Development [RESTRICTIONS-REMOVED] Samsung Health Monitor - WearOS - - Root, Age, Country & Device Restriction Removed - 25th Oct 2022

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Seems i forgot to post about the watch 215..
So here is what is new in SHM 215 (Watch):
* Turkey (TR) BP & ECG Support added

-> Where are the other countries...?
Peru (PE), Bolivia (BO), Réunion (RE - island in France), Nicaragua (NI), Venezuela (VE) are not there but on the phone...

* They added wrist position logic in BP & ECG...
* I also see a lot of UI changes...
* BP and ECG code is heavily modified with new logic...
* Wear connectivity code has changed as well...

I will release both Watch 215 & Phone 209 tomorrow, Beta seems have passed with success...


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Aug 6, 2022
Provide screenshots of the apps and error or even better a video if possible



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Sep 1, 2010
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I noticed that the description has been edited to include Watch5, but wanted to check on what the expectation is for Watch5 to be supported out of the box.

I have a Watch5 on pre-order right now, and will be pairing it with a Pixel 6 (no-root), which I'll probably be updating to Android 13 shortly.


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Oct 18, 2010
I noticed that the description has been edited to include Watch5, but wanted to check on what the expectation is for Watch5 to be supported out of the box.

I have a Watch5 on pre-order right now, and will be pairing it with a Pixel 6 (no-root), which I'll probably be updating to Android 13 shortly.
I have a watch 5 pro paired with pixel 6 pro for now everything works fine
I noticed that the description has been edited to include Watch5, but wanted to check on what the expectation is for Watch5 to be supported out of the box.

I have a Watch5 on pre-order right now, and will be pairing it with a Pixel 6 (no-root), which I'll probably be updating to Android 13 shortly.
Once users confirmed that it works on watch5, I updated the thread and listed it working...
Released WearOS SHM MOD versions ( for Phone) and ( for Watch)...

BONUS: I decided to add a new patch to the phone app not to work on the watch to prevent the mistake where people install the phone app on the watch and run it as if it's the correct app... sadly, I can't stop the app from being installed, All I can do is show a message and force-close the app:
So no more mistakes hopefully...
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Feb 2, 2010
Released WearOS SHM MOD versions ( for Phone) and ( for Watch)...

BONUS: I decided to add a new patch to the phone app not to work on the watch to prevent the mistake where people install the phone app on the watch and run it as if it's the correct app... sadly, I can't stop the app from being installed, All I can do is show a message and force-close the app:
View attachment 5687813
So no more mistakes hopefully...
Thanks for your effort!
However i seem to be blind, or the file is not present in the Google Drive folder?


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Aug 17, 2022
I have a watch 5 pro paired with pixel 6 pro for now everything works fine

Hi there, I have a galaxy watch 5 paired to a pixel 6 pro but after trying just about everything i get Samsung Health Monitor not finding my watch. Watch is paired in Samsung health app. Samsung wearables + watch5 plugin installed. I'm at a bit of a loss. Any clues?


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Hmm, seemed to be a Chrome caching issue. I opened the link in Edge and the file is indeed visible.
Always refresh Google drive,
I am aware of the caching issues hence why when I release the update I remove all files and place new files, this makes people refresh the drive since cache will be broken (old files won't work) and new files should be shown...


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Oct 18, 2010
Hi there, I have a galaxy watch 5 paired to a pixel 6 pro but after trying just about everything i get Samsung Health Monitor not finding my watch. Watch is paired in Samsung health app. Samsung wearables + watch5 plugin installed. I'm at a bit of a loss. Any clues?
From the watch go to settings - applications - permissions and block the permissions of the sensors of the samsung Healt app (not that of Dante63) then restart the phone and watch .. then check, it worked for me.
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I will look into it as soon as i can, but what I did is not translate English into Chinese simplified, instead I went to a tool that would translate Chinese traditional into Chinese simplified as I thought it will be more accurate...
I noticed that you translated not only from zh-rTW but also from zh-rHK, which is more influenced by Cantonese. Due to local translation issues, both have some gaps for zh-rCN for newly emerged proper nouns, especially in the scientific field. So using machine translation directly can cause some confusion.

BTW, it seems that you didn't add my translation in the new version, is there any problem? If so, I will correct it asap.

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    Can someone explain what seems to be the problem here?

    -s is for device SERIAL, not IP, which is -e

    for simplicity with one device connected, once the adb connection is established, just use:

    adb install <apk name>

    for single apk apps


    adb install-multiple <apk names>

    for split apks
    Can someone explain what seems to be the problem here?
    The device id is
    Include the port and you would be good,
    If this is the only device connected to your PC (either through usb or wifi) you can drop the -s and the Id, but if you have multiple devices then you need to use the -s flag.
    Just upgraded from the Pixel 6 Pro to the Pixel 7 Pro (got a deal couldn't pass up).
    I was afraid I'd have to reinstall everything, but I didn't have to reset the watch. Just
    paired it up and all the functions are still working perfect.
    Maybe because I don't use samsung/google pay on the watch?
    I don't think that's the case but maybe Samsung decided to check the Google account on the phone 🤔
    Just upgraded from the Pixel 6 Pro to the Pixel 7 Pro (got a deal couldn't pass up).
    I was afraid I'd have to reinstall everything, but I didn't have to reset the watch. Just
    paired it up and all the functions are still working perfect.
    Maybe because I don't use samsung/google pay on the watch?

    that would be a first in my experience - as anytime the devices google play store data is changed (or cleared) it usually requires a reset of the watch
    Bare with me, my knowledge in this area is limited. I installed the shm on my phone by downloading the file to my PC, plugging my phone into the PC and copied the files over. But how do I get the shm on my watch? Is it the same downloaded I installed on my phone?
    If the phone app is crashing and can't get past profile creation, then even if you carry on installing the mod on your watch, you won't be able to use it because phone shk mod should be functional...

    But let's say you want to install the watch app regardless, the watch shm mod is located in the watch folder the name of the apk has "watch" in it...
    Yeah i Installed for wear OS too. But the app dont find my compatible watch 4
    Watch has shm mod installed..?
    Does it open the phone shm mod and still show no compatible watch found...?
    If yes, restart phone and watch and they will detect each other on next boot...
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    SHM MOD Companion 2.0.0 is out


    The companion now can check for shm mod updates automatically, it can sideload to your watch and can easily uninstall or reinstall the stock shm with a click of a button and what's new section has a YouTube player which helps in giving more insights on what's new if text isn't enough...

    The rest are the same, code optimized and organized...

    Big changes people,
    Enjoy them ♡
    Ok so the WearOS manager which is avaliable for the first 1000 user for testing - English language only...

    If you will install it, please test it as much as you can and suggest what can be done to improve it, also report any bugs you see...

    You can message me directly here on Telegram or through other platforms...

    if everything is working well, I will translate it with Google Translation service and officially release it, removing the 1K limit...

    If the app is crashing, please do report the feedback using Google feedback, it will take a day or so, if you wish to escalate things, then please do record a video of how it is crashing so I can investigate quickly and tell me what your device brand and Android version + watch used...

    I will patch any issues you guys find asap, don't worry...

    Happy testing, your contribution is appreciated 😊...

    If all is well, this will ensure that the companion will be stable as well:
    Screenshot_20221116-172127_SHM MOD Companion.jpg
    So your help is appreciated...
    You're absolutely right, these are all valid concerns and limitations / complications, that is exactly why I said

    And I totally get it why it's done the way it is currently done.
    Bottom line: Perhaps not the prettiest, but definitely functional, and fills as gap.

