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Resurrection Remix ROM by MOVZX | Darkness-Linaro Kernel || Fast boot || Multitask]

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Senior Member
Dec 3, 2013
Need a lil guidance!

Hey guys, can someone please tell me how can I get Xposed framework to work in this Rom!
Trust me I've tried everything, several versions (new & old), different methods nothing works!
Thanks in advance!

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    Resurrection Remix ROM by MOVZX | Darkness-Linaro Kernel || Fast boot || Multitask]

    Surprise to see that such a robust ROM but built is without any thorough descriptive post on XDA.

    MOVXZ ROM - Resurrection Remix is an Unofficial Build. This is a modified RR build on the last source by developer.
    The details in search engine suggests that the purpose of developer is to provide maximum system reliability. Any time you can compare this ROM with classic RR.

    Consistent update:
    Latest Built: 27th Nov.’17
    16th Oct’17 (earlier)
    29th Sep’17
    9th Sep.’17

    Credit goes to MOVXZ.

    Features of Resurrection Remix Darkness ROM (Bobs & Vegans!) by MOVZX:
     Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)
     Security Patch Level 6th Nov.’17
     Full Substratum (OMS) theme support
     Enable/Disable Navbar
     Double tab to sleep Navbar
     Enable/Disable Show Notification count
     Fast boot time
     Darkness Stock kernel
     All RR Customizations
     In-built double tap to wake feature
     Smooth heavy multi-tasking
     Good RAM management
     Around 6-7 hours SOT**
    (**Screen On Time is approximated and may, depend on users)

    How to Install / Update

    1. Reboot to TWRP (Recommended Official 3.1.1-0)
    2. Wipe system, data, dalvik &cache
    3. Flash Rom
    4. Flash Gapps (ARM 64 7.1 Mini)
    5.Flash Super SU (if you wish to)
    6. Reboot to System

    1. Download latest build (latest update)
    2. Reboot to TWRP (Recommended Official 3.1.1-0)
    3. Wipe system, data, dalvik &cache
    3. Flash Rom
    4. Reboot to System

    ROM Source Code is here:

    Download Rom:

    Latest ROM (27.12.17): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291697067

    Download from Open Gapps (ARM 64 7.1 Mini)
    What they have still not published the sources!!!!! damn!!

    Have you seen a Resurrection Remix build based on Oreo? They don´t publish them because there is nothing to publish, they are not ready.

    You must think and inform yourself before speaking and demanding meaningless things.
    Someday MOVZX will back and make RR Darkness O when the RR official is ready.
    We should wait. RR O is itself in necent stage. Not observed update after 9th Feb release.
    Movzx Announces On Telegram About his Retirement and also He closes his group also.
    how to disabled boot animation for fast booting phone?
    Wtf? There is boot animation so you dont have to stare at a blackscreen while the phone is booting. It doesnt slow down the booting. Common sense :rolleyes: