Resurrection Remix ROM for Redmi 3s/Prime

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Dec 17, 2015
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Aug 9, 2015


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Aug 9, 2015


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Apr 14, 2015
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Anyone here can help me?
I just installed RR latest by woivd and I must say it's the smoothest custom Rom I've tried so far and I want to stick to it until I got similar experience on any rom but only one issue is bugging me.
The FM Radio, I'm fond of FM.
It's starting with fresh install but as I scroll for tunning problem starts.
I've already cleared dalvik and catche but no luck.
I've attached SS.
Tell me any workaround.
Thank you


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Sep 13, 2015
Anyone who has tried both this ROM and LineageOS 13 by fedosis, which is better?
Both seems to be good.

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I'm not sure if this'll work but the name of the zip file says so.

Its from one of the boot folders by Woivo Please backup boot before flashing. If anything goes wrong, you can simply restore the boot.
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Nov 8, 2017
Best ROM for land is Darkness Redefined Rom

I have tried many ROMs but Darkness Redefined ROM is perfect for my Redmi 3s prime..
No bugs..
All things are working Properly...
Battery Backup is Awesome..
Thanks dev for DND ROM....

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    hi all.
    so development has started for the redmi 3s/prime.
    this is download link for Resurrection Remix ROM for Redmi 3s/Prime

    video guide on how to install the rom
    what works
    finger print
    dont know what doesnt work as i dont currently have my device to test it on.

    credits to the dev who has made the rom
    Working sensors!

    Hooray! Got the sensors working! And applying attached will fix yours too.
    1. Put the zip somewhere on your Redmi 3s with Resurrection Remix ROM
    2. Reboot into recovery (long press power button > reboot > recovery)
    3. In TWRP: select Install, select the zip from where you stored it, "Swipe to confirm Flash", reboot system
    4. Enjoy working orientation sensors, compass, light sensors etc.! Do a dance + thank me :)

    Technical stuff: The update will replace these sensor related files: system\bin\sensors.qcom, system\bin\sensorservice, system\lib\hw\, system\lib64\hw\ and add: system\etc\hals.conf
    I wonder if just adding "hals.conf" to /system/etc/sensors would have been enough (chmod it to -rw-r--r-- root root), but after many restores of backups I'm done for today, and this works.
    Hello there! Yesterday I installed latest build of ROM with fix (5.7.4). I always prefer clean flash so I did it. Here's quick review.

    ROM: Basically ROM can be used as daily driver I think, I haven't any problems with normal using. ROM interface is smooth as butter, UI with using Nova Launcher Prime is very fast and has good response.
    All sensors works after flashing fix.
    ROM is coming pre-rooted I think, but I flash latest beta SuperSU via TWRP.
    Next thing is Magisk interface which can help with installing Systemless stuff like Systemless Xposed, superuser etc.

    XPOSED: I have installed latest version of Xposed for MIUI (SDK23) all is installed for Systemless using.

    CAMERA: Camera is working, but for video recording we need Footej Camera app from Google Play Store.

    AUDIO: My audio experience is really brilliant. My driver is Viper4Android, but I flashed latest XTREMEMusic Supermod by androidexpert35, sound is very very clean and beautiful. I can modify a lot of settings and debug options by user experience.

    VIDEO: Video is working, I have HW+ decoding support with MxPlayer app with custom AC3 Neon codec.
    Video streaming is working too with Chrome (not tested any others)
    For Youtube: I am using OG Youtube 2.1 from and everything is working cool.

    GPS: Works fine, tested with Sygic. GPS has fast lock and it's really fast, than I wait.

    Screen brightness: is working with Live Display, but I don't know if ambient display works.

    RAM: management is maybe a little better than MIUI, but it depends on tweaks too. I recommend you use some tweaking app like Lspeed, Project dark booster or Project skynet genysis / also greenify can helps there.

    Battery life: Battery life is worst than MIUI, but if you have some basic user experience, you can get 1 and half day from battery.
    For tweaking I am using Greenify app with agressive doze mod enabled, fully working on Xposed module.
    Next I have flashed Project Skynet Intro tweak and I configure it in Terminal.

    LED CONTROL: Notification LED works very well and it's configurable, I mean we can set colors for each app. Colors are nice, LED effect is breathing which is very comfortable and usable.

    NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications working fine and I there's a option "Breathing notification" it's cool for missed events (call, SMS) which is showing on the lockscreen.

    Hope this quick review helps and sorry for my English.

    Note: I added some screenshots for quick look.

    Odesláno z mého Redmi 3s pomocí Tapatalk
    in CM13 video recording is solved? along with the other bugs?
    if yes, can you tell which CM you are using?


    Also flash after ROM installation
    It turns out that actually we don't need to replace files from hw folder in the first place. So here it is, to those who already replace their files with wrong ones (sorry), just restore the original files from RR (system/lib/hw), don't forget to change the permission. Bluetooth problem should be fix now. original files from

    And I make a new fix for those who haven't fix the sensor. Extract it, copy and replace the files to system, and change the permission, then reboot.

    Well, anyone have idea how to fix video recording? The only major bug left.

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