    Thanks for everything.
    I will definitely try to find ways to improve the WearOS manager, one thing I have added that others don't is activity log, I find that to be the most attractive thing in the app... alongside that would be having everything in one place, no ads, no limitations to how many commands you can save and finally, the ability to get the IP and ping it before doing adb connect 😊...
    However the watch 5 " @Dante63 companion app " never finds the phone even with Bluetooth off on the watch, yes I had the companion app installed on my phone, both couldn't see each other, even tried hotspot on my phone to watch 5
    I'm patching the companion,
    Adding something new to it...

    When I release it, try it and let me know if the problem in companion still exist...
    adb pull worked.

    Few observations, in no particular order.
    • It's interesting that without asking for permissions it managed to save the files in Download folder.
    • I would prefer if "Please turn off your phone Bluetooth" be advisory rather than forceful, mainly for two reasons.
      • Sometimes I turn off BT on the watch, why should I be forced to turn it off on the phone as well? perhaps I need the phone BT for other uses.
      • to be honest I used to turn off the watch BT at first when doing any remote adb through my PC, however lately I've been able to do every without the need to turn it off, yes it can cause issues, but it does not necessarily.
      • If I don't turn off BT after seeing the message, anything goes wrong is on me ;)
    • After disconnecting from the watch, I was prompted with the message "Would you like to turn back on the bluetooth again?", clicking on yes did NOT turn on bluetooth.
      If the app is potentially capable of turning on BT, couldn't it have turn it off as well?
    • Although my eyes are not good anymore and I tend to use larger font on my phone, somehow I find the font used (perhaps it's just my eyes) being too large, judge it yourself.
      View attachment 5764643
    • I know this is a big ask, and I know very well about the technical challenges in the implementation details, but seeing an app name / icon is far more user friendly than figuring out from package names, (something similar to apk extractor) please don't take this as criticism.
    Many thanks for this nice toolset.
    Ok, let's start with addressing the Bluetooth problem, i honestly wanted to automate things and make it work using Bluetooth enable and disable but Google changed that starting from Android 13, there is no way to disable and enable it programmatically, no way to disable it at all and to enable, you can pop up turn on Bluetooth dialog...

    So my solution would be show a message, which is what I did but maybe I should put a skip instead of forcing it, but then I might have some people saying the tool keeps disconnecting or operations fail, this is something I observed in all sideloading apps, none of them address how watch being Bluetooth connected to the phone can affect performed operation (becausethe watch would hijack Wi-Fi for other operations, such as updates, transferring things and so as it gets calls from the phone, these calls can be also achieved remotely over Wi-Fi (if remote connect is on) but it wouldn't hijack Wi-Fi connectivity and interrupt operations)...

    My first solution was that maybe check if the watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth but realized that would work only if the watch app is installed, so back to the only way I can check the Bluetooth is on the phone, maybe I can improve it and get Bluetooth names? But that won't last long as I am sure Google will in the future consider it as privacy issue so I didn't go that road...

    I just stick to phone Bluetooth being off, now for turning it on, as i mentioned, according to Google documentation (which i may have missed something as it didn't work for you), I can turn on the Bluetooth after asking the user and the user approves and Bluetooth turns on...

    Saving files in downloads according to Google, I have access to write files into shared folder such as downloads and I don't need permissions to do so, starting from Android 10 & above (i spent hours and hours reading that), and I do also create temporary files in the app data located inside Android/data/(wearos package name)...

    As for the font, I am kind of useing Samsung's font there from their SHM 😄, but I see your point, I should make it more elegant and make sure the font size doesn't affect the looks...

    Finally, for watch app names and icons, it's possible only if the apps are installed on your device and not remote device, package manager function needs a physical apk to get its details, but all apks are physically avaliable on the watch, what I can do is perhaps exapnd the watch companion and add a section, call it (send app to phone), and on the watch you'll be able to see app names and icons, and select the app you want to pull... but the watch screen is small to handle things, so not so sure about that direction... I achieved the pull using package names + filter, if you write health, you'll get all packages related to health and so on...

    So what I will do:
    I will definitely look into the Bluetooth turned back on prompt and try to handle font and screen size...Also put in the turn off Bluetooth (skip button) and show a friendly toast message (If you're facing issues in the app, please consider turning off the Bluetooth to disconnect from the watch) when user skips and decide to leave Bluetooth on...
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    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you all are fine...

