn't working.
      Firewall, antivirus, defender, anything that filters the internet can block the connection of the watch, so make sure to disable all internet security, if it doesn't connect yet, reboot the pc and the watch and try again...


    Tell me your device type and Android version, provide me a screenshot or video of where it happened and how, a logcat is appreciated, these details will help me re-create the environment and try to get the issue you have so I can trace it and fix it...

    ~~~ Tizen - Active2 & Watch3 - How to install SHM MOD - Tutorial - XDA - Dante63 ~~~

    If you can't see the YouTube video, visit the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/6foHp4LDVd0

    ~~~ FILES and Description ~~~
    Here is the link to the files I am using:
    Google Drive - TIZEN - SHM No Root, Country, Device, Update, Age Detection + Watch SHM MOD

    I believe the folders describe themselves, the APK at the root is to be installed on your phone...

    If you can't see the YouTube video, visit the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ZOAxR8_aB70


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Updating Samsung Health may reset "set features" back to original values and this disables the sync, change them again to enable the sync and check the permissions of SHM MOD, it should be enabled as well...

    The steps are easy to follow, first, let's enable the set features on Samsung Health,
    1. Download from my Google Drive "SamsungHealth.zip" on your phone from inside the folder "Enable BP Sync"...
    2. Extract it inside the Download folder on your phone internal Storage...
    3. Check the extracted Folder and its contents on your phone, the path should look like "/Internal Storage/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn"
    or "/storage/emulated/0/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn"...
    Screenshot_20211216-140353_My Files.jpg
    4. Never delete this folder...
    5. Force stop Samsung Health, then open it, go to settings, then scroll down to about Samsung Health, now tap on the version till set features is enabled...

    to enable the developer mode on Samsung Health:
    InShot_20210411_200934172.jpgInShot_20210411_201048449.jpgInShot_20210411_201440606.jpgInShot_20210411_232636295.jpgInShot_20210411_232542732.jpgScreenshot_20210412-021338_Samsung Health.jpg
    Instructions in words, you will open Samsung health and go to settings then about, tap on the version till features and developers are visible. You will go inside the features and expand the "Health Analytics" set it to "DEV", then expand "DataPlatform" and turn On the "Developer Mode", when you hit back, Samsung Health will ask you to force stop the application and take you to the app info screen, you will force stop and clear the cache, this will allow Samsung Health to reinitiate a connection without security checks for SHM to sync BP with it...

    On SHM MOD, open the side menu -> Data -> Data Permissions and tap on Samsung Health, Make sure permissions are enabled so it would start syncing...!
    ~~~ Special Thanks ~~~
    Thanks to the following members for sharing their solutions about the Java "main" exception error solution: @FckSamsung, @little_blaine, @uoY_redruM and @gogega ...

    BIG THANKS TO @evildog1 for the APK Easy Tool and @LeJay for the Fit2Installer that I found on his Thread...

    Thanks to @caravana for sharing version 175, found at Samsung Health Monitor - and on XDA Samsung Health Monitor v1.1.0.167 by @JonGarrett is how I found the link...

    Thanks to @adfree for providing me SHM, SHM watch 1.1.0037 and SHM watch 1.1.0039...
    Thanks to @vadu71 for providing me the updated version of SHM 183...
    Big thanks to member @l0nax for the great catch of finding the device detection and lowering age restriction found in here...

    Thanks to @jmdomini as despite BP was hidden and inaccessible, he was able to use the BP by calling the activity through a third-party app which tells me that the restrictions were only view related and not functionality, his findings helped me dig in the right place and fix SHM...

    Thanks to @warpjavier for sharing his thread
    I have followed his steps and generated unsigned TPKs, you just need to sign it...
    After signing it with Tizen studio, you either push it sdb or you can use the TPK installer which you decompile, place the tpk in assets and compile it again...

    Thanks for this Guide by @xxstd (download 1 to 3, don't use 4 or 5, use mine and proceed with the rest) for how to sign TPKs

    Thanks to Mr. @m2carbine as on the journey of trying to make this work, thanks to him I found the root cause why BP failed to install...
    According to Samsung, The Samsung Health Monitor app requires a Galaxy Watch Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 and later models, alongside having Android version 7.0 and above...

    SHM has device detection, country restriction and spoof location detection, the following countries were listed in the country restriction checking, I believe if you live in those countries, SHM should Work, otherwise, it wouldn't, SHM checks your GeoLocation, Sim Card, and Device CSC (if no sim or location provided)

    List of Country Codes Alpha-2:
    EU_CSC (Total 35):
    EU_MNC (Total 29):
    NON-EU (Total 14):

    SHM will work only if the following is not detected on your Samsung Device:
    ~~~ Don't forget to ~~~
    Don't forget to smash the (y)THANKS (y)
    PS. if you are super happy and want to thank me, It is highly appreciated if you'd consider supporting me through my Patreon Page ❤️ 😊monthly or one time through PayPal ...

    ✯ XDA: https://forum.xda-developers.com/m/dante63.7047928/
    ✯ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/XDA-Dante63/
    ✯ Telegram: https://t.me/xda_dante63
    What's New:
    Latest Changes:

    --- 19th January 2022 - Released Tizen SHM MOD for phone...

    --- 22nd November 2021 - Patched Tizen SHM MOD by adding 3 languages (Turkish, Persian and Filipino), changed the design of the logo for both phone and watch, changed the naming of the phone MOD in Google Drive...
    --- 16th November 2021 - Released Tizen SHM MOD for Phone...
    --- 14th November 2021 - Released Tizen SHM MOD for Phone...
    --- 17th October 2021 - testing complete - introducing 4 new languages, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese and Malay...
    --- 5th October 2021 - Edited the Fit2Installer "Run Me.bat", now it will check for the java version and will tell you from the beginning whether you have JDK15 or something else and whether you will face issues or not, so no one posts about JAVA "main" error again unless JDK is 15 and the error still exist, I wish to eliminate the repeated error of not installing or using JDK15 and also eliminate repeated posts that are about JDK15, do not post about having an error in Fit2Installer if you did not install JDK15 or have other JDKs installed...
    --- 27th September 2021 - some users reported that sync stopped in new Samsung Health, when investigated, the new update was a major update and it reset set features back to original values, it did not break the sync, do the required changes again in set features of Samsung Health and check that SHM permissions are still enabled and the sync will work again...
    --- 26th September 2021 - Added Vietnamese Language support to the phone SHM MOD, so now the app won't be shown in the English Language, if there are any mistakes, please let me know, it would be nice to support languages that are unavailable, I also added in Chinese and Vietnamese "Google Translated by XDA-Dante63" as it's an unofficial translation + fixed age 22, I never thought Samsung would add a 4th age check...
    --- 24th September 2021 - Added Chinese Simplified Language to the phone SHM MOD, so now the app won't be shown in the English Language, if there are any mistakes, please let me know, it would be nice to support languages that are unavailable, I also updated the F.A.Q Section...
    --- 21st September 2021 - Added a video showing how to enable set features on Samsung Health to enable the BP sync between Samsung Health and Samsung Health Monitor... New Tutorial Video Uploaded...
    --- 20th September 2021 - Google Drive updated and changed the entire structure and contents...
    --- 19th September 2021 - Patched Watch SHM 1.1.0049 wgt, removed ECG and BP standalones, I will tidy google drive and recreate the video Tutorial, make it much simpler for you guys... Updated media photos in Post#3...
    --- 15th September 2021 - Uploaded installer for Watch SHM 1.1.0049 wgt...
    --- 9th September 2021 - Patched and released Tizen SHM MOD, support for AU and heavy code optimization + seems like there is BP cuff feature being implemented but hasn't been released yet...
    --- 4th September 2021 - Updated thread, added a F.A.Q section for a video I made that should answer questions for those who are new to the SHM MOD...
    --- 2nd September 2021 - Patched some new restrictions I bumped into, removed the following "low ram", "low storage" and "low battery" errors, they prevent launching SHM...
    --- 23rd Aug 2021 - added a Tizen logo into version 153 and changed app version label included tizen, this is just to ensure that you don't use Tizen SHM with Watch4 because it's not compatible, changed the message when no watch is connected to "To use this feature, you need Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Galaxy Watch 3 that was released in a country where this feature has been approved." and finally, on my google drive, I renamed all phone apk files to include "Phone.Tizen." at the beginning of the name, this will help users that have both Tizen and WearOs watches in knowing what each apk is for...
    --- 22nd Aug 2021 - created a thread for watch4, this thread will be only for Tizen devices...
    --- 21st Aug 2021 - Watch4 mystery is revealed after long hours of dedication and with the help of different amazing members on Telegram (specifically Italy, love you all and never forget 🤌🏻 lol) and on reddit, the shm mod and watch4 is working but the process is different than the tizen watches, the mod is still being tested and still looking to improve it a bit, it works only on watch4, I will release it when I think it's perfect and has no flaws, I say in a day or two...
    --- 17th Aug 2021 - More patches applied to SHM and I also made an installer that would push SHM 47 to the watch... I'm still investigating the matter in regards to the watch 4 detection issues through logcat of users, if I can't fix it, I will probably be able to do more when I get the watch on 10th of September...
    --- 13th Aug 2021 - Released SHM and patched, when no watch is connected, it will show a message instead of a black screen...
    --- 12th Aug 2021 - Fixed SHM issue when trying to accept, you should not face any issues...
    --- 11th Aug 2021 - Released SHM, it has a bug where if running for the first time, you cannot proceed after hitting accept, so install the previous version of SHM, hit accept and finish the profile then update till I release a fix. I also removed from my Drive SHM 175 as it is deprecated, there is no use in having it anymore since you can't update from 175 to anything newer...
    --- 8th Aug 2021 - Fixed Samsung Health interference with Samsung Health Monitor, it shouldn't crash anymore and all SHM MODs have been signed with release-keys of my own, this will ensure that my work wouldn't be tampered with or Modified for whatever purposes, if you install an update of SHM MOD from other sources and it fails, that means it has been tampered with, not released by me...
