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Dec 3, 2018
Good day everyone!
How about apt-x in here? I am on old Lineage os right now and it's really buggy ><
Anyone who know how to install apt-x codecs on this rom and where i can find codecs?


May 15, 2013
Hello! Where in setting I could find the option Double tap on the lock screen to turn off screen? Besides that, I found the function "Ambient Music Ticker" not show the title song and singer in the Ambient Display, it only shows the total time of a track. Is it a bug? And I don't have option Face Unlock in Smart Lock, how to fix it?

I searched a lot but just couldn't find double tap to sleep on lock screen option but as far as I remember it was on by default after I flashed the rom (back in Oct 2018). So you could reflash or just wipe dalvik and reboot and check if it's working.
Regarding ambient music ticker, yes it's a bug, it comes and goes on its own. Sometimes a system UI or a hot restart fixed it though.

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Its ur choice to use pick Oreo or Pie, I am using Oreo
It has no bugs, except Video over LTE. But don't uses it alot, WhatsApp instead. Pie is under development you might get some bugs.
Video over LTE works fine for me (since Oct 2018) and it's the reason I switched from Pixel Experience Oreo cause that was the one thing broken there.

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Hello. Installed latest update, from RR Nougat.
Everything working fine except the Play Store doesn't give me the option to install WhatsApp or any other apps that I have paid for. Any idea why this might be?
I am using micro gapps. Everything is working fine.

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Please help... Any banking app not working I like this rom but I want to use banking apps too ???

Well it's a hit and miss and depends on the app's developer.
What I have been doing is :
Install the banking app
If it's not opening then put it under magisk hide.
If it works great else no luck.
Also keep the root disabled in magisk always.

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Finally succeeded... Installed gapps version 10 sep 2018.
Face Unlock is back !!!!!????????
Are you using a theme?


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Mar 31, 2019
Im on official Miui10 with oficial recovery.
I dont have time to test (i only have this phone and work with it)

In the past i use RR oreo with Agni and FireAudio (i have goodix fingerprint sensor, not FPC) but some builds after i cant use this, my FP dont work anymore with RR Oreo.

I think this weekend test latest (6.2) and oldest (6.1) versions.

same problem on RR-O-v6.2.1-20181010-kenzo-Final.
images: drivegooglecom/drive/u/0/folders/1P-YuAUBOHqSQynBUF0IfNJjxEXIXlejK


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Aug 9, 2018
Do banking apps work even without flashing Magisk and turning off GPlay services permissions? Can anyone tell me?


May 12, 2019
For now everything works very smoothly, banking applications work on what I care most about. However, I noticed a few problems:
1. The phone charges up to 99%. The diode remains green and does not go out after charging. AccuBattery can not measure the battery capacity.

2. The call recording function has disappeared. I bet that right after the flash was on the phone application.

3. The phone consumed almost 10% of the battery overnight. He was in a deep sleep during this time, despite the fact that something had been consumed batteries. Below are some screenshots of GSam Battery Monitor. If you do not understand something, i will translate (it's Polish).



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Aug 9, 2018
I can’t pull down status bar if the phone is in full screen mode. So it’s difficult to access the quick settings while I’m playing games. I faced this issue even in Havoc Oreo that made me switch to another ROM.

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    XDA:DevDB Information
    ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2018-06-11
    Last Updated 2018-06-11

    VoLTE related stuff, find out on Abhishek's cm thread, what modem to flash etc.
    Sorry, forgot to post about 5.8.5.
    It'll probably be the last update, unless October or later security patches fix something major
    I will be temporarily closing the thread :)
    Awesome :0 u forgot OFFICIAL Tag.
    I've uploaded a new build since so many guys have been asking.
    All the issues may not be fixed, was busy with exams and kenzo is not my main device so didn't work on it much
    Will fix them soon :)