    ~~~ WearOS WATCHES ONLY ~~~
    • FEATURES: Works on Samsung Watch4 and Watch5 (as mentioned Samsung WearOS Watches), Multilanguage, no root detection, no country restriction, no device restriction, age limit lowered from 22 to 16, no lock screen restriction, No Force update to latest version) for phone, as for the watch, removed country restriction and lowered age limit from 22 to 16, both apps have additional languages translated by me...
    • BUGS: None...
    • BP SYNC between SHM and SH: There is an Entire Section that explains it in detail, don't miss it if you want this to work...
    • About ECG in SH: ECG has never synced to Samsung Cloud, since the first release of SHM, the ECG tile is missing in Samsung Health with SHM WearOS but rest assured that the ECG tile of Samsung Health has no use other than being a shortcut to open SHM at ECG tab...
    • SHM ChangeLog: see Post #2
    • CRASHING?: few devices crash at application start and few others crash after completing the profile, logs showed each device has a different problem, I'm not considering this as a bug but you can ask me and I'll try to help...
    • FUTURE WORKS: fix theme bugs...
    • NOTE FOR SAMSUNG ROOT USERS: Device encryption will play a big role if you leave it, you most likely will end up with error ERR_INTEGRITY which makes shm refuse to communicate with the watch... the solution would be flashing encryption disabled...

    • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT POSTING: Please search the thread and read the F.A.Q first before posting your problem, PROVIDE DETAILS, SCREENSHOT, VIDEOS IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT JUST SAY "IT'S NOT WORKING" OR "IT'S CRASHING", details are important if you want me to help you and to get it fast... SHM MOD WearOS needs to be installed on both watch and phone, if the shm mod is working on the watch and phone but shows no compatible watch found, restart the phone and watch, do not post not working if you installed only one of them or haven't tried restarting both phone and watch...
    ~~~ For Tizen (Active2 And Watch3), LINK BELOW~~~

    ~~~ SHM MOD F.A.Q ~~~
    First I want to say to article authors, thank you for your efforts to publish an article on this, but please do not copy and paste into your article as content may change and please provide link to the thread so people can get help and ask questions...

    Ok, now let's begin:

    1. Tizen SHM MOD and WearOS SHM MOD...?
      The watch4 original SHM can't communicate with the phone MOD, and it's not possible to completly remove the original SHM from the watch4, so I had to create WearOS MOD and rename the previous MOD to Tizen MOD...
    2. Do I need root...?
      No root is required...
    3. Does this void my warranty?
      No it does not void the warrenty or trip the know or damage the watch or the phone...
    4. OTA effect on MOD & MOD effects on OTA.
      No Effects, the MOD is independant...
    5. Do I need to install both phone and watch MODs?
      Yes, you need both, keep in mind, the apk with word phone is for phone and the watch4 is for the watch...
    6. Where is the IP Address?
      You can find it inside the developer options after you enable the ADB Wi-Fi, it takes time though, alternativly, you can go to connections -> wifi -> the wifi you are connected to -> scroll down and you'll find your IP...
    7. Can I do this from my phone?
      Yes, you can use Bugjeager if you don't like to type commands or Remote ADB Shell if you want to type the commands...
    8. How do I update?
      Just install it again and it will update, whether you install the phone app or the watch app...
    9. Do I need Samsung Health MOD, is there even such thing...?
      There is no Samsung Health MOD, Samsung Health is a core application, modding it will break many services, using official Samsung Health works fine...

    ~~~ Pairing issues with Watch4 on Galaxy Wearables (Watch4 not supported!) ~~~

    Initially it was Huawei devices but this solution works for other devices as well...