    --- 7th Aug 2021 - Found out latest Samsung Health breaks SHM sometimes, workaround is uninstalling both, install SHM first, finish the profile then install Samsung Health again, DO NOT ENABLE THE SYNC INSIDE SHM DATA WITH SAMSUNG HEALTH... I will try my best to find time to investigate this and fix it... I also would like to add that "set features" was accidentally released to the public according to Samsung support, version 6.16 is the latest, I will investigate this as well to see if there is a solution, as a workaround, you can always downgrade Samsung Health, sync the BP and upgrade Samsung Health again... and finally, I did make a patreon page and I'd appreciate your support if you can, I believe that is everything in August for now...
    --- 2nd July 2021 - Patched 191 by fixing few labels for the Chinese language, and Successfully Modified and uploaded SHM1.1.0.193...
    --- 31st May 2021 - Patched 189, removed force update, and Successfully Modified and uploaded SHM1.1.0.191, changes are only Singapore Country support - I also had to go back to previous versions, I forgot to change the error of age from 22 to 16 for all languages as I only changed English (Versions affected 183, 189 & 191), I removed Samsung Health 6.17*, please use, if you updated and can't see set features, uninstall updates and grab a copy from my drive...
    --- 29th May 2021 - Organized Google drive and added Samsung Health that has set features which enables sync with SHM...
    --- 14th May 2021 - Some members on XDA, reddit and youtube have struggled with finding JDK 15 since the URL keeps breaking, I decided to locate and download JDK 15 and upload it to my Google Drive, now you have two options, the link and google drive...
    --- 11th April 2021 - Thanks to @juljoe2021 for the tip of using Developer mode on Samsung Health, it allows to bypass signature checks and Sync BP between Samsung Health and Samsung Health monitor, also thanks to @adfree, I uploaded the SHM version 43 for the watch and added the installer which has 3 countries support (CY, RU and HK) and some minor optimization, I also uploaded the latest Samsung Health that I used for the BP sync in SHM...
    --- 3rd April 2021 - Successfully Modified and uploaded SHM1.1.0.189 - still investigating what has been added aside from 3 countries (CY, RU and HK)...
    --- 28th March 2021 - I have gathered different solutions of members for the annoying Exception in thread "main" JAVA problem in a section so people can use one of the them to fix it and proceed signing the tpks...
    --- 14th March 2021 - I forgot to post about the SHM 39 apk installer, Thanks to @adfree, I believe it patches the SHM 37 for bugs in the interface...
    --- 10th March 2021 - the issue of hidden ECG and hidden BP was still shown for few users and now I am confident to say with more patches, I think SHM 181 & 183 is at its best, thanks to @jmdomini as despite BP was hidden, he was able to use the BP by calling the activity which tells me that the restrictions was view related and not functionality...
    --- 8th March 2021 - very few users reported that SHM still hides BP or ECG showing either "The blood pressure features require a Galaxy Watch Active 2 or later to work" or "The ECG features require a Galaxy Watch Active 2 or later to work", so I dag very deep hoping to find what I missed and I believe I found it & I patched the logic, now you should be able to see "The blood pressure and ECG features require a Galaxy Watch Active 2 or later to work." And to be able to use both BP and ECG on the app...
    --- 3rd March 2021 - Organized the Thread, Patched 181 and 183, removed BP restriction for USA, Removed lock screen requirement, changed the message of age restriction from 22 to 16 and applied the check logic...
    --- 1st March 2021 - Updated SHM1.1.0.181 & SHM1.1.0.183 removing device restriction and lowered age restriction from 22 to 16, special thanks to @l0nax, I also removed version detection, it shouldn't ask you to update to the latest version anymore...
    --- 11th Feb 2021 - Successfully Modified and uploaded SHM1.1.0.183 root detection & country restriction removed...
    --- 10th Feb 2021 - Successfully Modified and uploaded SHM1.1.0.181 root detection & country restriction removed + Added official SMH tpk installer for the watch...
    --- 14th Jan 2021 - Uploaded a tutorial video, hope it helps...
    --- 13th Jan 2021 - Fixed the Modified TPKs - the current ones are working 100% as they have been tested, please sign it and enjoy using it...
    --- 10th Jan 2021 - Added Modified BP.tpk, ECG.tpk to be signed, those who fail to install any widget, check for SMH on your watch, if it's installed, it will prevent you from pushing original widgets, sign the modified widgets and push them either sdb or the tpk installer I added and it will work (Note, you need to add the tpk inside the TPKinstaller, decompile, add it and recompile and sign)...
    --- 5th Jan 2021 - Added BP.tpk, ECG.tpk and TPK installer apk for editing and pushing if original tpk fail to install, check the Alternative way in the post...
    --- 24th Dec 2020 - Added individual widget installers, BP standalone & ECG standalone, if the watch has one of the widgets already, both widgets installer will fail to install...
    --- 20th Dec 2020 - Added photos in post #3...
    --- 14th Dec 2020 - Removed root detection from latest Samsung Health Monitor Mod ( by @caravana
    SHM MOD Phone Media:
    Screenshot_20210919-153730_One UI Home.jpg20210919_153850.jpg20210919_153839.jpg20210919_153828.jpg
    SHM MOD Watch Media:
    Ways to differentiate between MOD and original, and in galaxy wearable app:
    Screenshot_20210919-134811_Galaxy Watch3 PlugIn.jpg
    Update update update, a wonderful amazing update for all watch4 owners and those who ordered it
    SHM works on watch4,
    Still going through heavy tests to ensure it is at its best form and most features active...
    I will release it in 1-2 days...
    I am going to start organizing the Thread for Watch4 *Excitement* lol