    This fix is done by Reddit u/Relative_Comparison2 & u/MelodicMaintenance

    You need Galaxy Wearables & Watch4 Plugin installed, now do the following steps:
    1. Download Samsung Health.
    2. start Samsung health then go to accessories and search for your watch (scan).
    3. Samsung Health will call Galaxy Wearables to set up the connection and a normal setup is performed.
    Now here is an update of mine if the above does not work and Galaxy Wearables keeps disconnecting from the watch4
    It was Explained that you need to have the following apps installed:

    Galaxy Wearable & Watch 4 plug-in

    Give all permissions to Galaxy Wearables and the Watch4 plugin by going app info, scroll down, permission and grant all...

    Now Clear the data of the following applications:

    • Google Play Services
    • Google Play Framework
    • Google Play Store
    • HwWifiproBqeService (For Huawei devices only, skip if you are not Huawei)
    The phone will start acting up, that's normal, so restart your phone to allow system app to rebuild itself, when the phone starts, do not configure your google account yet, first try connecting to the Watch4 again through Samsung Health and it should work, after that you can do whatever you want for google...

    One last note, disable any battery optimization, some phones have aggressive optimization, they will kill background services, this will stop the watch4 from pairing, if you can't disable it, then whitelist galaxy wearble and the watch4 plugin!

    ~~~ WearOS - SHM MOD - Tutorial - XDA - Dante63 ~~~

    If you can't see the YouTube video, visit the YouTube link:

    Just a second friendly reminder 😊 , *inhales deeply*:


    *ehm* enjoy the SHM MOD now 😆...

    If you see "no compatible watch found" or similar, please restart the watch and phone and try again, it should work...
    REPORTING AN ISSUE WITH SHM MOD: Tell me your device type and Android version, provide me a screenshot or video of where it happened and how, a logcat is appreciated, these details will help me re-create the environment and try to get the issue you have so I can trace it and fix it...

    ~~~ FILES and Description ~~~
    Here is the link to the files I am using:

    I believe the folders describe themselves, the APK at the root is to be installed on your phone, the file at the root of folder "ADB Watch4" is to be installed on the Watch4, you have instructions for ADB in different Languages and you have the Original SHM for the watch4 and there will be a history of the Watch4 SHM MOD...

    ~~~ SHM MOD Companion - Get updates, Enable BP Sync and Much More ~~~
    If you can't see the YouTube video, visit the YouTube link:

    If you can't see the YouTube video, visit the YouTube link:


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Updating Samsung Health may reset "set features" back to original values and this disables the sync, change them again to enable the sync and check the permissions of SHM MOD, it should be enabled as well...

    The steps are easy to follow, first, let's enable the set features on Samsung Health,
    1. Download from my Google Drive "" on your phone from inside the folder "Enable BP Sync"...
    2. Extract it inside the Download folder on your phone internal Storage...
    3. Check the extracted Folder and its contents on your phone, the path should look like "/Internal Storage/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn"
    or "/storage/emulated/0/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn"...
    Screenshot_20211216-140353_My Files.jpg
    4. Never delete this folder...
    5. Force stop Samsung Health, then open it, go to settings, then scroll down to about Samsung Health, now tap on the version till set features is enabled...

    to enable the developer mode on Samsung Health:
    InShot_20210411_200934172.jpgInShot_20210411_201048449.jpgInShot_20210411_232542732.jpgInShot_20210411_232636295.jpgInShot_20210411_201440606.jpgScreenshot_20210412-021338_Samsung Health.jpg
    Instructions in words, you will open Samsung health and go to settings then about, tap on the version till features and developers are visible. You will go inside the features and expand the "Health Analytics" set it to "DEV", then expand "DataPlatform" and turn On the "Developer Mode", when you hit back, Samsung Health will ask you to force stop the application and take you to the app info screen, you will force stop and clear the cache, this will allow Samsung Health to reinitiate a connection without security checks for SHM to sync BP with it...

    On SHM MOD, open the side menu -> Data -> Data Permissions and tap on Samsung Health, Make sure permissions are enabled so it would start syncing...!

    ~~~ Using latest Samsung Health on Rooted Device ~~~
    Thanks to XDA @73sydney , quoting the solution for bypassing Samsung Health root detection, no more using Samsung Health MOD...

    Samsung Health Security Props​

    Removes "sakv2" from to help make Samsung Health run on rooted devices. This doesnt mean its a universal "fix" and works on every device every time, so ymmv....

    Disclaimer: The changes made by this module may have ramifications/consequences beyond what you may be using it for (Samsung Health). I have tested it for several days and havent found any personally, but this doesnt mean they dont exist. You use this at your own risk
    This module:
    • looks for /vendor/build.prop
    • if found, it copies the line (in case not everyone has the same keytypes in the line - i hate using static files, i write modules to use whats on each device) to a new system.prop file in the modules folder
    • removes sakv2 from the line in system.prop (it will remove sakv2 from the line (hopefully) wherever it exists, beginning, end or middle)
    I had planned to test this new "fix" for a while before releasing the module to stop people from manually editing the existing file, as using magisk is preferable as its easily reversible, but once i saw posts on XDA about it, i figured id release this now

    As mentioned above, there may be side effects to this "fix", ymmv

    Note: You still need to make sure you have Samsung Health added to Magisk's Deny List, ideally with Shamiko installed (if using Shamiko dont forget to disable Enforce Deny List)

    According to Samsung, The Samsung Health Monitor app requires a Galaxy Watch Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 and later models, alongside having Android version 7.0 and above...

    SHM has device detection, country restriction and spoof location detection, the following countries were listed in the country restriction checking, I believe if you live in those countries, SHM should Work, otherwise, it wouldn't, SHM checks your GeoLocation, Sim Card, and Device CSC (if no sim or location provided)

    List of Country Codes Alpha-2:
    EU_CSC (Total 35):
    EU_MNC (Total 29):
    NON-EU (Total 14):

    SHM will work only if the following is not detected on your Samsung Device:

    ~~~ Special Thanks ~~~

    Thanks to the amazing people on my Telegram group and Reddit users that reached me, thanks to everyone that tested the MOD and making it happen before I got my watch...

    Thanks to @pavanmaverick he found out about the Tizen sync working for WearOS...
    Big Thanks to XDA @Zacharee1 for decompiling and diving into Samsung Health code to find a way to enable set features on any Samsung Health version, no more downgrading...

    ~~~ Don't forget to ~~~
    Don't forget to smash the (y)THANKS (y)
    PS. if you are super happy and want to thank me, It is highly appreciated if you'd consider supporting me through my Patreon Page ❤️ 😊monthly or one time through PayPal ...

    You can also support me through Google Play by installing:
    And you can Enjoy some Amazing Watchfaces I published
    while you are at it...

    ✯ XDA:
    ✯ Reddit:
    ✯ Telegram:
    What's New:
    Latest Changes:

    --- 25th Oct 2022 - Patched WearOS SHM MOD for phone & for the watch...

    --- 18th Sept 2022 - Patched Tizen & WearOS SHM MOD for phone... I also patched the shm mod companion, you can read more in the companion what's new section...
    --- 17th Aug 2022 - Released WearOS SHM MOD for phone, added to Description of the thread Watch5 supported (according to users) and released watch shm mod
    --- 28th May 2022 - Patched phone SHM MOD adding Theme selector and created SHM MOD Companion that would assist you in getting updates, BP sync enabler, reaching me and so...
    --- 4th May 2022 - Patched phone SHM MOD changing the icon from static to adaptive icon, bye bye ugly white frame...
    --- 26th April 2022 - I have released Watch SHM MOD, it has the new list of countries support, seems like they have optimized the BP and ECG logic on the watch as well, nothing else that is new...
    --- 23rd March 2022 - Patched SHM "Age 16 and above" bug...
    --- 22nd March 2022 - Released WearOS SHM MOD for phone...
    --- 11th February 2022 - Patched WearOS SHM MOD, it has DarkMode (98% completed) and I fixed PDF sharing and exporting for Turkish language... I have released Watch SHM MOD which has the orientation for the new watch4 update...
    --- 29th January 2022 - Patched WearOS SHM MOD, sharing and viewing PDF files had an issue, sorry about that, it's working now, just refresh Google drive and grab the new file and install it to overwrite what you have...
    --- 19th January 2022 - Released WearOS SHM MOD for phone...
    --- 22nd November 2021 - Patched WearOS SHM MOD and WearOS SHM MOD for Watch4 by adding 3 languages (Turkish, Persian and Filipino), changed the design of the logo for phone and watch, changed the naming of the phone MOD in Google Drive...
    --- 16th November 2021 - Released WearOS SHM MOD for Phone...
    --- 14th November 2021 - Released WearOS SHM MOD for phone and WearOS SHM MOD for Watch4...
    --- 17th October 2021 - testing complete - introducing 4 new languages, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese and Malay...
    --- 12th October 2021 - I have done some changes in my drive, now there are 2 READ ME folders for ADB commands "READ ME - ADB Auto instructions" (this is new) & "READ ME - ADB Manual instructions" (this is the old READ ME), the idea is to have a bat file that will do all adb commands, so no need to install or type anything, all you need to do is run the bat file and select what you want to do...
    --- 27th September 2021 - some users reported that sync stopped in new Samsung Health, when investigated, the new update was a major update and it reset set features back to original values, it did not break the sync, do the required changes again in set features of Samsung Health and check that SHM permissions are still enabled and the sync will work again...
    --- 26th September 2021 - Added Vietnamese Language support to the phone and watch4 SHM MOD, so now the app won't be shown in the English Language, if there are any mistakes, please let me know, it would be nice to support languages that are unavailable, I also added in Chinese and Vietnamese "Google Translated by XDA-Dante63" as it's an unofficial translation + fixed age 22, I never thought Samsung would add a 4th age check...
    --- 24th September 2021 - Added Chinese Simplified Language to the watch and phone SHM MOD, so now the app won't be shown in the English Language, if there are any mistakes, please let me know, it would be nice to support languages that are unavailable, I also updated the F.A.Q Section...
    --- 21st September 2021 - Added a video showing how to enable set features on Samsung Health to enable the BP sync between Samsung Health and Samsung Health Monitor...
    --- 20th September 2021 - Thanks to XDA @pavanmaverick for his great finding that the method used in Tizen thread for BP sync between Samsung Health and Samsung Health Monitor actually works for WearOS, I have added that section on this thread with slight modification and extra steps... Big Thanks to @Zacharee1 for going a step further and finding how to enable set features...
    --- 13th September 2021 - Patched and fixed the share PDF problem in the Phone SHM MOD, you should be able to share and export reports with no problems, have a great day 😁...
    --- 9th September 2021 - Patched and released WearOS SHM MOD, support for AU and heavy code optimization + seems like there is BP cuff feature being implemented but hasn't been released yet... I have also patched and released the watch4 SHM MOD, update shows heavy code optimization and support for AU as well, i also did a patch for low battery, now you can use SHM even if you have low battery...
    --- 4th September 2021 - Updated thread, added a F.A.Q section for a video I made that should answer questions for those who are new to the SHM MOD...
    --- 2nd September 2021 - Patched some new restrictions I bumped into, removed the following "low ram", "low storage" and "low battery" errors, they prevent launching SHM...
    --- 31st August 2021 - updated instructions for Huawei Devices connectivity issues again and removed the Galaxy Wearable MOD, Some users followed the Reddit instructions and faced disconnect issue, I read the logs and added the solution for the disconnect problem...
    --- 29th August 2021 - updated instructions for creating Galaxy Wearables MOD for Huawei devices according to the Reddit instructions and uploaded a modded galaxy wearables apk with test-keys so you guys can update it till Samsung or Huawei fix this problem...
    --- 28th August 2021 - updated instructions, turned out that the Patch I applied on the Watch4 SHM MOD made it independent, no need for the Original SHM to be installed anymore...
    --- 27th August 2021 - patched the watch4 shm update 171 and released it, simply adb install it and it will update the mod, you don't need to update the original SHM...
    --- 26th Aug 2021 - Patched the watch4 SHM MOD, I never thought it would have restrictions, oh well, patch include (country restrictions removed, BP disable removed, force update removed and Age changed from 22 to 16), simply install and it will update, no need to uninstall the previous MOD... Oh and Canada does not have SHM on the watch, probably some countries won't have it too, I updated the thread to include a section for "Missing Original SHM" and I updated the ADB instructions and I removed port since ADB connects to defalt by itself, you just need the IP of the watch...
    --- 25th Aug 2021 - Another patch I have done on 153, since the link between Samsung Health and SHM is broken, I decided to remove the pop-up dialog that asks to sync, it's confusing some people... Also, after some tests done by a telegram member, it is possible to disable and hide the Original SHM on the Watch by doing Connection the watch to ADB and going into adb shell and typing pm disable-user --user 0 and exiting the shell and disconnecting... instructions updated...
    --- 23rd Aug 2021 - patched SHM 153, added a WearOS logo to the phone app and changed app version label included wearos, this is just to ensure that you don't use WearOS SHM with Watch3 or Active2 because it's not compatible, patched Watch4 MOD 169 to have a ring on the widget to make it more friendly to the eye (there is a bug in galaxy wearable if you add tiles, you will see the widgets not displaying correctly, so set it from the watch if you can't tell which is the original and which is the MOD and organize it on the phone later if you want), I also patched SHM 153 for Watch4 in way that it can work with SHM 153 for Tizen, users that have both watches connected to the same phone can enjoy using both SHMs and finally, on my google drive, I decided to add "Phone.WearOS." at the beginning of every phone application, this will help users that have both Tizen and WearOs watches in knowing what each apk is for...
    I added a section of watch4 pairing with Huawei issues and possible fix, it's done by reddit user, with small collab with me..
    --- 22nd August 2021 - Initial release of SHM MOD for Watch4...

    These are photos from the Telegram group that members have done the tests:​

    photo1629567761.jpegphoto1629567694 (1).jpegphoto1629567694.jpegIMG_20210821_174554-min.jpgIMG_20210821_174703-min.jpg

    The SHM MOD on the Watch4 Has an M Heartbeat as a logo to distinguish it from the Original SHM. Also, SHM MOD Widgets on the watch Have a Ring to make it very friendly to the eye...​

    Set Features avaliable on latest Samsung Health:
    Screenshot_20211222-092518_Samsung Health.jpg
    Happy one year anniversary to my SHM MOD, it's been a great journey and joy to help everyone and hopefully for more to come...

    And happy holidays to everyone in advance, stay safe all, god bless you all and Godspeed...

    So what's new in SHM
    • New layout BP ISO activity - probably details about BP
    • Canada BP & ECG Support
    • Israel BP & ECG Support
    • Taiwan got BP Support now
    • Ukraine BP & ECG Support
    • Vietnam BP & ECG Support
    • Latin America BP & ECG Support
    • South Africa BP & ECG Support
    • BP Calibration Code changed
    • checkUpdateInterfaceWithLocation method, you will hate this very much, according to the logic of the code, BP & ECG is now enabled and locked based on location, so if you travel, brace yourself for "service not avaliable"
    • About section has isNoneApproveCountry which tells you whether country is approved or not, what's the point of this since the app doesn't run in none supported country you ask...? I have no clue...
    • CSC check sim card on Latin American and Caribbean (SELA)

    And th.. th... th... that's all folks...

    Due to the major changes, here is my plan:
    • Release the MOD without Darkmode in beta test...
    • If all goes well, it goes public and I start working on Darkmode and it goes into beta test...
    • If all goes well too, it goes live...

    I will do this on Weekend where I grab a big cup of coffee and go through Samsung Messy Code, wish me luck lol